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  1. I bought the eTrex Legend package deal several months ago and today at work, the car adapter kept blowing the fuse in the vehicle. I would replace the fuse and plug in my cell phone charger and it would work fine. Plug in the car adapter and *poof*......blown fuse. Tried this in three different vehicles, same result.


    Adapter does not appear to be damaged in any way, loose wires, etc. I sent an email off to Garmin, hopefully I'll get an answer soon.

  2. I adopted the monicker "Team LPD" because my wife and I will be doing this together. Granted, right now its usually just me and our dog, but thats due to the weather. My wife desn't like the cold weather too much and the caches I've been doing take a little bit of walking in the woods. She has found a couple urban micros with me though.


    Once the weather breaks or isn't so cold Team LPD (me, wife and dog) will be out beating the bush.

  3. He took my information and checked it out, and came back and told me, "Go play your little game someplace else."


    Why? Were you breaking a law by being there? If not, its none of his gosh darn business where you're playing your game.

    Yes, he said the park closed at dusk.

    Lots of places are off limits after dark. The LEO was just doing his job.

  4. I have the blue Legend and find it works just fine. Sometimes it takes a minute or so to find the satelites, other times it does it right quick. Difference could be due to weather, location, etc.

  5. I bought the package deal and love it. It does come with a pc cable, however it is serial, not usb. My new computer only has usb, so I had to buy a serial/usb adapter cable from Wal-Mart for around $20.00 which was no big deal. Everything works great, just update MapSource when you install it.

  6. Is it cheating if say...........there is a multi-cache which involves going to two historic signs near roads. I think you know the ones I'm talking about, "Anytown USA founded in XXXX, settled by xxxxxx, etc". You are supposed to obtain clues from these signs in order to finish the cache.


    However, I know where the first sign is and the significance surrounding it. Using the internet I was able to pull up both signs and decipher the clues needed for the finale. So, instead of having to drive to the two signs I am able to go right to the final spot.

  7. From NEPA...Luzerne County... originally from the the tri-city area...Mocanaqua, Shickshinny, Wapwallopen :cry: and now from Nanticoke, the kielbasa capital of NEPA...heyna! :lol:

    Speaking of heyna!!!


    My ex-wife :cry: is from the lovely state of NJ :ph34r: and when she moved here while going to school (before we married) she was talking with some locals. I guess they were talking about where they were from, etc. So one of the locals ends a sentence with "heyna"....and my ex-wife :cry: says....."oh, your from Heyna, Pennsylvania?" :blink:

  8. I bought the eTrex Legend package from Dick's which includes the vehicle power adapter, vehicle mount, MapSource Topo and PC cable. My new computer does not have a serial port so I had to buy a serial/usb cable from Wal-Mart....cost was $20.00???? I think. Works great.

  9. Well..........


    I'm a LEO (law enforcement officer) in PA, so I am carrying about 99% of the time I'm out of the house, which includes GPS'ing.


    I'm all for people carrying, as long as they have the proper permits, etc. And since this normally means carrying concealed, who would know if you were?


    I've come across alot of bears (but never in bear season) and they al would rather head for the hills than be anywhere near you. Unless you come between a mother and her cubs you really aren't going to have a problem. Even then the mother and cubs will run to a tree and climb up it.


    If you really are worried about bears or have bear problems in your neck of the woods, and decide to carry a firearm, you must carry one that will stop or turn a bear. A 9mm, .40cal, etc........will more than likely PO a bear. Hunters and fisherman who venture into the bear woods usually want a .44mag or better.


    As for bear sprays, .....I have no first ahnd knowledge if they work or not.


    You have more to worry about from the two-legged creatures than you do from the four-legged ones.

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