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  1. My little brother really does not like geocaching, but I really love it. I try to get him to come with me, but all he does is argue his way out of it. I try to explain that if he would give it a chance, he would love it, but he just absolutely hates it for some reason. He refuses to go to meet n greet events and won't even get out of the car for a 1/1 light post park n grab. What can I do to get him to come with me?

    Hey. Don't worry about it. My sister is the exact same way.

  2. Found a copy of geocaching license in a cache today.I have never seen one before and wanted to know if anybody knows a place I could print some? Would like to pass them out in other caches.


    In other words, it is apparent that you have been caching without a license. The cache police might have a thing or two to say about that.

    Yeah, but a lot of people don't have licenses these days. A lot of them failed the test because they didn't know what DNF, TNLN, and SL meant...

  3. When you create a route on geocaching.com it says that you can either make a pocket query of the route or create GPX of a route. I clicked GPX and nothing happened? Is something supposed to happen?? Or can you only do Pocket Queries?

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