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  1. I listed The Night Watchman which was a gift of Grapevine, TX to it's sister city Krems, Austria. There should be a similar statue on top of the town hall of Grapevine and one somewhere in Grapevine's other sister city Parras, Mexico.
  2. I recently noticed a typo is someone else's waymark and decided to correct it. I just changed one letter in the Name and Quick Description field, but when I hit the "Update Waymark" button, the website asked for a reason for changing the waymark's coordinates(!). I made a few tests and the coordinates have always been slightly modified by the system (for example "16.469" becomes "16.4688"). I'm not sure whether this is a new bug, because it was the first time ever that I edited a waymark that is not mine.
  3. The egg vending machine is great and I would love to see a waymark for it. Another funny example here in Austria is the "Marillenknödelautomat" (apricot dumpling vending machine) that is part of an annual apricot festival in Spitz, Austria. This isn't really a machine, but you insert money and people inside the "machine" fill a drawer with apricot dumplings and you can take them out. See photo of the Marillenknödelautomat Anybody else knowing an unusual vending machine? I found some wonderful example at this website PS: Yes, I know that there is a category for Festivals and I might make a waymark for the apricot festival if I have the chance to get there and take some photos.
  4. I like the idea in general. Maybe "Circulating Elevators" might be a better name, although "Paternoster" would also be fine for me. Some interesting information can be found at this website and also at this website (make sure to watch the video too). So, if there are new and safe versions we might find more of these in the future and not only in Europe.
  5. A few days ago I saw a vending machine for bicycle tubes (for the first time ever in my almost 48 years) and was wondering if there was any Waymarking category for something like this. It's not a "Bicycle Shop", is it? If there is no specific category for this, what do you think about a new category called "Unusual vending machines"? It might be fun to find out what extraordinary vending machines one can find throughout the world, no?
  6. :-) I just did some more testing, and it seems that the difference isn't between typing and pasting the username, but between hitting the Enter key after typing it and klicking on the Submit button with the mouse. The Submit button has an onclick event that starts a different javascript function than the one that is started if the form is submitted otherwise. Riddle solved. :-)
  7. When I go to the profile page and enter the username of a different WM user manually (type the name on my keyboard) and hit Submit, the website says "Member Name is Unknown", but when I copy the name somewhere and then paste it into the form and hit Submit, the website shows the profile of that user. I tried that with different usernames and it seems to be the same all the time. Pasting is good, typing is bad? :-) Interestingly, when I type the name and hit Submit and get the error message and hit Submit again (without changing the username) the website suddenly accepts the username. I made a few more tests and I noticed that the error message only appears in MS Internet Explorer 8.0 Mozilla Firefox 8.0 returns no error ever, no matter if I type the name or paste it.
  8. I guess it's a known issue, but I couldn't find any specific information about it in the forums: When I look at my Waymarking statistics page and choose "Waymarks Visited", I see (among other information): Best Day 30 visits in one day on 10/17/2010 12:00:00 AM I didn't visit one waymark that day, so I assume that I logged 30 visits that day. Is there a chance that this will be changed some day? The online activity might be interesting for the "Waymarks Posted" statistics, but for the visits it would be better to use the date of the visit, not the date of the logging, no? Best regards from Vienna, Austria Mr. PISA
  9. A cacher has to have 10 finds to create a favorite. It shouldn't be too difficult to use a similar algorithm for flagging challenges. Also: Please (everybody) stop the childish discussion about the good/bad character of Premium/Standard users. As we all know both are humans and in almost every group of humans you will find good and bad ones. Instead we should talk about user accounts. They might be good ones or evil ones that were only created to abuse the system. The goal has to be to stop that abuse and meanwhile Groundspeak has received many suggestions and I'm sure they have some great ideas too. So let's grant them a little more time and I'm sure they will find the perfect way to make us all happy.
  10. Well, they found out how to abuse it without that piece of information. I just thought that we could make better suggestions for improvement, if we - the good guys - knew how it works, but to make my opinion very clear: I'm very confident, that Groundspeak will find a good solution for this problem. You're all doing a great job and that's another reason why I get so angry when such things happen. BTW, I also live in Vienna and would love to do or even create some challenges, but that will have to wait a little longer. Yes, you did, but we were typing at the same time I guess. :-) Very good. Like I said before, you're doing a great job.
  11. I assume that putting a flag on a challenge isn't a priviledge of premium users, right?
  12. My understanding is that too many flags will cause a Challenge to be archived while lots of thumbs down only will cause it to be rated lower in some future search process. You might be right, but I am not sure. It would also be interesting what means too many flags and whether a single user can flag a challenge more than once and if this counts more than once. I can easily imagine that some childish people are experimenting and try to see what happens. Cezanne The same questions came to my mind and I will add another one: Why is Groundspeak making a secret of all that? Maybe someone should start a fake challenge (not in or around Vienna) and experiment with it (can a user flag his own challenge?). And of course Groundspeak should take a very close look at the Viennese challenges that have been archived due to flags. PLUS, I would kick the users who did this or at least take any action that will teach them not to abuse the system. AND: If Groundspeak doesn't want to invest time for reviewing archived challenges, why not provide a page that lists archived challenges and give other users the chance to "flag" a wrong flag? I have seen a similar system on a photo website and it ended up by publishing the names of the people who downrated the uploads of other users. This might be too much, but SOME changes are definitely necessary or otherwise the challenges will die sooner or later.
  13. After reading all the above, do you think that someone should report this mystery to the Support people or do they read here anyway?
  14. No, as far as I remember I logged them - as usual - in the evening of the same day.
  15. During the last few days I found at least 1 cache every day. However, depending on which list on my finds I look at the 2 caches I found on June, 18th are sometimes there... or not. If I'm not logged in and search for caches found by "PISA-caching" they are missing (should appear between GC20H5J and GCQC4A). When I log in and go to my profile I don't see them in the "Quick View". From there I click on "Geocaches" and they are again missing. BUT... when I'm in the "Your Geocaching Details" and click on "Found it", they suddenly appear (with the correct date: 06/18/2010). The 2 caches in question are GC2A4FN and GC29ENQ. Has anybody ever experienced something like this? It's not a big problem for me, so I hesitated to bother Support with it, but on the other hand I'm curious, what the reason for this phanomenon is. Any help is appreciated. PISA-caching (Vienna, Austria, Europe, planet Earth)
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