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  1. I've thought about putting one on my Beetle but seeing as it only runs once or twice a year I don't see any point in it.
  2. My dog rolled in that once, she made the hour long trip home tied up in a pillow case
  3. A dog can help you with that too. NOT ON YOUR LIFE!! True, we don't know where his mouth has been
  4. He was giving me the creeps, and I'm a guy.
  5. My pen ran out of ink before I could sign the log once Sorry about your dad
  6. OK, I posted a DNF. I did get out of the car, and had started to poke around but had not triangulated with the compass yet. Then I noticed that the guy unloading a semi had stopped and was watching me, so I left. I will try again tomorrow.
  7. I went after a cache this morning and did not find it beacuse there was a muggle eyeballing me. I latter read the logs for it and found several DNFs with a note from the CO saying that he would maintanence after memorial day. Memorial day was two months ago, should I log DNF or just leave it and go on to the next one?
  8. I believe that you will find that these are the coodinates for the real Bat cave: N 29° 42.290 W 098° 21.830
  9. In the '80s there was a song by Men At Work called Down under, in the song there is a line; "He just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich". Here in the states it was changed to; "He just smiled and gave me a knuckle sandwich"; beacuse noone knew what a Vegemite sandwich was. That didn't last very long though, it was soon changed back.
  10. I am somewhat new to this, I've dabbled with it over the last few years but I just became a premium member a couple of weeks ago. I don't know anything about pocket queries; what are they? Thanks, the second link got me where I wanted to go. It is a multi but somewhere along the way the originator published all of the answers.
  11. I saw a thread yesterday that had the oldest active caches in each state listed, I cannot find it today. As it turns out, the one in Texas is not very far from my drive to work (less than 5 miles off the highway). Does anyone know what thread that list was in?
  12. That's a great site, I'm over there all the time (hellicap), can't we mention the sight's name? they are not a competing site. I'm sure that if you wanted to start a geo roll call for a specific ship then they would not have a problem with it.
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