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  1. I am still going to decide myself which one I am going to buy but I want you to submit your "vote" on which gps is better. According to garmin the gpsmap is only 50 dollars less because it is not a touchscreen...hmmm...im not sure a touchscreen would be good though...what do you think about these two GPSr's? I want your true opinion! Thanks!

  2. are you pretending or you're for real?...quite a wasteful way of spending your weekly/monthly internet time asking questions like this

    I could say the same to you. Except you are the one answering my "wasteful" internet questions!


    And with really short answers too...I guess that means you are wasting less time than me?


    get a job

  3. I just got a factory refurbished garmin etrex venture hc on amazon for 100 dollars and it is very nice so far. I am planning on upgrading to a better gps later and I like to get things like this new. So, if I sell the HC later for 80-90 dollars and my old Etrex H for 50-60 I could have 150 dollars.


    I looked into the Dakota series but I then I saw the new Montana! Exciting! Except...its 700 dollars!


    Any good ideas on how I can earn the other 550? I really want a REAL PAPERLESS CACHING gps! I knew I would like the HC simply because I would never have to manually enter coordinates again, but having all the other information with me while geocaching would be heaven!



  4. I just got a venture hc on amazon and it said "factory refurbished" so I bought it. There are no problems with it, except...Every time I press the power button, a white light flashes and I have to press the power button again to get it to turn on. Otherwise, no problems so far with the gps. What should I do about these wasted ten seconds of my life? :unsure:

  5. I have one. The GPS quality is very good, usually gets down to 5-10 feet of the cache. It is very easy to use but I have two problems with it. One is that you cannot get paperless Geocaching data on it (descriptions, hints, logs, etc....) The second is that the redraw rate of the screen is very slow. This is not a big deal if you just stay on the compass screen but if you hike like me, having access to move around the maps screen is helpful. It works fine but is just slow.


    Another downside (why I am on the subject) is that it only has 24MB of memory. This means there is not a lot of room for maps. I can get maybe 30 sq. miles from my house on it at once. For the most part this is plenty but considering many of the new units have expansion SD slots to add virtually unlimited amount of maps it is a downside to the Venture HC.


    If I were buying today I would definitely go with the Dakota 10/20 models. You can get the 10 for right around the same price as the Venture HC now a days if you look around.


    Thanks so much :) I definitely want something that I can use for paperless caching.


  6. I have a Garmin Etrex H that I am not using anymore. It is a very good beginners gps and is great for your first time geocaching. It is in like new condition, as it has only been used lightly over the past year since I bought it. It comes with the box the owners manuals and a lanyard string that goes around your neck. I maybe can do paypal but I would rather send you a cashiers check or something. That way it is still perfectly safe for you and I don't have to set up a paypal account. I want to say I will sell it for 80 firm but I could drop it to 60 or 70 if I had to...Please don't use that to your advantage though. Thanks!

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