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  1. I don't think that this question has been addressed before, but what exactly should the coordinates of a future WM in that category be? Take this puzzle for example: It shows the Peterskirche on the left and the St. Stephans Cathedral on the right. Should I try to find the spot where this photo was taken and use these coordinates? Or can I take a similar photo and post one WM for the Peterskirche and one for the St. Stephans Cathedral? It might sound like a ridiculous question, but somebody mentioned the Grand Canyon. Any coordinates within that canyon will do or should the coordinates be used where the photo was taken? Interestingly, I found no information about the coordinates in the category description.
  2. As far as I can see, this question has not yet been answered, so I will post my opinion. In general, I would say, that it does not. However, the waymark of an old church that burned down has a much higher value for me, than a WM of f.e. a branch of McDonald's restaurants, that has been closed. That however, doesn't mean that I would do something different, if I learn that a McDonald's restaurant isn't there anymore.
  3. There are some locations that will have much more than 10 puzzles at the end of the day. F.e. the Eiffel Tower. And this tower looks more or less the same from all 4 sides. Anyway, we'll see. I think that we will see lots of puzzles for sights that already have dozens of WMs and puzzles for unusual places will get lost in the crowd. But that's just my opinion.
  4. Just a theoretical question, because (like fi67) I'm not very enthusiastic about this idea: Why limit this category to one company? We already have categories for just one company and sooner or later we had another category for the other companies (McDonald's Restaurants / Burger Shops - Regional Chains; Pizza Hut Restaurants / Pizza Shops - Regional Chains; Starbucks Stores / Independent Coffee Shops, and the list goes on and on). Many sights will have a 2D-Puzzle, a 3D-Puzzle and(!) a Lego set. But f.e. the Red Square in Moscow doesn't have a Lego set (at least not that I know of) and I don't know if the "2D puzzle king" will have one. So, it would just be a matter of time, until someone has been to a building that has not a Lego set, but a set of another company and he is therefore not allowed to create that waymark. Instead, I would allow just one waymark per building (other than the Philatelic Photographs, who allow one WM per stamp). This would keep the amount of WMs down (who wants to see xx more WMs of the Eiffel Tower?) and at the same time not discreminate smaller companies.
  5. Don't forget that there are also other brands than Lego, who offer sets for famous buildings/sites, for example: LOTFUN Notre Dame de Paris PLEX Schloss Neuschwanstein ICS Moscow Red Square Micro Block Set WANGE Architektur Schiefer Turm von Pisa (My favorite. Just kidding ) etc. So, in my humble opinion, you should either in- or exclude "bricks sets", but not just Lego sets.
  6. That there are several Canadian provinces without a single WM in that category?
  7. I think that "Abstain" doesn't count at all. It's like casting a white ballot in a National Council election. If the result has to be either "Yes" or "No", what sense would it make to have 33% "Yeas" and 66% "Abstain"? Think about it that way: ONE "Abstain" is 50% "Yes" and 50% "No". So, we have 1 Yes, two 1/2 Yes and two 1/2 No. So, we end up with 66% Yes and 33% No. :-) More interesting would be: If I'm an officer and don't know whether I should decline or approve a waymark, I might call for a vote and vote "Abstain" for my own. But if the other officers don't vote or vote "Abstain", it will be 0% "Yes" and 0% "No". So, will it be approved then?
  8. Just as you have to prove you're alive with a birth certificate, I don't believe the word "hectagonal" exists until I've been proven its existence. PS: Nice coin.
  9. The question was, whether the word "hectagonal" (with a "C") is an official word or not.
  10. @SMacB: Well, if you enter "Hectagon" at Wikipedia, it will forward you to the page for "Hectogon", which says "hectogon or hecatontagon". For me, that means that "Hectagon" is not the right word and Wikipedia just forwards you to the right page. @FamilieFrohne: Thanks for the link to https://www.merriam-webster.com, but it doesn't even know "Hectogon". @ScroogieII: Thanks for the load of information. If I should ever have to calculate the area of a heptagon, I now know where to look for the formula. I didn't have to do it in the last 50+ years, but you never know. Additionally: Usually I use www.deepl.com, but if I have to translate a language, that deepl.com doesn't know, I use translate.google.com. And sometimes I use both and if their translations differ from each other, I use the one that I think is better. So, I don't trust both of them 100%. Summing up all the information above, I come to the conclusion, that "hectagonal" is not an official word, and if at all, it means "100 sided".
  11. One of my waymarks was lately declined and no, I don't want to complain about that. Not at all. But the reason of the officer made me think: Is there an official source to find out what words exist in English or not? The story: I found a sign in Croatia of a heptagonal (7sided) chapel. The sign says "Heptagonal" in Croatian and Italian language, but the English translation says "Hectagonal". I tried to find a translation for "Hectagonal" and interestingly translate.google.com translates it to the German word "Achteckig" (Octagonal) and www.deepl.com to "Sechseckig" (Hexagonal). Further research led me to this webpage, saying that "hectagonal" is not an English word, but Wikipedia knows at least of "Hectagonal number". So, I'm more than confused and I'm really interested to hear what native English speaking people say. BTW, the officer said, that it is just another word, meaning polygon.
  12. In Austria we have https://www.altlasten.gv.at/atlas/verzeichnis.html ("Verzeichnis der Altlasten" = List of contaminated sites). There are separate lists for each province and lots of detailled information about what is/was wrong with site, the size, the status, etc.
  13. Don't get me wrong. I didn't want you to include artillery, I just wanted to know the difference between these two groups. Thanks for explaining it.
  14. See but it never came true. I wonder how permanent this kind of art is.
  15. I'm a little late on this one, but I was wondering: Why do you exclude artillery ["artillery (cannons, shells, ect. should be waymarked in the static artillery category unless displayed in a museum setting, of which the museum shall be waymarked)"], but allow battlefields that have their own category too? I do not understand that logic.
  16. Mantova/Mantua (and more to come) -> 48.414 (31-3-2021)
  17. Funny, we will travel to Italy too very soon, and I have found a small city that also has no WMs yet.
  18. As an officer of that category, I want to remind everyone that this is an ART category. It's tempting, but don't just copy/paste the description from a waymark for the same grave you made in another category, unless the other description contains a lot of information about the artwork. I and hopefully all the other officers will decline all the waymarks that tell a lot about the person for whom the headstone was made, but little to nothing about the artwork itself. Size, material, color, condition, what is depicted,.... ? So, save your and our time and add a (required) description of the artwork. To make it clear: There is nothing wrong to have information about the person (often it is necessary to know something about him/her to understand the artwork), but the WM should also include as much information about the artwork that you can find.
  19. Same here. We have three email addresses at www.geocaching.com. Most of the visit emails go the primary email address, but some go the 2nd account.
  20. 300 is a lot. :-( At least I can repeat that it works if you don't just edit the date, but also the Comment. It then has the nasty text "[Log Edited by xxxxxxxxxx on ...]", but at least the correct date.
  21. You're comparing apples with firetrucks. The category is called "Relocated Structures", not "Relocated Parts of a Structure". In one case the (as far as I understand it) stand-alone Coat of Arms was moved, in the other case all the parts of an unfinished fountain have been moved and in Ariberna's WM two columns of an entire church have been moved. From my point of view, there is much difference with these WMs. And if you don't want any flexibility, then try to understand WHY the officer declined it, and don't pour oil into the fire by saying that "some folks in this game take themselves too seriously and like to make things hard to everybody". Discussion closed - at least for me. :-(
  22. There are people, who say that or something similar, if the officers follow the rules (in their opinion) too strict, and there are also people who complain about other officers if they "approve everything". We all have had such decisions on one or more of our own waymarks. I myself have a different view since I started to be an officer in a few categories. One thing is for sure: I had to decline several waymarks already and never did I "like to make things hard to everybody" and I doubt that there are such officers who do. There may be some that are very strict and others who are more flexible. But as a waymark owner noone should believe that a decline is a personal vendeta or that an entire category is full of strict officers. Just go back one step and try to think about it objectively.
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