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  1. CR, there is no reason to get so pissy. As TNC informed me, SCDNR is working on language (rules, etc. I assume) for geocaching. Just like thy had to do for hiking, mining, hunting, and all other "permitted" activities on WMA. Instead of getting so bent out of shape, why don't you contact the person (see previous post for information) working on this with SCDNR and offer some helpful guidance and/or suggestions. If they are in the rule development stages for this new activity, why not help mold the rules so they benefit everyone. I know I am. They had to do the same thing for HIKING in WMA. They had to start somewhere to develop the rule/regulation. Example... R123-201 "Hiking" means traversing the lands subject to this regulation by foot for the purpose of pleasure or exercise, except traversing in connection with any other activity regulated by this regulation. R123-203 C. Hiking is allowed subject to the following restrictions or conditions: (1) Hiking is not allowed on any restricted lands or areas. The Department may post or place signs declaring any area closed to hiking; (2) The use of all designated hiking trails, except for posted multi-use trails is restricted solely to foot travel and the legitimate activities associated with the pursuit of hiking; See, that's not so bad. Is it? It allows you to hike on WMA. Now let's help them with the NEW rule/regulation to allow ALL GEOCACHING within reasonable limits on the land they own/manage. And yes, I only have about 165 finds. Only four of those were EarthCaches. You have found well over 800 caches, NONE have been EarthCaches. I don't put you down because you don't like EarthCaches. Just because you don't want to log an EarthCache doesn't make ME less of a geocacher. It's a sport enjoyed by all of us so let's make it work for all of us. Please.
  2. We DID NOT "throw" anything under the bus. We are lucky that ANY caches are allowed. SCDNR and TNC are concerned (and rightfully so) about protecting endangered plants that have been trampled and other damages done by folks going off-trail after physical caches. It's just a "no brainer" to stay on the marked trails and comply with all of the rules and regulations regarding sensitive areas that are being protected. I for one, make sure that I have received authorization from the landowner prior to placing a cache of any type. I don't know if the owners of any physical geocache placed inside this or any other Heritage Trust Site received permission from the landowners before the cache was listed. It is up to all of us to make sure we comply with the Cache Listing Requirements and Guidelines and be good representatives of our sport.
  3. I have been working with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) regarding EarthCaches and Geocaches on the Peachtree Rock Reserve (PTR). This is, in part, what I have received from TNC: I have updated my PTR Earthcache description to reflect the recommendation by TNC. The SCDNR point-of-contact mentioned by TNC is: Brett M. Moule Region 3 Heritage Preserve Manager S.C. Dept of Natural Resources 2730 Fish Hatchery Road West Columbia, SC 29172 803-755-2834 Office 803-755-0617 Fax MouleB@dnr.sc.gov
  4. Wished you could have been a little more specific on the rules regarding hiking and geocaching on WMA and Heritage preserves as this is what we were concerned with. It takes forever to track down any specific rules looking through all that garbage. They wanted a link to the regulations and I gave it. My original post already had the SPECIFIC regulation regarding hiking. DNR has no regulations on GEOCACHING. You should learn how to utilize the SEARCH/FIND capabilities of your web browser. That is how I was able to find the specific parts of the regulations that I was looking for when I opened the regulation. Since I was asked to provide the link to the regulations, I thought that what was needed. In the future will PM the person needing assistance and supply him/her with the requested information. If you think the rules and regulations are "garbage", maybe you should complain to your elected official and have the regulations changed. Sorry for the rant, but I was just trying to provide the information. I guess it was information overload for some. Just be glad I did not provide the link to ALL of the SCDNR regulations!
  5. Here are part of the regulations... http://www.scstatehouse.gov/coderegs/c123.htm
  6. Hiking is allowed under current SCDNR regulation... R123-203 C, Hiking is allowed subject to the following restrictions or conditions: (1) Hiking is not allowed on any restricted lands or areas. The Department may post or place signs declaring any area closed to hiking; (2) The use of all designated hiking trails, except for posted multi-use trails is restricted solely to foot travel and the legitimate activities associated with the pursuit of hiking;
  7. Another one bites the bust... http://www.indexjournal.com/articles/2009/...0422%20bomb.txt
  8. A news article from South Carolina... The Article
  9. I posted information on a pro-geocaching newspaper article a while back. Unfortunately, I quoted the article without permission and I received several responses similar to the one above. Unless you have permission to copy the article, you may want to insert a link to the newspaper instead of reproducing it. This is just a friendly warning from someone that has already ruffled the feathers of a few folks on the forum.
  10. Post Edited due to copyright content. See above post for link to the article.
  11. Geocache and prizes - Hobby sends scavengers on high-tech hunt "South Carolinians Robert and LeAnne Rich spent their honeymoon indulging in their passion. Don't blush. Sure, they love each other, but these two are also passionate about geocaching."... See the article See full article in my post a little farther down...
  12. YEP! I was able to change the date after all. I just did not try at first because of the initial warning. Thanks for the help.
  13. I misdated an entry for a travel bug. When I try to edit the log, I get the following message... “Editing a Log Entry - There was an action associated with this log. The log type cannot be changed.” Is there any way to change the date for dropping off or picking up a TB?
  14. I just got my copy of Subaru Drive magazine in the mail today. There is a nice article on geocaching if anyone is interested. The online version can found at http://www.drive.subaru.com/CurrentIssue.htm
  15. Per Geocaching.com... "These are listing guidelines only." I placed a cache (Lex-El Trail) on a nature trail at a local elementary school without too much trouble at all. Prior to placing the cache, I received written permission from the school administrator. The school administrator was very enthusiastic about the cache and thought is was a great idea for teaching kids about geography. The administrator even received the blessings from the county school board. The cache was originally stocked with numerous educational CD-ROMS and a travel bug (Woody’s Adventure).
  16. Per the guidelines on placing a locationless cache... "In the future these will have their own section, but currently there is a moratorium on new locationless caches." Will this be anytime soon? I would like to place a cache similar to one that is already listed on GC web site, but are geographically within South Carolina.
  17. This is why we should all contact Senator Jake Knotts. He is a past law enforcement officer and is on the Judicary Commettee.
  18. Nevada Tourism Geocache information. Maybe someone in NV could see if the state of Nevada has any financial impact information for geocaching in their state.
  19. I do not have a problem with this bill at all, IF and only IF, it were just changed to state that it would be illegal to HIDE a geocache in these areas without the owners permission. If the cache was “approved” and written permission was received from the land owner/manager, then it could be implied that SEEKING the cache would also be approved. As it is now with Groundspeak policy, it would be the responsibility of the person that wanted to create/hide the cache to get this permission. This would also be the perfect time to educate (as I have done on the cache that I created on school property) the land owner/manager to the benefits of geocaching.
  20. H.3777 - BOY WAS THAT FAST ---- 05/12/05 House Read third time and sent to Senate 05/12/05 Senate Introduced and read first time 05/12/05 Senate Referred to Committee on Judiciary Will someone be tracking and attending the Senate Judicary Committee? I will be getting in touch with my rep (Knotts) who is also on the Committee.
  21. Better start working on the Senate. The bill just passed the House.
  22. I wonder what would happen if everyone (hundreds or thousands) contacted the State Archeologists’ Office any made the following request: Dr. Jonathan M. Leader, State Archaeologist South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology 1321 Pendleton St. Columbia, SC 29208 (803) 799-1963, 734-0567, 777-8170 (803) 254-1338 (fax) I would like a listing of every known archaeological site, including underwater sites, for the state of South Carolina. Due to South Carolina House Bill H.3777, I will need the exact coordinates, in longitude and latitude, of the center of each site along with the exact boundaries of each site. It is my intent to publish detailed maps on the Internet showing the location and boundary of all sites in South Carolina. These maps will be used to aid the General Public in complying with this proposed law. This information will be required by everyone in order to comply with the new law.
  23. The absolute best way of dealing with someone like this is to expose their lies. What shocks me about the entire SC situation is the unwillingness of individuals to expose Ms. Ceips' lies. I think it is great how everyone has reached out to the legislature, but we need to feed the reps who are on our side enough information that they are asking Ms Ceips to defend her accusations. Basic strategy is that if you are attacked, you first defend yourself and then you take the battle to them. If we are lucky, it will be sent back to commettee where, if it makes it back to public comment, we will be able to confront Ms. Ceips with her "facts".
  24. Maybe someone should get in touch with the State Archeologist. If this law passes, I think the State would have to mark the exact boundary of each and every known archeological site (which that want to keep secret so the sites will not be pilfered). If the sites are not marked, I think they would have to provide all the details on the sites to everyone that submitted a Freedom of Information Request for the site locations. Either way, they would have to give out the information if requested. They cannot make it crime if they refuse to let you know where it is illegal geocache. Can they?
  25. Then it would not count. I am sure "archaeological sites" must refer to officially registered, posted and staked archaeological sites. How else could they possibly enforce it? Most archeological sites in SC are unknown to the General Public. The are not "staked" and not advertised.
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