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  1. Congratulations to the both of you! Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  2. I have been delinquent in recognizing one of South Jersey's stalwarts. Moose is Loose logged #300 on Four tree cache. Congratulations! Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  3. NJGA The above site is what was formed several months ago. It is an inactive static site. If you are truly interested in the issue, read these threads: Is there a NJ Geocaching group? NJ Geocaching Association? Logo design - NJ Geocaching Association Central Jersey Get together? NJGA - why? NJGA - organizational style Whats up with the NJGA Fake Cacher in S.Jersey? Now what?? Do We Start Our Own??? The logbooks don't LIE!!! There are probably a few others that have slipped by my foggy memory. Anyhow, after reading the above, one should have a pretty good idea of the issues with forming a group in NJ annd the of the issues that surrounded the group that was formed. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  4. quote:Originally posted by BeachBuddies:share some "best practices", and tips for how to make your cache page better and more interesting. I think this is a very good beginning. Icon Generator The Texas Geocaching Association has an icon generator that will generate a lot of these features for your cache page. An excellent job they did creating this. quote:+ Is it likely to be muddy? + Are there streams to cross? I would not break these out and would not expect a hider of caches that I hunt to do so either. There are some hiders that describe the environment so well that I know the experience before I even hunt the cache. Mud, small streams, etc. are part of the thrill for me. Coming upon them provides some of the challenges of the game: do I cross or look for a way around? Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  5. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  6. quote:Originally posted by Jomarac5:Power is out for most of southern Ontario as well. Ottawa, Detroit, Cleveland, NYC and all areas that complete that oval. These images are unbelievable! Prisons are running on back-up generators. Airports are closed other than planes which need to land. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  7. quote:Originally posted by Team GPSaxophone:Ah...that's 2000 miles away, who cares? Turn on ABC . . . you'll see thousands who do. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  8. quote:Originally posted by Team GPSaxophone:Outages? I must have missed them. Where? Northeast . . . NYC (subways are not running, stop lights, etc.), Ontario, etc. I heard nothing about Philly. South Jersey seems fine. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  9. 21 July Thread Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  10. I can see this scenario erupting . . . A virt is bumped by a newly placed traditional nearby. Then the traditional is archived. The placer of the virt is going to scream for the virt to re-instituted. Because the approver is removed from the process, there will be no one to monitor a situation where someone would "place" traditionals just to archive the virts, then archive the traditional. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  11. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  12. Thiis story reminds me of a similar experience I had about 10 years ago. I was pulled over and went through a similar answering of questions. Then the state trooper spotted my tin of Copenhagen on the dash. He commented and then I saw the familar circle in the pocket of his shirt. We got into a discussion of dipping. I was happy to drive away with only a warning. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  13. quote:Originally posted by Bubba Cache:It is NOT fair that someone who has been caching longer than I, who doesn't care for the historic marker, take it away from me and others who share my opinion. Last winter I became involved in a discussion here about GC.com's policies. I purported that GC.com would work best if it concentrated on what it does best (listing coordinates) and refrained from governing the game (fwiw, I still feel this way). Lots of people weighed in. There are some people who are tactless when arguing, but in the end, Groundspeak gets to determine what happens here. It may not be fair. I suggest that it isn't even in the long-term best interest of the game, but it is the way it is. I support Groundspeak's right to determine what flies on this site and what does not. Whether it is consistent, whether it is updated on the guidelines page, whether it should be of more import than goofy cartoon designs makes little difference. Jeremy has made it clear that virtual caches are to be the rare exception. Reading these fora is becoming increasingly more frustrating as virtually each thread is a re-hash of the same discussions. It boils over when some folks state that they are re-hashing because they want their name attached to the thread. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  14. Congratulations, my friend! May your caching days be filled with warmth, firendship, and many more finds. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  15. quote:Originally posted by hikemeister:Question -- should a cache have a high difficulty and/or terrain level just because one must use a boat to get to the location ? The ratings, found at www.clayjar.com, indicate that any cache that requires specialized equipment (for example, a boat) earns a five-star rating. quote:Extreme. A serious mental or physical challenge. Requires specialized knowledge, skills, or equipment to find cache. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  16. quote:Originally posted by Woodsters Outdoors:where can I get the demo of expertgps? I went to their website, but saw no mention of a demo. I might of missed it there. Here Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  17. Further down in the GC.com Discussion area is this thread. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  18. quote:Originally posted by Woodsters Outdoors:3300+ posts in 7 months = 471 a month Where do you get seven months? Pay attention. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  19. quote:Originally posted by Renegade Knight:Or, we could make them take a test. A test, RK, should be mandatory before permitting one to post to the fora. It would be fairly simple to set something up which would require a user to demonstrate the ability to use the search tool to look for information. This would cut down the redundancy of the topics as well as those threads which begin I know this has been discussed before, but I want my own topic. The test could also incorporate a lengthy treatise that repeats over and over and over and over and over and over again certain topics. After the two hour lecture, in monotone, perhaps the user will have been exposed enough to these topics that he will not feel an immediate need to post the thread Why Can't I Place This Cache While On Vacation? Just a thought . . . Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  20. Thank you everybody. It is a fun game, isn't it? quote:Originally posted by StayFloopy:The only thing I don't understand is how 'For musical geocachers' can be easier than 'Natural Pavement'. That's easy . . . For Musical was there, Natural Pavement was not. Until you offer proof of its existance . . . Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  21. quote:Originally posted by weswada:nope, AFAIK, the cache is still there, waiting for someone to 'first find' it...unless the rain and winds have blown it off the mountain, along with my friend's TB... I'm confused. You placed the cache in January. It was archived immediately. The cache has remained out there. The trail is still closed. This sounds like litter. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  22. quote:Originally posted by Woodsters Outdoors:Ok so now that I have caches found into different areas a 1000 miles apart. One area is where I currently reside. The other is my hometown. What you stated doesn't make sense. Do you ever read what you write, Woodsters? This thread is about placing a cache (virtual in this case) on vacation. You, while trying to defend the action, stated that one of the things that a person who does this can do is to go back and take new readings should the coordinates be bad. I pointed out that this is tough to do given that it was done while on vacation and the issue would not be known until one returns. Then you state that not everyone goes on vacation hundreds of miles away. I am not certain what distance has to do with it, but the idea is that when one is on vacation, he is outside his caching area. If it is within your caching area where you go and you place a cache, it would not be declined as a vacation cache. Now you bumble along about your hometown being 1000 miles away. Please pick a POV and stick to it. Each thread you stammer along trying to pick apart an argument. In doing so, you lose track of the debate. Your stance is incoherent. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  23. quote:Originally posted by Mark 42:Shouldn't the word "can" be before "someone"? Actually, it would depend upon the inflection used. I believe the interrogative was written to sound colloquial, in which case it was written correctly, imo. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  24. quote:Originally posted by Woodsters Outdoors:Who's to say they can't? Not everyone goes hundreds or thousands of miles to vacation. If it is in your caching area, then it would not have been archived as a vacation cache. You are trying to split hairs. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
  25. quote:Originally posted by Woodsters Outdoors:And what about traditionals that post the wrong coordinates as well? What happens with them? People post that they couldn't find it or as you mentioned in the middle of a lake. The cache placer can: A)Make a trip back if reasonable to check the coordinates, There's the rub. If it is placed while on vacation, the hider cannot return to the site and get new readings. Fro. ________________________________________ Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose
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