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  1. I don't want to "win" the thread - especially since my Dad's passing wasn't that closely related to any cache - so I'll just point out that a few unlucky souls have had much worse luck than I had, actually dying on the hunt. I can think of at least two examples, one recent and discussed elsewhere in the forums. Rest in peace, fellow cachers.


    That said, I did miss an FTF once by stepping in human poo - badly covered up by a few leaves - right in front of where I would've found the cache. It wasn't all bad though. Next day I came back with clean shoes, tiptoed carefully, and pulled off the FTF then. http://coord.info/GCXM6K

    My dog rolled in that once, she made the hour long trip home tied up in a pillow case :blink:

  2. In many cases, you can hunt, retrieve, sign, and put the cache back, if you act confident like this is what you always do. People don't notice, even staring at you. But if you feel uncomfortable, you may begin to attract attention. So it's fine to stop, then try when there's less of an audience.


    One thing I don't like is when someone turns up just as I'm about to put a camo'd tube back under a light post skirt. I always wish I'd done that cache faster.


    He was giving me the creeps, and I'm a guy.

  3. My pen ran out of ink before I could sign the log once :P


    I was all set to pull off an FTF in a faraway country as my #1000 find. Ticket booked, bags all packed, and... my father died.


    So there.


    Somewhat later I rebooked the ticket and actually made the trip. Couldn't find the cache.

    Sorry about your dad

  4. OK, I posted a DNF. I did get out of the car, and had started to poke around but had not triangulated with the compass yet. Then I noticed that the guy unloading a semi had stopped and was watching me, so I left. I will try again tomorrow.

  5. I went after a cache this morning and did not find it beacuse there was a muggle eyeballing me. I latter read the logs for it and found several DNFs with a note from the CO saying that he would maintanence after memorial day. Memorial day was two months ago, should I log DNF or just leave it and go on to the next one?

  6. Peanut butter is not as popular as Vegemite in OZ but both jars would respond to your cleaning method. Having said that I've yet to see either jar used as a geocache container.

    In the '80s there was a song by Men At Work called Down under, in the song there is a line; "He just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich". Here in the states it was changed to; "He just smiled and gave me a knuckle sandwich"; beacuse noone knew what a Vegemite sandwich was. That didn't last very long though, it was soon changed back.


    No, but I will say you could probably get quicker results by creating a PQ by date placed, and only including caches placed in 2000.

    I am somewhat new to this, I've dabbled with it over the last few years but I just became a premium member a couple of weeks ago. I don't know anything about pocket queries; what are they?


    Thanks, the second link got me where I wanted to go. It is a multi but somewhere along the way the originator published all of the answers.

  8. I saw a thread yesterday that had the oldest active caches in each state listed, I cannot find it today. As it turns out, the one in Texas is not very far from my drive to work (less than 5 miles off the highway). Does anyone know what thread that list was in?

  9. Sounds like fun, but my more immediate goal is to cache in all 50 states. To that end I'm boarding a cruise to Alaska after the Block Party next month. Maybe the cruise line would let you post a geocacher meet up on the message boards on the ship?

    I've already connected with two others on our cruise via a cruising review website that has a roll call section. But I don't think they are geocachers.

    That's a great site, I'm over there all the time (hellicap), can't we mention the sight's name? they are not a competing site. I'm sure that if you wanted to start a geo roll call for a specific ship then they would not have a problem with it.

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