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  1. Hi Everyone. I'm in a pinch and need some help. My questions may be elementary, so please forgive me in advance. I'm working on a project in Arizona with a developer and there are a series of buttes that are in the middle of a 3500 acre master planned community. I'm a landscape architect and the developer would like me to map out a series of hiking trails on these buttes that they can build for the future homeowners. I've started with my handheld gps and mapped out a series of waypoints of where I think a trail would most easily fit. I found a benchmark in concrete in a boulder outcropping on the butte and was hoping I could find it's NGS coordinates to compare to my own to get a better sense of accuracy. There are 2 numbers on the bench mark. The first was R373 and under that was 1967 (I assume that was the year it was placed). Now how do I go about looking that up and finding it's PID? I have an engineer talking to the survey dept for the developer to get me the lat/long for a known point in the development about 3/4 a mile away. Once I get that, I can then plot the known coordinates and the coordinates I got for the benchmark in my autocad drawing and lay the trail on the butte in my drawing. However, they're being a bit snobbish about helping me because my etrex isn't as accurate as their machines and the developer isn't ready to have them go out and map it out until I get a little further along. I've put the trail on the drawing just by "eyeballing" it and I'm close, but a little off, enough to make me frustrated. I was hoping I could use the benchmark to speed things up a bit. Does anyone have any ideas? Boyd
  2. No, I didn't do the run once. It's set up for every week.
  3. Team Coleman

    Pq Help

    I tried to run 2 pocket querries and it says that they've been sent, but I didn't get them in my email. It's been over 2 hours now. I got my weekly one this morning but I made 2 additional PQ's this afternoon for an adventure starting tomorrow and I haven't received them. Any ideas?
  4. Question for Clyde or anyone else that might know. I had this problem before and Clyde gave me the answer to fix it but I can't find the post. I had to reformat my hard drive and reload GSAK. I have a registered version. When I launch GSAK, it just hangs on the opening screen. Clyde told me how to fix it, but I can't remember how. Please help. We want to go caching today. Thanks. Boyd
  5. Can someone post a link on where you can find it? thanks
  6. I feel your pain. Last weekend we were driving off road in a honda civic looking for a geocache "a little off the beaten path" and finally drove as close to the cache as we could on pavement and then hoofed it the rest of the way. It worked for us.
  7. And then check the legend unit at Target. I believe I recalled seeing that one last weekend but it didn't have a data cable in the box...Better double check just to be safe.
  8. I bought my data cable from them about a month ago, along with a windshield mount and a vent mount (wasn't sure which I'd like better, btw I like the windshield mount better). It works great for me.
  9. I don't know much about Magellen, but I have a Vista (greyscale) with Mapsource Topo and it works well for hiking, hunting, and geocaching. It's very sturdy, I've got the garmin neoprene case for it as I've dropped it MANY times and it still works like a champ. My only criticism is that it's not color and at dusk, if I'm in my truck (I have a windshield mount), it's hard to see/read and can become distracting. For that reason, I would go with the color if I had it to do over again. As for cover, I've never had any problems, but I've heard the vista doesn't perform as well as some of the other units from Magellen under heavy cover, but again, I've never had a megellen unit to compare it to. As for map size, the Vista has 24MB for maps and currently I have 3/4 of Arizona loaded into it and almost all of Massachusetts (my wife and I are going caching there in a couple of weeks when we visit her Gandmother for Christmas). Overall, I've been very happy with the performance of my Vista, but every time I see a 60cs or a 76cs I start to drool.
  10. I've been using my Vista for about 2 years now and just today noticed something new. On the satellite page, on the horizon ring, there is a very small circle about a quarter of the size of the satellites. It seems to move about the horizon ring as I tilt the GPSr from side to side. Does anyone know what this is and what it's for?
  11. That little ammo box is kewl! Did you make it yourself?
  12. Thanks NightPilot. I did google pcmoble and came up with lots of stuff but must have missed the cable. Thanks.
  13. Where did you get your cable to hook your legend to your palm? I have a Vista and i705 that I'd like to hook up together.
  14. Some of the homemade "junk" I've seen on the posts and other sites are REALLY nice.
  15. Just my luck. I got the palm i705 that uses palm.net, and they don't offer the service anymore. Oh well. Anyway. Can someone help me with a NooB question? I'm a premier member and want to be able to download the cache pages to the palm so I don't have to kill a lot of trees when we go caching. I have no idea what I need to do. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.
  16. Does anyone know if you can or does anyone log their geocache finds with their wireless PDA? I'm thinking that since we're going caching over Thanksgiving, it would be a lot easier to take the PDA instead of the laptop. BTW, I'm using a Palm i705 if that matters...not sure.
  17. I use a Garmin Vista and just aquired a palm i705 from my wife who likes her older palm III better. So can I hook my Vista to the palm for a bigger screen like I can with Mapsource tracking on the laptop? Also, I have mapsource topo for the vista. Is there any good city software for the palm?
  18. Not to hijack the thread, but I'm in Phoenix and have never been able to get WAAS with my Vista. Has anyone else had any luck? If so, what do you use?
  19. Hopefully there is a quick answer to this question. When I want to download an entire page of waypoints I click on the "check all" and then "download waypoints" buttons. When it saves them, it saves them as .loc files. Is there a way to change it so it saves them as .gpx so all the info shows up in GSAK?
  20. I have an Etrex Vista and I downloaded 23.9 Mb of Maps from Mapsource Topo. Now when I look under the settings menu it says that I've only used 13.9% of the memory. Does that mean I can download more maps or is it for the waypoints, tracks, etc.?
  21. I'm an EMT, although not currently working in the field, and in Arizona, you can go to any hospital emergency room and they will give you a small sharps container if you explain the situation. These are the same small containers that most diabetics use (which can also be purchased rather inexpensively at most drug stores, ie Walgreens, Osco...just ask the pharmacist for a small diabetic sharps container). And they will also give you a pair or two of latex gloves if you ask nicely. Use common sense when hadling the sharps, don't pick it up by the needle end. Carefully place the needles in the sharps container and seal it up (the lid screws back down). Then you can drop them back off at any hospital ER and they will dispose of them for you. Edit: But if you don't want to touch them, and I wouldn't blame you if you didn't, then you can most certainly call the police or fire dept. non-emergency number and they should make sure it gets taken care of.
  22. 1000 waypoints? I have the old vista b/w and the latest firmware and I thought I could only d/l 500 waypoints. Correct me if I'm wrong on this please! And why would garmin let the legend have 1000 and the vista (a higher end unit) have only 500? Please tell me I'm wrong!
  23. My first and only cache so far was hit and destroyed this week. It's very discouraging for a new geocacher. Although I suspect it was a non-gc'er that took the cache, it's still frusting as all get out none-the-less!
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