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  1. Lurking...creeping...peering from around corners - for quite a while now!
  2. Looking forward to it! As a new Vista Hcx user myself, this thread has been helpful/informative.
  3. I often have internet access throughout the day and can use it at my leisure; it's fairly quick to search "x-amount of pages" from your home-cord's for newly placed caches. Daily PQs, listed by placement date is another option for seeing newly placed caches, quickly.
  4. I like the overall theme--and your metal/color choice--but the "crap" or variations of, really don't shed a positive light on caching. Something like "Doin' it Kuntry Style." Or, "Kuntry Kashin.'" Or, "Kashin' Kuntry Style." Etc... (?!) I'd go for two trackables.
  5. Being safe from muggles, is the point of this thread. However, the point was that the general public simply responds [better] to "fire" than they do most other things (a fire has a greater threat factor to the larger population, than a single victim mugging)...cite me for starting a riot - if it will save me from being mugged, or worse, than I'll gladly pay.
  6. CO2 at room temperature ranges from 800-850psi; for caching and safety purposes, you'd have to be sure the CO2 was regulated down to a safe pressure each time and, that the cache itself could withstand up to 3Kpsi, for the sake of expansion under heat, etc... Go with the water or magnets.
  7. Try this - http://www.pilotvials.com/Index.html
  8. Alrighty, so I really like my GPS V - except when I'm waiting for it to recalculate my route beacuse it thinks I should've gotten off that last freeway exit and then, have immediately gotten back on the freeway, all to save .10/mile - the way the crow flies. I understand the concept of "shortest distance" when chosing an autoroute, but why does it still do this when "fastest time" has been chosen? I suppose the unit may not be "smart" enough to know the difference, but so far, I haven't seen any difference in the two options; even when traveling the same route at different times and trying both. So, why the two options? Any one have a bone they can throw me? So far, it's really only a technical thing, as I've been familiar enough with where I was going to know I didn't need to get off the freeway...but still, "I don't get it!"
  9. Alrighty then. Time to stop lurking and finally post something. I've been watching the boards for a month now and really wanted to post something significant as my first, but ah-well; there are some new additions to this topic, even though the original post is over a year-old, so why not?! I've only found a handlful of caches so far, but have enjoyed every minute of it. The thrill of the hunt is what does it for me, and more importantly - it truly gets my mind off of work!! Happy caching all!
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