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  1. Hi!

    Recently, the unit shuts off much more frequently when encountering some vibration. I know that shut-off is a known issue, but what could be causing this new sensitivity? Also, is there a fix?


    FYI - Yes, I did search forums for about a half hour, but have not had much luck. Please help or refer me!

    Thanks, peepo! :)

    - CSer :laughing:


    Um.....I've never had my 60CSX shut off and its been through a lot of bumps, vibration, drops, etc. Sounds like maybe a loose connection??

  2. You can change the number at any time. If you hit "mark" and the number is something you don't want, just use the center pad to highlight the number, hit "enter", then change it to what ever you want.

  3. Do NOT update to 6.14 it is horrible!!!!


    Many of us had to switch back to 6.13 and we are all much happier.


    Got any specifics? If I have to call Garmin support (gag!) and they suggest I upgrade, it isn't going to be very helpful if I simply tell them that 6.14 is "horrible".


    Did 6.14.1 address any of the issues that you're referring to?


    Do a search for v6.14 and you will find a quite lengthy thread. I am back v6.13 and plan on keeping it.

  4. Every week I get my PQ's sent to my laptop.


    I dump all the geocaches out of my GSAK databases.


    I dump all the geocaches from my GPS.


    I dump all the geocaches from my MapSource.


    I then download my PQ's into GSAK and use the filter to eliminate anything I don't want.


    I then send the filtered GSAK file to my GPS, and also to my Palm m515.


    Once the geocaches are in my GPS, I send them to MapSource on my laptop.

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