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  1. Agreed. But one could certainly do it for a given area. For instance, South Jersey is nearing its 13,000 find. That can be determined without too much work. I know there are stats sites for other areas. Perhaps those who want this feature should build their own stats databases. For me, I do not want GC.com focusing on stats when there are other things that are more important on its plate.
  2. These are all from the same cache: 2002 2003 It all goes to show we play the game to our own rules. Some of the above logs are from cachers I cache with, know, and like. Yet, they log a find differently than I do. No biggy. --EDIT-- I forgot to mention, as you will gather from reading the above, part 2 is the challenge for this cache.
  3. Frolickin

    Watch List

    I would find the ability to group caches on a watch list in a folder valuable. For instance, I could have a folder of caches that I am watching in a neighboring state, another for caches that I am particularly interested in seeing who logs them, another for whatever, etc. From what I understand, some folks have a lengthy list of caches on their watch lists. Being able to group these by arbitrary criteria would permit one to put some organization to his list. Just a thought . . .
  4. But my fourth find, even if I am considered a veteran, represents an inexperienced cacher. For that particular cache, my log does not have the weight that the log on cache #653 would have, using that reasoning.
  5. Yes, I have. I even had one. The archive flag indicates the cache is no longer there. If it is still present, it should not be archived. There are some around here. My admin is well aware that I contact him/her about these caches. Together, as a community, the admin, other cachers, and myself keep on top of these things. We have no formal group, we have no meetings, etc. But, it all works out. Communication! I think this is the rub. For me, the system works. I am confident that NJ Admin will take action on the caches I notify him about in due course. No automation is needed to rid the area of disabled caches for no matter how the system would be set up, no one knows the status of these caches better than those who seek them. It is not so obvious. There was a cache around here that was disabled for a few months. It appears the owner is AWOL. Someone went out and rehabilitated the cache. Then we contacted the admin to take the temp disabled flag off. That seems to work pretty well. The area still has a cache, it is in good shape, and it was not archived. Had it been archived automatically, it would disappear from the listing, but the trashed cache would be sitting in that park as litter. I think the system in place worked like a charm. I do not see how it could be improved under these circumstances.
  6. The web site issue is still present.
  7. The web site issue seems to be for anyone who posts a web site along with the log. Bikeway StayFloopy logged his address with his log. Note each log below his has his web site attached to it.
  8. Along these lines . . . on a page that is in Show All Logs mode, if I have entered in a web site with my log, each log beneath that one on the page has my web page attached to their log. Lucas Lake Lovers Nash's Cabin etc.
  9. That ability is what the temp disabled feature is for. My understanding is that an archived flag is for a cache that is gone. Gone is gone. There is no bringing back. If it is not gone, for whatever reason, then the temp disabled is there.
  10. What I see: Looking at where I sit: Of course, when I am wireless (like now), ESPN can often be seen.
  11. Is it permissable to place a cache in a National Wildlife Refuge? If not, then the presence of caches in a NWR listed on GC.com demonstrates that those caches have been grandfathered. I am not aware of caches in that area that have been archived by the owners as a result of the NWR ruling. Is there one you can point to? Perhaps I missed something. Thanks, Fro.
  12. It's interesting. There was a recently placed cache in a National Wildlife Refuge. It was archived almost immediately, even though absolutely no scrounging around was needed to find it. Nevertheless, it was archived for being in a National Wildlife Refuge. There are still three (some say four, but I cannot confirm the fourth) active caches in the same National Wildlife Refuge. That would seem to support BassoonPilot's position, unless of course, they were archived.
  13. Because no one, until you today, reported it to Groundspeak. The owner appears to be absent. Now, your argument is that the site should have automatically archived this in September. The question remains: how does Groundspeak know it needs to be archived until you posted your SBA note today?
  14. Well, my folks are/were avid players. I do believe my father considered duplicate bridge a sport. Considering in my youth we traveled all over to play in tournaments, built an addition to our home for 12 card tables to fit comfortably, and had four games a week in this room (not counting the lessons they taught), I am comfortable in describing bridge as a sport.
  15. Sometime in 1978 . . . Wow! What a neat concept. Went out on my first hunt today with Ronald, the Mayor, and Hamburgler. Enjoyed the walk to the cache. Took crappy toys, left several Where's George bills. We enjoyed this, Ray Kroc P.S. We got a neat idea from this cache. The little crappy toys we took will work well in the children's meals we are developing. Thanks!
  16. Markwell's answer can be read here.
  17. Happy birthday, Mopar. May you find everything you look for.
  18. I've done that too many times previously. It's part of the routine! Thanks.
  19. I have found all 100 that are closest to me (including about 5 that I have hidden). The 100th cache is 21.1 miles away.
  20. I've gotten it converted. 'Twas actually easier than I expected. The thing is, I did it in Excel. Now, wouldn't it be great to get this back to Access. I am certain I will find a way to do that. I appreciate all the help.
  21. I keep a database of my caching history. In it I have coordinates for all the caches I have found. I want to get these into either Mapsend or MS Streets & Trips. Issues The coordinates are stored in two fields as follows: 39° 44.062 075° 08.571 I have too many caches found to go back and hand-edit these to a different coordinate system, which is what I would do if I were beginning this today. So, how do you recommend converting these? I had hopes of exporting a list of north coordinates, west coordinates, and cache names to Excel, saving as a CSV, and then converting with GPSBabel. That is not happening without some more work being done. The conversion is where that plan broke down. Does anyone have a suggestion for mass converting the coordinates that contain the degree sign and a space?
  22. I think I have seen this program listed in other places previously. I was searching the DEP site and stumbled across this listing: March 31 GEOCACHING FOR BEGINNERS 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm Fee: None Kittatinny Valley State Park (973) 786-6445 Sponsor: Kittatinny Valley State Park NOTE: For Adults and Children Ages 10 & up Does anyone know who arranged this?
  23. I'll have to look into that. I was just reading the State Park Service Code (Title 17, Chapter 2, which does not seem to be online). I spoke again with the superintendent of Parvin State Park. No decision about geocaching has been made on the state level. He said it is on the agenda to be discussed at a future meeting of state park superintendents. The ultimate decision will be made by the director. We had a pleasant chat. It seems to me that, at least as far as this guy is concerned, an education effort will need to be made so these folks know what they are deciding. He mentioned that because it’s a “new” thing they would want to control it. I offered the idea of canoeing. If there is a lake, people can show up with a canoe and not register with the park. Likewise for people going on a hike. Why then would someone need to register a geocache. He seemed to understand the absurdity of that. He kept thinking there would be droves of people plopping around parks at a time. I assured him that is not normally the case. Events, from what it sounded like, will more than likely require a special use permit. But really, that isn’t anything to be concerned about. He finally got the idea that we don’t bury and don’t have foreign substances in the ammo boxes. The guy seemed pretty on-board with the idea.
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