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  1. Thanks for the good ideas. Maybe I'll tell my friend about the cache that you have to crawl through the water drainage system underneath a Kohl's parking lot to find it!
  2. There aren't very many active cachers in my area...and there are hardly ever any events in my small town...if there is an event its at a bar and on a Sunday! But yes that usually is when I convince my parents to go geocaching...when we're already out at the store or something...sometimes I get the feeling that they are annoyed by it! But I still want to know how I can talk to my friends about it without coming off as a weirdo or a geek....because the other thing I was thinking about is that most people who know about geocaching have heard about it from Girl Scouts! And if that isn't weird to say you really like doing something that they think only Girl Scouts do then I don't know what is!
  3. how do you think i can bring up geocaching to my friends and not make it sound really geeky?
  4. Hey that was a good April Fool's joke...maybe I'll try that one in a different forum!
  5. If this is for your kids that would be awesome! Especially if they were little though... You would also be able to hide them in more sneaky places becuase they would be able to use the gps to get to the right spot! Good idea!!! But you could also make real geocaches made of waterproof easter eggs!
  6. Its too awkward to talk about around them...
  7. Its too awkward to talk about around them...
  8. Yeah but are my parents willing to let me go with someone else? Probably not...
  9. yeah maybe...but all of my "friends" would think its really geeky or stupid.
  10. i can't ride my bike anywhere i want to...i wish i could
  11. But how do I know if people at my church or school are cachers already, without being awkward or weird?...
  12. I kind of want some friends that like geocaching too! So I was thinking that I could get somebody at my school to like it but I need a REALLY REALLY good way to do it so they won't think I'm either really weird, or nerdy, or just retarded...or all three. Any suggestions? I'm in middle school...
  13. I don't think (or know) that my gps could save hints and logs on it...I thought it was just a gps that could store coordinates. Its a Garmin Etrex H I think.
  14. I have the Garmin Etrex H. Not sure that it has that many great features...haven't tried them all yet either...
  15. Oh so you save the waypoint name as the GC number? I've never done that! And I don't really have any geocaching friends yet...just wondering for I if I ever do...
  16. I understand how to make a pocket query and how to make it run, but....I was reading the forums and "knowschad" said something like "load up a large pocket query of the area" that you are going to cache in before you go out with a big group. But what if you go out with that group and you have about 100 caches loaded onto your gps and they say "lets go to the "bridge cache" or something and you look for it on your gps but you don't know which waypoint it is!!!
  17. Thanks everybody, but I probably should have never posted this topic because no matter what I do my parents will probably never really like geocaching...which is fine...I can't make them like anything...I just don't want to annoy them by always asking if I can find a geocache. Oh well, who cares.
  18. How would I get my parents to let me go with other cachers? And how am I supposed to know if the cachers are teenagers? But yeah...that is a cool idea about the travel bugs!
  19. HELP! How am I supposed to delete my posts and topics that I don't want on here anymore! Shouldn't I have the right to take down any words that I have said!!? Does anybody know how to delete them!?
  20. This is really bothering me! I can't figure out how to delete my posts and my topics that I havea posted. What if I don't want them on here anymore??? Shouldn't I have the right to take them down any time I want???
  21. How would I get my parents to let me go with other cachers? And how am I supposed to know if the cachers are teenagers? But yeah...that is a cool idea about the travel bugs!
  22. I love riding my bike and I would ride it all over town but my mom doesn't think its safe. Theres this kid on my bus who is about my age and he says his parents let him walk all over town. He says he just likes to walk to parks and fast food places. My parents would never let me do that...sadly.
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