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  1. Yeah I know what you mean. Ive figured out most of it just playing around, but I might actually read the manual today too! If you are interested in getting the cigarette lighter power cord for your car, I can suggest the following site for a good price. I just bought it a few minutes ago.


    For $11.95 (less shipping) its not a bad price.




    Im finding that Magellan is really proud of their product and accessories LOL! Im off to Radio Shack or Pep Boys to buy a cell phone holder for the car so I dont have to wedge the GPSr between the dash and the windshield. :-)

  2. I paid right at $199 for it and took it out to play with it tonight. Im very pleased so far. I wasnt even considering this model as I was sure I was "sold" on the eTrex Legend series. Of course, the store was out of all of these and I thought what the heck, lets look at the Magellan.


    My only complaint is that I have to buy mapping software separately. :-((


    $150 for a disk, 90% of which Ill never use is a bit steep.


    Anyone have any information on being able to download just Texas?



  3. Hi folks,


    Im going to be purchasing a handheld GPS unit and wanted to know what would be a good one to get for my intended use and price range. I plan to use it for recreation as well as field research for marking areas I want to return to.


    My price range is about $200


    I require the following features:


    a map display (dont need color)


    the ability to connect to my PC and transfer waypoints from the device to my software on a laptop (TerraClient and USA Photomaps).


    I was looking at the Etrex Legend but its hard to tell what is capable of.


    I would like some honest recommendations and opinions of some units that might work for me.



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