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  1. Page #11 of the manual.
  2. Team_LPD

    GPSMAP 60CSx

    Love my 60CSx. I use GSAK to load info from micros, and if that info isn't enough, I normally have my Palm 515 with me. If all else fails, I pull out the handy-dandy cell phone, and provided I have service, will pull up the geocaching site.
  3. DVD's every year, however......it seems I might have to check into this lifetime update thing.
  4. I get the new CN's every year for my 60CSx. I'm still running Topo 2008 as well. I use the CN for driving and urban geocaching and Topo for hunting and boonie geocaching.
  5. I'm a LEO here in PA, and while I've done some playground caches, I really try to avoid them because of the suspicous nature you present. I also feel creepy about doing caches that are on a persons property, such as attached to a rain gutter downspout, etc. Doing playground caches with your wife/girlfriend might not raise any suspicions, just as doing it with your kids..........or the neighbors kids!!! LOL! But, as a lone male lurking around a playground???? That is going to raise some eye brows. I did a multi-stage (several area playgrounds) cache, that was nice, but I did it in the middle of winter, during the week. Not a sole around. Come warmer weather????
  6. No. You select the nearest, and you get a list. If you continue to drive, you need to hit "nearest" again. But here's my question, why are you doing it that way? When I'm driving with my 60CSx, I have the map screen up which shows caches in that area. If I go outside my home area, then I download caches along a route.
  7. While I have found several, I do find them lame. Nothing interesting about them. I guess they do serve a purpose for people who do not want to or cannot venture out of the concrete city. However, I wish the people who do place these caches, would do so on the outer edges of the parking lots. Nothing like being at GZ and finding it's right smack dab in the busiest part of the parking lot. All those stores, Wal-Mart, Target, Sears, etc. have video cameras covering their parking lots. Plus, rooting around trying to find one of these caches very near other peoples vehicles can lead to some very interesting conversations and potential confrontations.
  8. Depends what you are using to put the pocket query info into your GPS. My GPS is a Garmin 60CSX and I use GSAK to upload the pocket query info into my GPS. I created a file on my computer named "GSAK". When the pocket query comes into my email, I save the query, example 123456 to GSAK file. Then, using GSAK I will select "123456" and download the info, then using GSAK send that info to me GPS.
  9. Sorry, I cannot find this option anywhere in my unit nor in the manual. Turn your GPS on. Press "page" button until you get to map page. Press "menu" button and scroll down to "Setup Map" then press "enter" button. Navigate over to "Map Setup - Information" and press "enter" button. Then scroll to the map you want and use "enter" button to either hide or show the map. On my 60CSX, I have City Navigator North America and Topo U.S. 2008 installed. I would "hide" CN and "show" topo which would show all the topo map sections I have on my GPS. To go back to the CN maps I would "hide" topo and "show" CN.
  10. Navigate your through your GPS to the map section and make sure you have the "show topo map" selected.
  11. I use my 60CSx for everything. No complaints when driving.
  12. For multiple caches, you can either use the free EasyGPS or for a few dollars my personal favorite, GSAK.
  13. I upgraded from CN 2009 to CN 2010 NT. With the older version, I had it on both my laptop and home desktop. Installed CN 2010 NT on my laptop, but when I went to install it on my desktop it says the map detail is locked. If I try to unlock it through the Garmin site, it says my product key has already been consumed. Does this mean I have to get another product key to unlock the maps on my second computer?
  14. I used to have the site for obtaining this geocontainer, but my hard drive crashed and I lost the link. It's a camo design, a little less than twice the length of a film container.
  15. Never happen. No way one cache is going to smell like the next one, no matter what the container.
  16. Team_LPD

    Older Mapsource?

    Thanks mama! The second one was the one I was looking for!
  17. Team_LPD

    Older Mapsource?

    I had to replace the hard drive in my laptop and it was running an older version of Mapsource (6.13.7) I think. I prefer that one over the newest versions. Anyone have the link to where you ca get the older versions? I used to have that link..........but it went with my old hard drive!
  18. I don't mind geocaching in the winter, but not for nano's or micro's!! I prefer to look for cache's in the woods or other places where I am looking for something bigger than a pill bottle.
  19. I also sanded down the tabs a bit. I have no problems getting the GPS in or out of the mount and when it is in, its still held rock solid.
  20. Get yourself a RAM mount. This is what I use in my Jeep. It is the RAM-B-166-GA12U. Here it is in use.
  21. Oh yeah, no problems with the 2009 version..........just thought I might have missed the 2010 version.
  22. Fired up my MapSource today and a window popped up saying my version (2009) is more than a year old and to look for an update. Looked but don't see any newer versions. Thoughts?
  23. Team_LPD

    Palm 505

    My Palm sync's with my desktop PC running XP and my laptop running Vista. When Vista came out I had to wait for them to come out with the download.
  24. Hmmm......I was going to upgrade to 3.90 but after reading all this, I think I will stick with the 3.60 instead.
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