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  1. Hi!


    I've got the feedback on some of my coin designs that details with fosforescent colour are too small. I wonder if anybody have some inut on this. IS the glow-in-the-dark colour thicker or is it processed differenced or what? How small details can you expect to do in your opinion?





  2. If you go to a coins specific page and click on the "Seeking" tab. It will show you all the people who are looking for that particular coin. From there you can click on the name of the person to see what they have for traders. You can contact other users from the main page under the users tab.


    Sure, but I woud like that the system itself suggested trades. Not many users now, but if we get this thing flying...


    I think this website would be a boon to a lot of collectors out there but currently it is very slow to update. If the designer needs some admins to help him approve editions to get this project rolling, I would happily volunteer. The biggest current detriment to the project is the length of time it takes to get an edition approved (imho).


    I would also volunteer, as long as somebody else reviewed my submissions. =)



  3. Sometimes it feels like I am the only one using this page =)


    It would be nice to get some trading functions. It woud be great to get some kind of notification if I have a "traders" coin and someone is seeking it.


    Another nice feature would be if I coud make a collection of coins I coud get hold on and get a notification if someone want one of those.



  4. Now I see that we have at lest two coindesigners (Ernies and 'grodan & fiabus') as users om the site. Woudn't it be nice to have a "Designed" column on the "users" list?


    (BTW I got permission from Ernies to use pictures from his site, if you wonder why I rip pictures from him)




    Edit: typo

  5. Hello!


    I'm thinking of minting a geocoin for a caching team. One side will be the logo for the team, the other side will be something else. My idea is to reuse the logo side in coins in the future and change the design on the other side.


    Now, a custom icon woud be cool, but $150 is a lot of money. The guidelines say that the $150 is "a one-time cost". The icon woud be the logo of our caching team. The question is: Can I add more coins to the series later on? If I order 200 coins this year and next year redesign the backside of the coin and mint 200 new ones, will I have to pay $150 again?



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