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  1. Prevelance might be an issue. How many of these 3d printed structures/houses exist so far approximately?
  2. ... and approved! Your first chronogram! Wohoooo! :-)
  3. Interesting! I was looking for chronograms in the Netherlands in my book "Chronograms - 5000 and more in number" by James Hilton (1882). The book says: "Epitaph on the Dutch poet Vondel, in the New Church at Amsterdam. VIr phoebo et MVsIs gratVs VonDeLIVs hIC est. = 1679 i.e. Here lies Vondel, a man dear to Apollo and the Muses." But when I searched for the epitaph, I just found that one: Nieuwe Kerk - Google Maps. Seems like the epitaph with the chronogram has been replaced with a new one without chronogram. :-( --------------------------- I continued to search and found one in Delft: "At Delft, on the front side of the town hall DeLphensIVM CVrIa reparata. = 1662 i.e. The house of assembly of the people of Delft was repaired." And this one is still there: 103 Markt - Google Maps --------------------------- And I found another one in Haarlem: "In the great church at Haarlem is the following: sood honger sLe Chsgeen shIIdaen bood, LIChttspaens ChgeVVeLd Van haerLeM VLood. = 1573 This is painted on the back of a screen containing the ten commandments, and put up in the place originally occupied by the high altar. I am told that it is difficult to translate. Observe the date 1573 is that of the revolt against Spain. The chronogram is faulty, because all the letters D, five in number, are not counted." And this one is also still there: The St. Bavo Church in Haarlem - Google Maps
  4. I didn't expect you to make that. It was just kind of daydreaming. I was more looking for statistics/tables like in my example, but for other categories.
  5. Out of curiosity I've gone through all the WM of the Chronograms category to see which years have been covered so far. Here is my result: It seems that chronograms were particularly popular in the 18th century. Once I wanted to make a similar table for the Dated Buildings and Cornerstones or the Dated Architectural Structures Multifarious categories, but they have way too many WMs. Instead I will make a table for MY Dated Buildings WMs one day. Another idea is to make a map/list of all the countries that have a Diplomatic Mission WM somewhere. There is Waymarking Statistics (familie-frohne.net) already but it just says, which countries have a WM in that category. It won't tell you though, if there is a WM for a Diplomatic Mission for - let's say - Burundi, somewhere in the world. And similar to that it would be interesting to see which countries have donated a gift to another country, not which countries have received such a gift. Any other ideas for statistics for specific categories?
  6. Glad, I could be of help. I like these kind of riddles. Not too easy, but solveable.
  7. I was looking at 1927 Hudson Super Six is listed Verkauft on ClassicDigest in Kastellstraße 56DE-74080 Heilbronn by Auto Dealer for €19900. - ClassicDigest.com and that looks quite similar in some details. I don't even know what they call these parts in German, but if you look at the wheels I see some small "hills" almost in the center and 6 of them further out and I think I can also see them on the rusty thing. The door handles are also on the right side of the door, the radiator grille has horizontal slats, the fenders look similar etc.
  8. I'm not at all a specialist for oldtimers, but it looks like a Ford, Model A, B or T to me. :-)
  9. As the leader of the category I suggest https://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/wm166BM to be a featured WM. Very cool counter display and exactly what I was thinking about, when I created that category.
  10. Many of us know www.openstreetmap.org, but did you know that there is also a project called https://www.openrailwaymap.org/? Might be useful for WM in the Active Rail Locations category or other train related categories.
  11. I just returned from a vacation in Greece and I logged two visits and of course I had to edit my visits to give them the correct date. This is far more than annoying. I will (for now) not log any visits anymore, because I don't want to log dozens of visits and edit each and every one of them to give them the date that I have been there. Of course I understand that from the company's point of view bugs on geocaching.com are more important. But on the other hand, how much time will it take for a professional coder to fix that tiny, but VERY annoying bug??? 5 minutes?
  12. Wow, I wish our coders at work would remove bugs as fast as you do.
  13. Serbia is somehow odd, because the WM use "SCG" as the location in a list of WMs, but in a specific WM and the country dropdown it is "Serbia". And "Georgia" might cause a problem because of Georgia, US. In the list of waymarks both countries say "location: Georgia" ( see f.e. Waymark Search Results (Waymarking.com)), but if you look at a particular WM in Georgia, USA it says "Location: Georgia, United States". One other thing I noticed: You obviously used a small blue circle for micro states like Monaco, Vatican state etc., which is a very good idea. But in North Macedonia that circle's blue color adds to the blue of the country and therefore it seems as if there were more WM than in the neighbouring Croatia, but both countries are between 10 and 100 WMs. PS: A big part of my job is to test websites. That's why it is hard for me to keep my mouth shut, if I see a "problem".
  14. WOW! Very cool. The gray areas are countries with zero WMs, right? Well, it seems that Serbia is also gray, but has 99 WMs so far. Also Georgia (not Georgia, USA!) is gray, but has 12 WMs. Not a big problem (although some of the "ignored" WMs in Serbia are mine ), but I thought you would like to know.
  15. Thanks a lot. Right now, I busy preparing for a trip to Greece, but one day I will look for someone in Philadelphia or (even better) in Ottawa. Somehow, I would prefer W 75° 12.222 N 45° 04.xxx, because that represents my entire username. BTW: I used https://miniwebtool.com/word-to-phone-number-converter/ to convert my name to numbers. Might be helpful for others, if the category description would contain a link to that converter or something similar.
  16. What I don't understand: The category description tells us, what we have to do, if the username is 5 letters or shorter, but not exactly what to do, if it is longer (or maybe I just don't see/understand it). So, I could use N45° 04.xxx W75° 12.222 (hing & PISA-cac [?]) or just W75° 12.222 and no matter where the N-coordinates are. But then it wouldn't be my full name, but just "PISA-cac". I don't understand it. PS: N 39 57.220 W 075 12.222 would be in Philadelphia. And N 45 04.999 W 075 12.222 is 52 km southeast of Ottawa. PPS: The category says: "Convert your entire Geocaching handle". That's what confuses me. Do I have to use the "hing" at the end of my name or not?
  17. I tried my name also, but I don't think I have a chance. PISA-caching -> 74 72 222 44 64 -> 75 12 222 45 04 -> N/S75° 12.222 E/W45° 04.xxx Both N75 and S75 are much too close to the poles. So, I would have to find a helpful icebear or penguin for this, no? Or is there another solution?
  18. Well, I checked the profile of "derren4" and there seem to be no posted or visited waymarks. Also, you don't seem to have a premium account, which is mandatory for a search using coordinates. But even if I log out, the search finds WM with my search criteria in their title/description. HTH.
  19. See https://www.globalpetrolprices.com/gasoline_prices/
  20. You mean something like https://www.boredpanda.com/before-after-old-photo-recreation/? I thought about that myself. But the red cape doesn't exist anymore and would definitely not fit anymore and I doubt that I will find a new red cape of my size. I think my mother sewed it herself back then. She was a trained seamstress. Anyway, the advantage of a photo goal would be, that it could also be a photo that was taken inside. But, I wonder if this photo goal already exists.
  21. I started already, but there are a few early photos of me that might be easier. Additionally, the photo is in fact a scanned slide and I am unsure if it was not scanned in mirror image, which doesn't make it easier. And the quality ...
  22. If only I knew where my parents took that photo of me 50+ years ago.
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