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  1. I am beginning to think that education and partnering with local law enforcement is becoming priority. I am considering printing out a few brochures http://www.geocacher-u.com/resources/brochure.html  and taking them to local police office just to make them aware that caches are out there.

    That's the most logical suggestion I've read yet.


    Additionally, I know it would be pain taking to send a LostOutDoors satellite photo of each cache but maybe that would help too. It would definitely add support to a 'good intent defense.'

    I work as a Deputy Sheriff and I can tell you right now that you could educate every cop on the street from here to Timbuktu and in every situation, they are going to error on the side of caution. They cannot afford to do otherwise.


    The first thing they will tell you after the Bomb squad destroys a cache is "how do we know the terrorists didnt disguise it as a cache, knowing those are harmless?"


    A good example is yesterday. The cache I hunted for yesterday was in a rusty but still usable ammo can. I knew what it was, I knew it was supposed to be there and yet I was still apprehensive about picking it up and opening it. We know what was in it when it was put there by the original cache owner, but how about since? Maybe it was just my mind being ever vigilant? My point is, they have reason to be very suspicious of any containers.


    Ive seen perfectly clear plastic containers, so why not use those for caches? Make it the responsibility of the cache owner to ensure his or her cache is easy to identify visually? I mean, we will take time to replace the log book, so why not this?

  2. Is it my mistake, or has the last three 'blown-up' caches been tupperware. There should be a rule which forbids the use of plasticware as cache containers. Everyone should be required to use ammo boxes or pvc pipe. :D

    Ok, excuse the dumb question, but how is PVC or an ammo box better than clear tupperware in situations like this?


    PVC has been and will continue to be the source for many a pipe bomb and an ammo box, well, lets just say that would be an idea bomb container IMO.

  3. Night Stalker was already taken :-)


    That was an online gaming handle of mine going back probably 6-7 years. Loved the old show.


    I ended up with Midnight Rider as that was also an online gaming name of mine. I am the biggest Allman Brothers fan you will probably ever meet and the lyrics of the song simply described my life at a pivotal time.

  4. LOL FisherBear....


    Today was my first find as a new GeoCacher (would that be neogeocacher?) and all day long I was thinking about this thread. I didnt find anything bad in any of the caches I found, but I did notice one of the toys was broken. Not a terrible, need therapy in 5years moment to be sure, but I thought it wouldnt be a nice thing for the kids to find. Its not my cache though, so I left it.

  5. Better/More is always a good thing. I love to have options. In some cases one does something that the other doesnt. Also, I do a lot of exploring on the roads less traveled and I pursue Texas ghost towns as a hobby so from my perspective, the more maps and map resources the better. :mad:

  6. Globalgirl, thats an interesting question. Both programs offer something a little different for the users. I think for GPS usage, the USAPhotoMaps is hard to beat. TerraClient only allows you to enter in coordinates, no waypoint, tracks or other handheld provided info.


    USAPhotoMaps allows waypoint transfer etc. My only complaint with it though is if you are on a less than broadband connection, you have my sympathies :-). The ability to overlay USGS maps on top of the photos is the clincher for me. Thats just too convenient and too cool. TerraClient is nice if you want just a quick photo overview of an area. I use that more for exploring an area I might want to travel to more than anything else. Play with them both and see what you like. They're small programs and seem to both be well written.

  7. I saw the story on the Travel Channel and thought that it was a cool idea. I had been wanting a GPS for a long time because I do a lot of driving in another of my hobbies and we are constantly using atlases, maps, software etc. to figure out where we are and thought that a GPSr would be the best thing to use overall. Getting money was always a problem and when I finally had a windfall (last week), I had decided that now's the time. I had found the link to geocaching.com some time ago and had even registered once before, but I lost my registration information :-( and have no clue where to even start, so I made a new one and here I am.


    I spent about an hour looking for my first cache only to come up with a DNF. My wife went with me and she enjoyed the hunt too, asking if we could do more of them. We are going to Port Aransas on Saturday for the day and I spent some time last night loading coordinates of 3 caches I hope to complete. Im looking for the fun of this sport, the exercise and activity, and hoping to see some neat places. Once I get the feel of it, Im going to start placing my own caches.

  8. I just bought a Magellan Meridian Gold and Im very pleased with it. It has all the features you mentioned. Figure on about $200


    As for the maps, I dont know how current you need your maps to be, but I believe all the mapping software companies use the same USGS maps as sources for the overall areas. Oftentimes those havent been updated in decades. City maps are likely updated far more frequently and depending on what you will be using the GPS for, this might be very important to you.

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