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  1. halloween_set-500x500.jpg


    A little something for Halloween. This is a play with suncatcher, On the front side you have the Jack-o´-lantern, eyes and mouth are see-through, On the backside is a scary town scene with the Jack-o´-lantern face floating in the sky. Of course there are some glow details too!


    the coin is 40 mm wide, is trackable at Geocaching com with its own icon. Available in my store.

  2. I have you covered Fredrik, despite me missing you out on your initial e-mail (you get one of my two I kept :anicute: )


    Unfortunately for those others asking, the event was a roaring success and I could have sold another 20 at least, I'm sorry to those who are collecting I just do not have any left. :(


    Very thankful! I think I just sold about 15 or so on my event, so I still got lots. On the other hand I sell a lot of them online now =)



  3. My list of wanted coins:


    Ontario (kini_ont)

    Multi Event long island SOLD OUT

    Perth, Western Australia (AlliedOz)

    Blue Event California (Team LegGoes)


    I will buy or trade for other 12-13-14 coins or other coins


    Are there coins _not_ in the list above that was not shipped out in the trade?





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