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  1. We heard that it beacuse of feral hogs not humans, the hogs are a bigger problem here than snakes and they will eat snakes (and anything else).
  2. Rumor has it that the rattlesnakes have stopped rattleing. I do not know if it is true, but one of my co-workers went to his land in West Texas and said that he killed several that did not rattle.
  3. You could tattoo the GoundSpeak logo on your thumb, that way when you take a picture of your GPS then they would know it's truly you.
  4. That's known as stealing, not collecting. There are no subtle differences. Of course, but I am sure tisourway made his statement tongue in cheek. Yes, any time I win or get an unregestered coin it disapears but she does understand that someone else owns the registered coins that are in the caches. Having said that; I have never actually found a coin in a cache that has one in the invintory on the web site so someone out there must be removing them from circulation.
  5. It's possible that you have a collector on your hands. I have this problem (twisted around)Mrs. Tisourway is a coin collector if I was ever to bring one home that had a mission and she laid eyes on it, it would never see the light of day again. Good luck.
  6. I ordered some containers (not sold as geo containers) on E-Bay and the vendor included a couple of "samples" of other sizes.
  7. Strangest thing I've found was a business card for the KKK (yes, that KKK ).
  8. Check out GCXVJJ "The Dawson Massacre"for one I considder well done (I am not the CO so no bias). I have not found this one yet but I have tried.
  9. All you have to do is "dip" (use the visited option) it in any cache you find along the way. At the top of the list of geocaches that you have visited is a link to "map it".
  10. I once found a cach that had been disrupted by construction and tree removal. The log had not been signed in over a month even though people had claimed to have found it only days before. After I got home I read further into the logs and found out that the owner had replaced the cache but could not find the original container. I have never gone back to search for the replacement container.
  11. Have you checked to see if there is a SD expansion slot?
  12. I have learned a couple of lessons in stealth. When I was in Bogota I was observed from across the park by another cacher who piggiebacked on my find (he was looking for it too). we encountered each other again later. The next day he got caught by security at a GZ location, read the post after mine (I was FTF): Plazoleta de los peregrinos
  13. I have created a puzzle cache with a crossword puzzle as the primary puzzle. I had to complete the listing to upload the JPG of the puzzle, when I went back to edit mode it was all HTML code and I can't figure out how to attach the image. can anyone help?
  14. Hi it may be a pathtag, have a look at www.pathtag.com to see if it looks like this type of thing. They look like a supermarket trolly coin tag. Some of them have only four digits. Regards I have several pathtags, I'm regestered on the website but even after reading it I have no idea what to do with them.
  15. I did a bit of research today. Turns out what I have is a Challenge Coin from the 60th Aerial Port Squadron. I will have to report the geocoin lost. I may keep this one, I already have a handfull of Krew coins from various caches.
  16. So, I found this coin in a cache. The cache invintory listed a coin called "Dad's Coin", not thinking much about it I attemted to enter the coin's tracking code, rejected. The code stamped into the back of the coin is only a 4 digit number no alpha characters. Going back to the cache page I clicked on the invintory to look at the coin's page, it's not the same coin, they are nothing alike. There is now web address on the coin I found. How do I log it? What do I do about the coin that was not in the cache?
  17. when I checked the Texas State Parks and Wildlife website it now says it's a continuous challenge, it no longer has a specific time frame.
  18. I have searched for this and have not come up with a clear answer. I have seen other peoples statistics pages on geocaching.com with a bunch more information and cooler maps than mine has. How do I get the expanded statistics for my account page?
  19. Texas parks have rules and fees associated with placing caches. They also have a close relationship with geocaching, includubg a fully fleshed out website.
  20. Gratz. Mine was two weeks ago "SE 2439.5 mi from your home location", while on a business trip to Bogota. While on that trip I had met another cacher by chance, we were both going after the same cache at the same time. Two days after my FTF he went after that one and was spotted by security, it's possible that we were the only two who will ever find this one. Plazoleta de los peregrinos
  21. Sadly I cannot revisit this cache anytime soon, I live 460 miles away, and I am currently over 2000 miles away. I'll post the notes.
  22. HELP. After a long day of caching I was logging long after midnight and accidently logged a TB drop in the wrong cache. I don't remember the tracking code or I would fix it by picking it up again and dropping it off in the correct one. I have e-mailed the owner, is there anything else I can do?
  23. Nope, It's just outside of San Antonio: N 29° 42.290 W 098° 21.830
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