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  1. I would like to ask for little help some cacher from Verona or better from Bonifacio. Thanks for contact Rag-cz
  2. Hi all, I´m looking for some geocoins: 10-10-10 Powers of Ten - Missouri 10-10-10 Powers of Ten - Texas 10-10-10 Powers of Ten - Georgia 10-10-10 Powers of Ten - Missisippi 10-10-10 Powers of Ten - Arizona 10-10-10 Powers of Ten - Connecticut and my traders are: 10-10-10 Powers of Ten - North Carolina 10-10-10 Powers of Ten - South Carolina 10-10-10 Powers of Ten - Netherlands Trabi Ost cachemobil green Trabi Ost cachemobil papyrus white Shaman Czech geocoin 2010 silver Shaman Czech geocoin 2010 gold Czech Hunters team geocoin gold Czech Hunters team geocoin silver GREEN TAP TAP GECKO Gold Geocoin Thanks Vlada (Rag-cz)
  3. Hi, I´m looking for New Zealand Geocoins, especially from 2007 and 2008.
  4. I have (or I willl have) some 10-10-10 coins for trade: For trade: Czech - Prague Space Coast (Florida) Colorado South Carolina I'm looking for: Arizona Ohio Sweden Illinois Georgia Missouri Thanks
  5. For General Information info@kvcoins.com For Pricing Questions pricequote@kvcoins.com For Artwork/Design jason@kvcoins.com artdept@kvcoins.com Toll Free Phone: (800) 608-2646 Toll Free Fax: (866) 582-6467 Mailing Address: KV Coins PO Box 276190 San Antonio, TX 78227
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