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  1. Say you are on vacation in a spot and plan on staying there for a month and plan on traveling within say 50 miles of where you are staying. If the PQ that you run can only hold 1000 caches than how do you get all 50 miles from 4 0r 5 PQs without getting any duplicate caches??


    If you load your PQs into GSAK will it automatically delete duplicates?


    Is there a way to map all of your caches in GSAK?


    BTW I have a Magellan explorist GC that can hold 10,000 caches.

  2. we are working on finding a cache that uses triangulation to find the final set of cords. we were given 3 landmarks to find, and with each landmark there is a set distance away from said landmark; where those 3 distances intersect is the final stage. we went out into the field and took cord readings at each landmark. then shot projections from each landmark using the specific distance published on the cache page. we then took cord readings at each of the projections. we found a city map, used a compass and drew the 3 circles on the map. the 3 circles intesect over quite an area and have not pinpointed gz for the final stage. does anyone know of a better way to come up with the final stage?


    ok. thanks for that quick reply. we will give that a try and see what kind of results that brings in! appreciate the promptness. cache on!

    You're welcome! Hope it works!

  3. http://www.freemaptools.com/radius-around-point.htm


    First, convert gps coords to decimal with this:




    Then put in the radius in miles that you want and then put in the coords you want and hit "draw radius"


    Do that for all three! Remember to put in the new radius BEFORE putting in the new coords and hitting "Draw Radius"


    The CO probably expected you to do the math...but hey, the internet works great too!


    This is my cache that is like this:



  4. Are there any good ways to go caching on a road trip when it is super long and hard to use the Creat A Route Feature because it limits to 500 miles? We can't stop very often but if we do I want to find good caches that are nearby...I don't know, or maybe just any cache that is near a rest stop? Any ideas?

  5. Sorry, but I felt like bragging about it... :)


    I just hid my second cache two days ago and already I have a favorite point and long logs! Yay!


    This is why I love hiding creative caches!






    Yes, nice long logs. But don't think it can't happen to you (and it will), the 15th hidden cache in the world, 5th oldest active cache, with 111 favorite points, just had 3 "TFTC" logs dropped on it the other day. :huh: Fine job though, sounds excellent. And nice work on the cache page itself with the HTML.

    Wow, thats crazy!


    Thanks though! :)

  6. Too late for that my young neighbor to the south. That is the risk we both take when reading and writing about caches on the forums though. :laughing:


    Really-it's OK. Very few local cachers play in this sandbox, and I can handle a little bit of spoilage.


  7. I just bought this unit for 95 dollars brand new-in the box on craigslist. It has been great and I really like that it can hold so many geocaches and all the info for them.


    1. If I am going on a road trip across the country and I want to find caches along the way, I know how to use the caches along a route feature and make a PQ. But I am also going to be in a certain state for a month before I drive back home. Since the GC can hold ten PQs then how would I get all of the geocaches in a large area of the state with 7 or 8 different PQs??


    2. I also haven't figured out how to download pictures to the gps! I drag and dropped my PQ into the Geocaches folder and the waypoints file into the waypoints foler. But when I open the geocaches with pictures on the gps I get a message saying I have to use VantagePoint or a Geocaching.com Plugin. I downloaded VantagePoint and tried to use it...but...I was wondering what the Plugin was? And I haven't worked out VantagePoint yet. I like GSAK a lot better.


    3. When I bought the GC, I thought the compass/pointer would be like every other gps I have seen, like my Garmin Etrex H.




    The GC has a really confusing pointer. What really frustrates me is that the pointer in the middle points to what direction you are CURRENTLY GOING and then there is a tiny little red arrow on the compass that points to the way you SHOULD be going. In my opinion, they have it backwards!!!


    4. How accurate is the GC?? I can't even tell! The lowest it has gotten on the Satellite page is 16 feet! And that is rare. Usually it can only get 26-36 feet. But then I tested it out outside just to see if this accuracy thing was wrong. I walked quickly toward an object, marked a waypoint there, walked away to somewhere and told the gps to go to the waypoint. It got me withing 3-6 feet of it! How is that 26 feet accuracy? And I still haven't found any geocaches with it so I don't know how accurate it is in the field or under trees!


    5. I read something on the forums that said that if you hold the gps more vertically it gets better accuracy. Has anyone tried this? Does it work? Or is it even true?



  8. That's awesome, hide caches you like to find!


    Is the creativity from the puzzle, or is the container really creative?

    Um, I think it was mostly the containers...the puzzle was meant to be fairly difficult, even though it did make the hide more creative.


    First Stage - Old Spray-painted soccer ball with one piece cut out and a film canister inside.


    Second - Baseball with center/cylinder drilled out and long m&m's container stuck inside.


    Third - Pink water bottle spray-painted blue/green


    Final - Clear Ice Cream bucket with white frisbee duct-taped to the top


    I don't know, maybe people liked the puzzle too?

  9. I am thinking of getting an explorist gc. I have heard a lot of good things about it and a few bad things such as this and the lack of an electronic compass. The one I found was only 95 dollars! I can't decide if I should just buy it and try it because its cheap or if I should get the dakota 20 that I found for 215 dollars (a little too much for me). What I really like about the gc is that it can hold 10,000 caches!!!! Way better than 1,000 with the dakota. Especially when I am going on a really long road trip and I need all the caches I can get onto the gps. Sorry to go Off Topic on your thread, but...


    oh...there is a manual you can download somewhere on the internet.


    Um...this could be the link:



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