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  1. We have ordered 12 different samples (the first 12 on the info page) and many of them will be available as shop versions, so even if you can't spare the money for 20 coins there is still a posibility to own a Patch Dragon geocoin of your own. Thanks for the offer, nevadanick, I still hope that one of the US coin stores will step forward and act as a reseller of those coins. =) /Fredrik
  2. I'm open to make a reseller deal with one of the established companies. Please contact me if you are interested. /Fredrik
  3. We will have the samples in our hands in the beginning of july, and have enough interest to order a first batch almost immediately. It would be really cool if I could present the shop versions on the Mega in Sweden on the 2nd of august, but I think that this would be rather tight, especially if we will redesign the backside. /Fredrik
  4. I will look at other shipping options, but unfortunately this is the prices the Swedish post charges for registred shipping to the US. If I don't use registred I would have to hit you with the Swedish VAT which would be $42,50... /Fredrik
  5. Hi! Check the pinned thread "Groundspeak's Current Coin Tracking Policy" above. Note that all designs must be approved by Groundspeak.
  6. This is a personal geocoin for the geocacher Motorcycledude, made in cooperation with us. The front side shows a Dala horse and the map of Dalarna county. The back side shows a floral kurbits painting and a church boat in sunset. The icon shows a dalahorse head. On sale here.
  7. Two new versions available in the store now - "SCUBA-caching" and "FirstTF blood" editions, both limited to 50 pcs. When the new versions arrived i adjusted the prices a bit. The price inside EU is approx €13:30, outside EU the price is approx USD 14:50.
  8. I think Orlando, Fl. sounds great! I would be there. :-)
  9. I'm in! How many submissions can we do?
  10. When ordering to non-EU countries you will get the ex-tax prices in the store. It makes the cost a bit lower of you are ordering multiple items. Only the night caching edition is glow in the dark
  11. I got six new color samples in the mail tis week, here is two of them that will land in the shop in may I guess. Polished gold version. Black nickel + polished gold version There will also be a Geocoinfest Ulm version and the three other versions are private editions made by some cachers. Geocoins by wellner
  12. If you just want to do one or a few trackables you can buy travelbugs and add the code from them. If you want to buy tracking codes in bulk you have to buy at least 50 at $1.50 each. If you want a custom icon you have to add $150. /Fredrik
  13. If you want to contact me regarding trades my email address is fredrik@wellner.se. the three coloured version is at sale at http://geocoins.wellner.se /Fredrik
  14. Sorry, I have sent you an email now /Fredrik
  15. Do you have a tiraders list? :-)
  16. That versions is trade only =) I still have plenty left. /Fredrik
  17. Late answer, but anyway... I use a free vector based program called Inkscape. When I have to manipulate bitmaps (photos) I use Gimp, which is also a free program. Free as in free to download and use, no starting cost for you. A vector based program can seem a bit owerwhelming when you start it the first time. There are many good tutorials on the net, and even video tutorials on Youtube. The thing I like with the vector based program is that it is like working with a pencil rather than manipulating photos. You can move and alter the lines you draw unlike a drawing on a paper. You can also open/import photos and trace contours and so. The communication skills of your counterpart is almost more important than the price when you choose to go directly to a chinese mint. Sometiimes it is very hard to make them understand what you want. /Fredrik
  18. Hi! When I sell to outside EU there are two things that affect the price: Good thing: You don't have to pay the Swedish VAT - the shop will cut 20% of the prices when you specify shipment to a non-EU country. Less good thing: I have to send it as a registered mail. The cost for the shipping is about USD 13.50 for 100 rammes (1-2 coins) and USD 18.50 for 250 grammes (2-4 coins) I am also open for trades, I tried to look at your traders list but the URL is dead. /Fredrik
  19. Thanks for the positive feedback! The three coloured will be on sale soon, the AE will just be for trade. /Fredrik
  20. The AE is trade only, the others will be for sale (or trade)
  21. Four versions so far. 2" (50 mm) diameter and 4 mm thick. Weight about 60 grammes. The closest, black nickel/poliched nickel is an AE.
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