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  1. Page #77 does not tell you step by step how to get there. It only shows you how to use it. That is the problem.


    I guess they believe the person would know how to access the setup page after reading the manual. Page #66 shows you how to do that......MENU........MENU..........SETUP........ENTER.


    To access the Welcome Page:


    On the Setup Menu Page, highlight the Welcome Message icon and press ENTER.


    To add a welcome message;


    1. Use the on-screen keyboard and the ROCKER to enter your welcome message and press ENTER.


    2. When finished, highlight OK and press ENTER to close.


    3. Turn your unit off and then on again to view your welcome message.

  2. Like the other poster asked, is the compass "on"?


    If you are just using the pointer and not the electronic compass, once you start moving the pointer will correct itself.


    Just standing still, the GPSr doesn't know which way you are facing.


    The pointer is not going to walk you right up to the cache. The person who placed the cache had a fudge factor (accuracy) in his GPSr. Your GPSr has the same fudge factor, so as an example........you could be anywhere from a few feet away from the cache to 30' away. Which is why any geocacher will tell you when the distance gets down to that 30' or so, put down the GPSr and start looking for likely hiding locations.

  3. I have Mapsource & TOPO (UK) installed on my home PC, to create walks etc before leaving home. I am conscious that these products are "locked" to my GPS unit.

    Does that mean that I can also install the software on my laptop for when I go travelling?

    Had I thought about it, I could have installed both to the laptop to start with, but it has MS Vista on there and I don't like it.

    Another question, will Mapsource & TOPO install OK under MS Vista?


    Yes. I have both on our desktop running Windows XP and on my laptop running Windows Vista. Both run fine, never had a problem.

  4. I don't have mine with me right now, but I think its "find", then select "waypoints"........select "symbol"...........this is where you select "geocaches" either "found" or "not found" then delete all, either found or not found.


    I do this every week after I get my PQ's. I delete my found caches at the end of the day after logging them.

  5. When I run a new PQ from gc.com and then use GSAK to load it into my computer, I see that GSAK does update the status of my "Found it!" logs, but when I load it all into my Garmin GPSMap60C, all of those caches I've found now revert back to their original status. Is there a way to get it to recognize them as found?


    In GSAK only select the caches "not found" by you before send them over to your GPSr.

  6. Were you standing still or moving? When you stop, things can get turned around. Once you are on the move again, everything works like it should.

    The 60CSX has a magnetic compass. If you have the settings set correctly in the headings menu of setup, the magnetic compass should switch on when you are moving slowly or standing still. The needle should continue to point in the direction of the goto (geocache or other waypoint). Calibrating after a battery change is important.


    Yes, I know it has the magnetic compass, as I have a 60CSX, however I do not use the magnetic compass when out and about since it eats up the batteries.

  7. Here are a few that I have found for a good price. Can anyone tell me which is best for geocaching? Are there any that I can load the log page info directly to the unit without changing the file type?


    1. Palm M515


    2. Palm Tungsten E2


    3. Dell Axim X3


    Any other suggestions?


    I've been using a m515 for several years and am quite happy with it.

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