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  1. I partly agree with both of you. If the category description says "A clear photograph showing the entire gazebo is required." and all the other photos are not required, I would draw the conclusion that the only required photo should also be the default photo. But, as long as the category description doesn't explicitly require a specific view for the default photo, the officers have to deal with WM with other default photos. I, personally, have had WM in other categories declined, because they had the wrong default photo. And I always changed that and resubmitted, without reading the precise requirements of the category. Nevertheless, like 401Photos said: The photo requirements should slightly be edited to "A clear photograph showing the entire gazebo is required (default photo)." and everyone should be happy.
  2. As a side note: I find it interesting that f.e. Texas is politically not divided into smaller provinces/regions (right?), while the small Austria has 9 federal states, with one administration each, although we have 1/8 the size and only around 1/4 of inhabitants. Even our capital Vienna is a separate federal state ruled by one party and surrounded by Niederösterreich, another federal state and ruled by another party. As a side note to the side note: Vienna is additionally devided into 23 districts, that are administered by different parties. On topic: Even if the category would just include current capitol buildings, it would sooner or later include former capitol buildings, if the adminstration moves to another building. That's why I would include them from the start. If I'm searching for the current capital building, there are plenty of other sources. But if I look at f.e. https://Waymarking.com/cat/details.aspx?f=1&guid=900cea62-6374-4b09-8cdc-2abac237f96e&wo=True&s=9&ct=2&st=2, I find it interesting to see the various capital buildings of Delaware and I'm curious if there is a similar listing anywhere else on the internet. [just my 2 cents]
  3. I was more thinking about the mails that a reviewer receives, when a new geocache is to be reviewed and the mail, that the owner receives when it is approved. Anyway, let's be optimistic instead and hope that they work on the Waymarking site.
  4. I'm a pessimist, so ask myself: Do they use the same mail sending mechanism/templates for Geocaching and Waymarking and have they maybe changed a template for Geocaching and what we see has nothing to do with the Waymarking website?
  5. Does that include sites, which are not contaminated anymore? On the website https://www.altlasten.gv.at/ I see: secured remediated contaminated site I suppose "secured" means that there is still contamination, but not in a dangerous amount, while "remediated" means, that all contaminations were removed. If I ever will post a WM in that category I will definitely choose a still contaminated site, but nevertheless it would be interesting to know.
  6. What I don't understand: Most of the time I can see "Running Water" along almost the whole run of a river. So, theoretically one could post hundreds or thousands of WMs along ONE river. How is this to be prevented? I guess with subjective criteria like "a beautiful spot" or something? And like Max and 99 said: "over prevalence".
  7. If I swap the coordinates of my hometown, I get: 1. Somewhere im Jemen 2. Ocean 3. around 70 km from Brasilia, Brasil 4. Somewhere on Madagascar While there are four additional opportunities, I think there are not enough WMers around the globe to find a reasonable number of WMs. And more generally: I (personally) think, that we have enough Coordinate Games already.
  8. The question is: Is a site still valid, if it is already secured at the time that I create the WM, but still on the list? Or does is have to be polluted at the time of the WM creation and it's ok, if it is secured later on?
  9. I tried the same for my hometown and saw three blue oceans.
  10. If I create a new WM, I have to fill out a form and the list of polluted sites in a country is kind of a longer help page in that context, no? Anyway, I can live with or without target="_blank".
  11. Have you ever tried any Waymarking webpage with an HTML validator? The doctype is "XHTML 1.0 Transitional" and still there are (just tried the front page) "124 Errors, 53 warning(s)". So, do you worry about a 125th error? A few random WMs had 160-200 errors. A random category page had more than 600 errors. BTW, I always use target="_blank" in the long descriptions of my WMs. And still the W3C police has not knocked on my door.
  12. If different kinds of status are allowed, it might be a good idea to add a variable with the status, but then again: What if I add a polluted site and it is secured/remediated lateron?
  13. The link to the "USA" list doesn't work and I suggest to use a new window/tab. Does the site have to have a "polluted" status, or are they still valid, when they are on the list, but remediated or secured?
  14. Maybe a stupid question, but is it possible, that they are greek letters? The "6" is not completely visible, and could be a Delta and the two "7"s could be Gamma's. I have no idea about fraternities and sororities, but they have those letters as their names, no? So, maybe it was a dare from one of their members? Just another idea. Just look at the small letters at The Greek alphabet • pickedshares Engineering Tools
  15. They certainly do: https://www.karwendel-urlaub.de/reisefuehrer/mit-kindern/kugelwald-spielplatz/ https://www.wipfelwanderweg.at/attraktionen/wipfis-kugelbahn/ https://www.alpenwelt.net/de/sommer-herbst-urlaub/gipfelwelt/ etc. There just seems to be none in my hometown, Vienna, but I keep searching. :-)
  16. And do "your" ball tracks actually provide balls or do you have to use your own one?
  17. As far as I can see, the ball tracks of Tante Hossi don't have their own balls, but you have to bring your own, right? I found one that has it's own balls: You have to stand on one of the quarters with one foot and move the ball with the other. It's part of a fitness trail for seniors and therefore I would post it in Fitness Trails, but if it would be on it's own, would it qualify for Tante Hossi's idea or would the ball have to roll on it's own? A rather theoretical question, I suppose.
  18. I love those kinds of riddles and although I doubt that I can be very helpful, I wanted to let you know what I found out: Looking for another photo of the owl I used: https://www.google.com/search?q=university+norman+owl+oklahoma&tbm=isch There I found one photo of the owl in question, but the article to which the photo belonged ("Gargoyles dying off in Oklahoma City,...") doesn't exist anymore. Nevertheless I once again used google to search for the article's title (gargoyles dying off in oklahoma city but the university of oklahoma campus-is-crawling-with-them - Google Suche) and I see the following snippet: Gargoyles dying off in Oklahoma City, but the University of Oklahoma campus is crawling with them. It's a gargoyle graveyard. ... "Urban renewal took all that out," said Lynda Ozan, architecture historian with the Oklahoma Historical Society's State Historic Preservation Office.31.10.2015 So, maybe you can find that Lynda Ozan. Being an architecture historian, she might have some valueable information.
  19. Well, I think I misunderstood the checkbox. I thought that it toggles first in a country and first in a region. Now that I also read the text, I understand. Reading helps. :-)
  20. I just checked Waymarking Statistics (familie-frohne.net) and tried the checkbox "show only first posted in country / region". I see several mistakes there. I suppose it is still in progress, right? F.e.: After activating the checkbox, it still shows the category "Advertising Columns" in Austria/Burgenland, although I don't have the first WM in Austria.
  21. Wow, this one is difficult. I solved some easier ones, like GC8MZX3
  22. I have made quite a few online puzzles to solve some mystery geocaches. So, for me, an online puzzle HAS to give me some coordinates to make me want to solve it.
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