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  1. Why not? :). The hardest part will be to find a halloween card


    1. Participating : 29-09-2013

    2. Received Name: 1-10-2013

    3. Mission Complete: 12-10-2013 (Impossible to find a Halloween card in Sweden =/ )

    4. Mission Received Yes!


    Sorry for the late confirmation! The swedish was fairly right, ;-) "Happy Halloween" is quite untranslateable.


  2. The interest for the event coin from Mega Sweden last weekend was larger than the supplies, so we are making a remint. The price is SEK 125 (approx. €13:50 US$18) and that includes shipping. Send me a mail to fredrik@wellner.se with your address and an email address where I can send a Paypal invoice.


    Width 50 mm (2")

    Height 44 mm

    Thickness 4 mm


    Last day to order is 11/11.


    One side is 2D with hard enamels including glow, the other side is 3D with translucent enamel.





  3. My personal hope is that geocaches created around Mega events that are good candidates for permanency and positively add to a visitors' travel/tourism experience to that area eventually get included in an official GeoTour.


    The biggest problem is that the GeoTours are so expensive to set up and maintain. May I suggest that you include a free tour in the Mega event package? Valid for 5 years after the event or so.



  4. Playing around with this. Was out in the rain yesterday looking for zones for an idea to a WIG.


    A quick feature request - can we have a confirmation popup on leaving the "edit cartridge" page?


    My browser have several times navigated away from the edit cartridge page when I for example mark the title of a new zone and hit backspace.





  5. After geocaching for a while now, and only seeing "real" (non-proxy) coins a handful of times in caches... my list is different. I am really drawn to the compass rose ones and sun-catcher coins. I have a dream of having a compass rose with a sun-catcher center (ala the medallion in Raiders of the Lost Ark). Unsure if such a coin exists - but that's what I want. An intricate and colorful compass rose with a sun-catcher center.


    You should look into Crake Productions suncatcher series, especially 2007 and 2008. Seen some of them for sale on Ebay for a modest price.

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