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  1. I am new to the sport but have a few questions regarding geocaching etiquette:


    1) If I am closing in on a cache and someone is already in the area looking, how long do I wait until I continue onward? Do I wait until they are done? (with back turned so that I cannot cheat) Is it proper to ask if I can join them on a team effort kind of thing? (Or is this rude/annoying?) Is ther anything like a "play through" as in golf?


    Actually, when this happens, you are to challenge the other cacher to a duel. A "lightsaber" fight with your walking sticks can be substitued with the winner being the first person at the cache.


    2) Earlier I was searching for a cache in a wooded area and came across a full, unopened and VERY poorly hidden bottle of vodka. This is in an area that is known for "partying punks" - as evidenced by the scorched trees nearby, initials carved into other trees and numerous broken glass bottles of alcohol strewn about. Question: since I was already CITO-ing, could I claim the bottle was trash and collect it? What if I "accidently dropped it" and the contents poured out (onto the ground)? What is the general rule for finding things that probably shouldn't be there? My personal code of ethics says leave it alone but I still kinda want revenge for when my bottle of rum was stolen from MY stash in woods 25 years ago.


    Clearly, the answer is to drink the vodka as fast as possible to avoid kids or other people from finding it. Once this is done, fill the bottle back up with water and replace it where you found it.


    3) If I am searching for a cache and someone else shows up to find it, how long can I continue to search until I have to relinquish it to the new arrival? I don't want to be rude to anyone but I don't want to give up the game if I am not "required" to. Once again, is it wrong for me to offer them to help me look for it?


    Thanks for any help and insight you can give!


    See the duel outlines from question 1.

  2. Interesting views. I checked the "rules". They say:


    Caches on land maintained by the U.S. National Park Service or U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (National Wildlife Refuges)

    You will be in violation of federal regulation by placing a cache in any area administered by the National Park Service (US). The National Park regulations are intended to protect the fragile environment, and historical and cultural areas found in the parks.

    In addition, there may be local regulations already in place for certain types of parks in your region (state parks, county preserves, etc.).


    I think that I would like to be informed that the cache is in an area that costs to park. We should be following the rules, both legal and ethical.

    Ive yet to come across a cache description that did not include the information that it would cost something to enter the park, park your car etc.

  3. I think you're missing the point that most of us are trying to make.  You started off by saying that we shouldn't hide caches in parks that require an entrance fee because some people don't want to pay to cache.


    Actually, I never said anything of the sort. I asked why people do it because it seems, IN MY OPINION, to go against the grain of doing this activity as it is basically 'cost free'.


    It seems to me that you yourself are making a judgement on those of us that are willing to pay.  We all pay to cache in a number of ways that I've already stated.


    Im not judging anyone. I dont give a tinkers dadgum if you want to pay to cache or not. As I said earlier, sticking caches in parks where you have to pay an entrance fee is not something I would do ("I" being the operative there).


    You're simply drawing the line of "acceptable" payments in a different place.  Many people (most, I'd gather) have no problem paying a relatively tiny amount to have access to some great parks, particularly compared to the other costs of geocaching (gas, food, equipment, etc).


    Im seeing the parks issue as a separate activity from the caching. If Im out caching, Im out to cache, not hang out in the park. To ME, thats a separate activty to be enjoyed on its own merits. Again, this is solely MY OPINION.


    There are many different types of caches, from urban micros on up.  Everyone has their favorites.  Personally, I don't care for puzzle caches, but I certainly wouldn't complain about them or tell others that they shouldn't hide them because I don't want to figure the puzzle out in order to find the cache.


    Again, I havent told anyone what to do or what not to do. I asked a question regarding the rationale of placing caches in parks as I am new to this activity and wanted to understand the reasons behind it. My question has been answered 10 fold by now and it seems we are deteriorating into arguing semantics.


    "Why can't they just give me the coordinates instead?  I shouldn't have to use my brain." is not much different than "Why do they place caches in parks that charge fees.  I shouldn't have to pay for parking/entrance.".  In my opinion, neither statement has much legitimacy.


    Well, considering that they are hardly related, I agree.


    Search for caches that you want to/like, and leave the others for people who want/like them, rather than putting down the types that you yourself don't like (for whatever reason).  Seems really simple to me.


    Ive already come to that conclusion, thanks.

  4. Sorry that you find thriftyness to be unattractive. To each his or her own, of course.

    There's thriftiness (an attractive quality in anyone), and then there's the plain ole "look under the table! there's free gum there!" cheapness (do you really wanna date that?) Hey, grousing about the park fees when you can well afford it is borderline "mmm! looks like doublemint!" :D

    Since Im the one 'grousing' about park entrance fees, Ill try to explain my 'cheapness'...


    I dont have a lot of spare money and I currently work two jobs to make the ends completely meet so that I have a bit of money left over for fun stuff. As a matter of fact, this second job is why I have a GPSr now after having wanted one for several years.


    In the past, I have had very expensive hobbies and currently I am trying to find fun stuff to do that is pretty low cost. Geocaching, digital photography (no film, rechargeable batteries etc.) and metal detecting (cost is batteries) seem to fit the bill for me. I dont, however, believe I want to pay to cache unless Im going to the park for a day trip (which I do throughout the summer) which lets me kill two birds with one stone. Im not against putting caches in parks, but after reading the responses and thinking about it more, its not something I would do.

  5. <<SNIP>>  I was just curious about the issue of placing caches in parks where people may want to find the cache, but may not want to have to pay to do this activity.

    What issue? I'm very confused about what it is you're trying to say. Could you be a bit more clear?

    Apparently, some caches are placed in parks that charge entrance fees. Some people, like myself, may not want to spend the money to enter the park strictly to find those caches, but would probably seek them out if we were in the park for other reasons rather than to specifically cache.


    I see this activity as being basically 'free' with the obvious exceptions of cost for equipment, gas etc. I was just curious as to why folks would put caches in places that charge admission fees and this includes considerations for those that are concerned about cache quality. In otherwords, some folks would probably find it bad form to pay to find a cache and then discover that the cache had a bunch of crappy stuff in it.


    This whole issue is boiling down to individual preference and thats fine. :D

  6. Ok, my point is that I dont want to pay to cache in a park.  If Im going there for other reasons like a day trip, camping or whatever, thats entirely different. 


    Of course I want the caches to exist in the park.  Others wish to seek them.


    Its not bad to pay to get into a park.  I think my question was lost on some folks. :-)

    Didn't you read my post? If you park in their parking lot you have to pay, it's not an entrance or use fee. So park just outside the lot and walk the extra 100 yards or so. No drama.

    Yeah, I read your post, but that doesnt apply in Texas. We are charged whether we walk in, drive in, bike in, etc.

  7. I don't think it's that you question was lost on some folks. Every topic get analyzed to death from every angle in the forums and that's what occurred here.


    That said, I don't really understand the perspective that you don't mind paying to get in for the day trip (presumably hiking, picnicing, etc...) or camping but do for caching. 4x4van made this great point:


    "Nothing is free. You spent money to purchase a GPSr. You buy batteries for that GPSr. Maybe you also carry other equipment with you when you cache. You purchased SWAG for trading. You spend gas money to drive to the cache area. What about lunch? How about the monthly fee for your internet connection to access this website?"


    I laughed when I first read the topic and thought about all the cash I spend hunting these boxes full of junk in the woods. Gas alone these days blows away the $2-$4 I might spend to get into a local park to cache not to mention all the other stuff 4x4 mentioned. Maybe I'm doing it wrong but between hunting and hiding, I end up spending a pretty decent amount of money on this hobby. My wife probably wishes I would play golf instead. :)

    No, you and 4x4 made some good points regarding the general costs of just doing this activity. Nothing is indeed free. That said, I spoke too soon with my 'complaint' and I didnt really think about the various aspects of the way others would see it. The next time Im in a State Park, Ill be checking to see if there are caches there, but for the times that Im not in a SP, Ill be doing the ones on the outside :lol:


    I suppose I was thinking of the overall family attractiveness to being able to do something without it costing money overtly to actually go and find a cache. I see geocaching as a family friendly activity and for some families, the cost of going to a park would be cost prohibitive, IMHO, to find that golfball or smilely sticker :blink:


    And I readily acknowledge that there are caches practically everywhere so if cost is an issue, then the person or family should stick to the ones that are "free".


    I want folks to understand that I have nothing at all against the parks here in Texas. I was just curious about the issue of placing caches in parks where people may want to find the cache, but may not want to have to pay to do this activity.

  8. I use two sig cards.

    One is a "Thanks for playing, glad you found my cache" card, (there a number of them placed in each cache for finders to take), the other is one that says "I found your one!"

    (meant for the original cache hider if he wants to take it when he/she does maintenance)

    I made them up using CorelDraw, printing in colour, folded them to make double sided and laminated them in plastic. Theyt are a bit larger than the standard business card.


    Each one is unique. I am a sem-pro wildlife and nature photographer, putting a different animal picture on the back of each card. Makes them kinda special, IMHO.


    If I knew how to place an image in a post I'd show you! :blink:

    Living in such a unique area, you could do a wildlife series of say, 5-10 animals including their pictures. Include a prize at the end for people that get all of your cards.

  9. Ok, I admit it... Im a cheap a**. If I can do something for free, Im there. Im all about not having to spend money outright.


    That said, I was checking out some caches to do today out in our fabulous hillcountry and quite a few I came across were in state or local parks that require a user fee.


    Its not that I dont have the money, but wouldnt it be better if the caches were out in the public where you dont have to worry about stuff like user fees?


    I dont mean to be picky, but I guess I just dont get it. Yes, the lands are pretty and yes, you are supporting Texas Parks and Wildlife, but honestly, I do that already, but if Im caching, I dont want to take my wallet if you know what I mean.



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