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  1. Trying to view my lists (Your Lists) using Chrome without success.  When I roll the mouse over the link, it changes color, but the indicated link at the bottom of the window is my dashboard (do loop) www.geocaching.com/account/dashboard#.  When I roll over any other link, ie: watchlist, the indicated link shows www.geocaching.com/my/watchlist.aspx.  If I manually enter https//www.geocaching.com/my/yourlists.aspx, I get a code Error 404: DNF.  This is the only link on my profile page with issues.  I'm going to try it with other browsers and see if I have access to my lists.  I'm having Chrome issues on one other site, but don't think it's related.


    Ten hours later...logging into the site via Safari on my iPad I now see a new tab on my dashboard under statistics, souvenirs, and leaderboard called my lists, but my watchlist and favorites list has disappeared.  Guess I'll go to bed and check what the Lackeys do overnight. 

  2. Forbin - If you started a GoFundMe to bring back Huntmarkers for iOS, I'd donate.  There is nothing else out there.  FindAControl doesn't work on iOS 11 either and the developer doesn't seem interested in continuing.  

    I found a challenge cache in Las Vegas that requires 100 benchmarks found.  I only have 60.  Can you imagine my frustration of not having an app that will let me easily log benchmarks?  Huntmarkers was the best.

  3. I don't hunt benchmarks very often, but here I am in Las Vegas facing a challenge cache that requires 100 benchmark finds.  I have 60 and therefore need 40 more.  I go to my Huntmarker app all excited to find some more only to get a message saying  it needs to be updated to iOS 11.  I look up FindAControl and it hasn't been updated either, but at least people have been able to leave messages requesting such.  Any other apps out there?

  4. Wow! All of the above. I've been using the classic app on my 6S forever, but still have the free app on my phone too. Yesterday I tried using the free app exclusively to see what issues it had. All of the above and more. I'm getting ready to teach a class to a bunch of Scouters (adults) who want to be able to help their boys with the Geocaching Merit Badge and make it a family affair. One of my caching buddies is helping me and will take the Droids while I do the iOS crowd. We know they want to use the free app, but he's prepared to discuss c:geo and I'm ready to talk Cachley. It's sad that Groundspeak isn't providing full functionality to their apps for premium users. I guess if you're a newbie, it's just fine.

  5. When are we likely to see personal notes make an appearance? There's also maintenance requests to tackle (and less importantly, archive requests).


    I concur with gasbottle's comment on personal notes as well as maintenance and archive requests, but I'd also like to see an ability to build field notes. When I'm out for a day of caching, I use the classic iPhone app to build my field notes and then upload them at the end of the day. When I get online I'll write my logs, add photos and trackable logs while sitting down with in a comfy chair with an adult beverage. I appreciate the updates to the free apps, but they are still lacking what I use consistently in the classic app.

  6. I'm a local geocacher on Florida's Space Coast and have signed all of the Retired Monkey Challenge caches and qualify for 101 of them...so far. It's been pretty dry the past two months so water levels in the ditches should be low to non-existent. Shorts and shoes you don't mind getting wet will be fine. They will get muddy though. The RMC caches are generally pill bottles and pre-forms. Parking is limited and you will have to pull off the road onto the shoulder and some shoulders are very narrow. Traffic isn't bad, but includes heavy trucks. You might consider getting one side of the road going down and the other side coming back up. The letterbox series are not in great shape, but the others should be. Good luck!

    2. What do you like most about challenge caches?
    3. What do you not like about challenge caches?
    4. What would you like to see changed about challenge caches?
    5. If you could describe your favorite challenge cache type, what would it be?
    6. What types of challenge caches do you avoid?


    Seeing if my stats will qualify me and if not, setting goals to meet or exceed the requirements.


    When the CO sets an arbitrary date in which all finds must be before. We have a cache here where the CO says all finds must be before a date more than six years ago. Most active cachers in our area hadn’t started the game yet, making it impossible to achieve.




    One that drives me to achieve a goal, milestone or achievement.


    I wouldn't say I avoid them as much as I ignore them. I’ll probably never join the “three mile high club” or “find all the caches in two countries” so I’m not going to kill myself to try and claim them. But I don’t expect to find every active cache either.

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