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  1. Hi! I've got the feedback on some of my coin designs that details with fosforescent colour are too small. I wonder if anybody have some inut on this. IS the glow-in-the-dark colour thicker or is it processed differenced or what? How small details can you expect to do in your opinion? Regards, Fredrik
  2. Maybe something like the keywords used on pathtags.com?
  3. PM sent =) One feature coud be keywords in the style of Pathtags.com to identify topics. /Fredrik
  4. Sure, but I woud like that the system itself suggested trades. Not many users now, but if we get this thing flying... I would also volunteer, as long as somebody else reviewed my submissions. =) /Fredrik
  5. Sometimes it feels like I am the only one using this page =) It would be nice to get some trading functions. It woud be great to get some kind of notification if I have a "traders" coin and someone is seeking it. Another nice feature would be if I coud make a collection of coins I coud get hold on and get a notification if someone want one of those. /Fredrik
  6. It has happened to me also. You probably forgot to mask out the tracking code =) /Fredrik
  7. Now I see that we have at lest two coindesigners (Ernies and 'grodan & fiabus') as users om the site. Woudn't it be nice to have a "Designed" column on the "users" list? (BTW I got permission from Ernies to use pictures from his site, if you wonder why I rip pictures from him) /Fredrik Edit: typo
  8. How are our feelings towards different travel tags (the printed aluminum kind) Do we want them on the site?
  9. I woud like to see "Functional" as a feature. It woud also be nice with a text field where you coud write something about the coin, like "This coin has a working compass" or "This was made to the x geocaching event" or such. /Fredrik
  10. I get a "server error" when trying to add a edition to a coin I just added. The images are 500x500 jpg:s. I have tried in the last ten minutes or so, IP, "Celtic Tree of Life" Nice site by the way =) /Fredrik
  11. Thanks fox-and-the-hound for the answer! It seems I got the right version. /Fredrik
  12. So, I bought a set of PMS sticks, both coated and uncoated on Ebay. I'm keeping one and selling the other. Which shoud I ceep? I guess coated -> glossy -> more like enamels. /Fredrik
  13. Thanks! And with "the same numerical code series" I guess you mean that I can add as many PC-codes I want if I started with that prefix, but cannot add an EV-code if I later decide to do an event coin? /fredrik
  14. Hello! I'm thinking of minting a geocoin for a caching team. One side will be the logo for the team, the other side will be something else. My idea is to reuse the logo side in coins in the future and change the design on the other side. Now, a custom icon woud be cool, but $150 is a lot of money. The guidelines say that the $150 is "a one-time cost". The icon woud be the logo of our caching team. The question is: Can I add more coins to the series later on? If I order 200 coins this year and next year redesign the backside of the coin and mint 200 new ones, will I have to pay $150 again? /Fredrik
  15. A PET preform will keep tight if you can settle for a micro. Anorher way to do it is not to try to keep the water out. A net bag for container and a scuba diver's writing pad for logbook.
  16. Me and Team Telge published this Geoart of 215 geocaches (traditional, multi, unknown and letterbox hybrids) This is Ragnhild of Tälje Queen, saint, and the figure in the seal of our home City of Södertälje. In total we released 229 caches, which also is the largest single cache release in Sweden to this day. Edit: A cache in the series: GC3FFCQ /W
  17. Not-so-unusual: A sixpack of beer. Probably some teenagers hide. More unusual: A masturbating man. I quickly decided to take another cache.
  18. 1) Inside a toy football near a soccer court. 2) A TV remote control in a park in a spanish town. The log roll was in a plastic bag in the battery compartment. /W
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