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  1. I'm glad someone posed the question about the watch list. I understood some of the reasons for putting a cache on the list, but I wasn't aware that it generated emails of future logs to those caches. That's handy! I'm glad I took the time to read this thread. Also, thanks to those that answered the member's question with such clarity.
  2. I was trying to figure out how to include an image in the post itself. I tinkered with an idea for someone's avatar, but I'm not sure how to display it for them to see. I tried copying the photo and pasting it, which didn't work. (Paste wasn't an option). I tried dragging it, but that made my screen do something weird. It looked like it tossed me out of the discussion boards. I clicked on the IMG button, but that asked for a URL. I'm seeing images in the posts, so there has to be a way.
  3. How do you imclude an image into a post? I clicked on the IMG button and it's asking for a URL. Do I need to upload the image somewhere first?
  4. I finally took the plunge and purchased my GPS unit. I decided to spoil myself with the 60CS. I'd like to thank everyone for their input!
  5. Travel bug escaping from a cache? or Your Escape, altered to look like a GPS?
  6. The image that popped into my head was a drowsy (rabid-looking) raccoon learning on a walking stick.
  7. What about your GPSr made to look like a cork screw. The GPSr would have a screw at the base and two metal squeeze arms sticking out of each side. The actual cork could be laying nearby. ???
  8. I do, I do! I think it is awesome that you're willing to do this for folks. I'm "Wildlife Eggsplorer." I would love an avatar that will double as a log stamp. Here's my vision: A female egg, kayaking with binoculars around the neck. (calm kayaking, not rapids) Size: I will be stamping the avatar onto a split wooden egg, 1-5/8" x 1/2". I would like my geocaching name to be included. Do you need any other information? Thanks!
  9. Thanks! You added more clarity than you think. As suspected, the 60C/CS has features to be coveted, but not quite enough to justify it's price. Now, I need to decide how much I want to spoil myself.
  10. I've visited Garmin's website so many times that they should send me a thank you for bolstering their visit count. Frist, I would like to thank everyone that responded to my thread. I have narrowed down my choices considerably. I've never owned or used a GPSr before, so I don't have a total understanding about what features are important and which ones are all fluff. When it comes to features, I'm mainly interested in what features I'll quickly regret not having. Here are the three units I've narrowed it down to. Are there any quirks about these units that I should know of? Is one of them far easier to use than another, easier to read/understand screen data, more accurate, etc. I've read the specs, but now I'm looking for information that only first-hand users could share. 1) eTrex Legend. Least in features, smallest in size and price. 2) GPSMAP 76S. A little more pricey, a little more features. 3) GPS60 C/CS. A whopping $350-400!
  11. I didn't realize that just portions of a map could be added. That's a very useful piece of information. Thanks! By the way, when in the RV, I will definitely have a PC with me.
  12. It's no wonder I've been befuzzled about which Garmin GPS system to purchase. The things I've learned for certain are: *Just about any GPS unit will get me close enough to find a cache. *Most people love the unit they currently own. I have a couple additional questions to ask: 1) If I plan on using it with my RV, should I definitely get a system where I can upload maps, or are most basemaps adequate? 2) The GPSMAP76 series was recommended strongly because of my possible water navigation usage. With geocaching and RVing being the primary uses, and water navigation infrequent (~2 times a year), would a different system be a better fit? 3) The GPS60C/CS has gotten lots of good reviews. Please share what the 60C does that others don't and why those aspects are so valued? Thank you ALL for being so forthcoming and patient with me. I can't wait until I'm out there "laying eggs" in your caches:) -- Wildlife Eggsplorer
  13. My husband works for a marina which purchases their Garmin products through a dealer. That employee discount sounds great, but it looks like I'm gonna have to be happy with wholesale (which I am). Thanks for asking the question. though. If circumstances were different, you may have saved me money.
  14. Thank you for directing me to that thread. I read every post there.
  15. Hi, I am a newbie! I'm all signed up with geocaching.com, but I haven't purchased my GPS unit yet. I've read many of the "which to buy" posts and find myself still befuzzled. One of my husband's few employee benefits, at the marina where he works, is the ability to purchase items for himself at wholesale. Since the marina's suppliers only handle Garmin, that's the brand I'm going with. Now, which Garmin? Here is how I will be using the GPS unit: 1) Geocaching. 2) Documenting the location of rare plants/wildflowers. 3) Road navigation (RV-ing). 4) Hiking. 5) Boat navigation. I don't want to overspend, yet I don't want to settle for a cheap model that won't pull its weight. The units available through the marina's supplier are: *GPSMAP 60C and 60CS *GPS 72 *GPS 76 and 76S *eTrex *eTrex Legend *eTrex Summit *eTrex Venture *eTrex Vista I appreciate your input. I have an idea of which one I should purchase, but I want to see if my own interpretation of the specs fits with that of experienced geocachers.
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