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  1. This looks like a firmware problem. Just wondering if anyone else has seen it with a new TH-D7A(G). Data Band: B 144MHz setting, TNC on, trying to transmit beacon. It transmits OK, the red light comes on OK, but the bar indicator (received signal strength/battery level) doesn't budge. [The bar indicator actually shows battery level on transmit, not RF power.] If you try any other combination: transmit voice (PTT instead of beacon) 440MHz on Data Band B 144 MHZ on Data Band A the bar indicator will activate (showing battery level) when you transmit or beacon. I pinged on Kenwood about this, but they haven't responded yet.
  2. Another option is to use ham satellites. Look into 'APRS' via the international space station (ISS). You can put your position report plus short messages directly to the internet from almost anywhere on earth. It ain't easy, and the price of the gear (not counting the GPS receiver) is about $400. That's for a minimal rig. It packs kinda light, maybe 1 to 3 pounds.
  3. The digipeater does both: repeats the packet on VHF, and pipes the packet to findu via the internet. I wound up testing the obvious by "accident" after I mis-typed my own callsign (OOOPS!!) in the digipeater's station data. This was while I was transmitting on low power and not connected to the internet. Anyway, I still didn't get the MY POSITION message even when the digipeater and the ht are on different callsigns and at different locations. Very puzzling, this is. BTW, my apologies for not noticing the duplicate source on your earlier postings.
  4. 1) the mobile station shows up on findu, having arrived via my own digi, and no other path. 2) The home digi is K1QN, and the mobile is K1QN-2 (maybe that's it...) 3) THe mobile unproto is APK002 (kenwood default) via WIDE3-3.
  5. Guess you have me beat. First licensed in '63, failed to renew in 73, took Tech, Advanced, and Extra exam all in 1 month in '74.
  6. I just got a D7A(G). The only problem is that the APRS coverage here in southern Rhode Island is terrible, and I had to put in my own IGATE using my backup HT and UI-View. It pipes my reports to the findu site, and all is well, _except_ that the Kenwood D7A(G) doesn't give me that soul- satisfying "MY POSITION" message when it hears the digipeat. Any ideas out there?...
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