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  1. Okay - long story short: in the California Central Valley, there has been more than a dozen cache "thefts" within the last week alone, along with multiple coin disappearances (mostly a single person's hides). The largest victim, if you will, is well known in the area, and a very, very intelligent person. Now, the Geo-Muggler wasn't smart enough to prevent not leaving clues behind and the victim figured out who it was. Being as well known as she is, she even already knew where this person lives because she's been invited there before. So, she went to his house to confront him. Within eye-sight of the sitting area of where she was invited into, were the numerous caches (AND stolen coins, mind you!)!!! She was at the person's house--yes, once again, a fellow cacher--and physically saw the stolen items: caches and coins.


    She has already spoken with one of the local reviewers and she was told to get over it....? This Geo-Muggler, does not appear to be a Premium Member, does this make a difference to TPTB?

  2. It's not working for me. What am I doing wrong?.....help please?

    I created a text file and named it "gpsbabel.ini" and included the two lines you suggested; it's in the main GSAK directory. And, I changed the name length in GSAK as appropriate. I'm still getting the 10 characters on my Hcx.


  3. TB owners take their chances - period. It is certainly nice to have a Bug be moved "directly" toward its goal...BUT, sometimes backwards is the way forwards. And by that, I simply mean: I once moved a bug a good 30 miles into the country not realizing (until after logging the grab and drop, respectively) that its goal was to "simply" travel the world. And so, after placing the TB way out in no-man's-land and then seeing its goal, I felt a little bad. Although, the next person to grab it (a week or two later) was on their way to Germany and in a few weeks time, the Bug was in Europe. So, the moral, kiddies, is that it only takes that one "bad cacher" to ruin a good bug, but it can also only take one "good cacher" to really move the bug on its way. Who knows where that TB would be right now if I had simply moved it across town to another TB Hotel?


    Obviously, many of us can grab and drop a Bug without first seeing its online-page. It seems to me that it'd be a good idea for grumpy TB owners to note the TB's goal on the Dog-Tag, or somewhere, if they've a TB with a specific goal...

  4. You could also log a Needs Archived on the now unfindable cache, just as you would if a stage of a multi were missing and unrepaired. This *might* activate the cache owner to get the correct partial coordinates into the correct cache.

    That's what I will say, too; this way, you also may get the attention of the local reviewer who, if needs be in time, can probably be a bit more persuasive. ;)

  5. I just went through the same dilemma (2K TJ) and chose--for my Vista Hcx--the Ram Mount (Suction) Kit. Here's one for my GPSr: http://www.gpscity.com/ramb166ga16

    I was torn between a permanent mount placed in the little "dash" area on top, or, a suction mount next to the preexisting radar-detector mount. I'm very satisfied and I'm glad I spent the money - each piece is well made and performs flawlessly. My rig rides a bit stiff and the vibration with this mount is quite minimal. The ball design really lets me position my GPSr in all kinds of ways if needs be, and of course, it's removable. The suction is extremely solid, but again, easily removable when it's time.

    All depending, suction mounts inside your vehicle may actually be illegal in your state - California is one, for example, but--knock on wood--I have yet to be pulled over for the mount(s), let alone get extra fines when being pulled over for other reasons. (Hey - it's easy to get-on-the-gas in the straight-six. ;))

    I'll try to get a picture or two up tomorrow afternoon.

  6. I too am using updated XP and Firefox, and it's molasses.

    More comments would just reiterate the nearly complete dissatisfaction with the new maps...

  7. The best thing we believe you can do to improve the quality of each container you come across is to remove and dispose of one or more pieces of garbage: soggy, moldy items, other things that don't belong in caches, broken toys, etc. This act alone will leave the container in better shape than when you found it. If you carry some paper or cloth towels with you you can wipe out moisture and mold. And if you add something nice then that is even better but it is not mandatory. Taking out junk and cleaning up the container is trading up.


    Well said. And, I often take extra swag along on my 'caching trips just to make sure I can restock a cache or two if I need to take its contents to the dump: "treasure versus trash" is almost relative...but not quite.

  8. Back and forth, back and forth. The only thing new members are going to learn from this--you "established" members--is that this behavior is acceptable.


    To the original post, since this was bumped from January - to buy or sell on eBay is your choice: obviously. To each his own. Don't like it? Don't go there. :laughing:

  9. Agreed all around - two thumbs DOWN.


    EDIT: the more I use it, the more it just stinks; my two big gripes: the 15 mile limit and it's terribly slow(er). :D

  10. As mentioned, caches along major traveling routes often get more visitors. It may be safe to assume that caches near airports or popular "tourist locations" would also be helpful in moving TBs.

  11. I've had a new Vista Hcx for a few months now and like it quite well; I upgraded from an older--refurbished--GPS V, which never let me down.

    You should still get a decent warranty with a refurbished Garmin unit, despite the model, otherwise keep shopping around, IMO.

  12. I'd try it and change it if they don't like it. The best way may be to generically explain (using no specific business names) that there are "optional/available pay services to cross the water at X-coordinates," all-the-while reemphasizing that these services are not required to find your cache.


    EDIT: it's good that there will be a copy of the cache's information on record, as you can even explain that in your cache description. This way cachers can kindly explain to the volunteers that permission is granted, verifiable under "File-X" which will--hopefully--be on record in the office, or wherever...

  13. As an aside: I tried making a play-on-words with the title of a cache, suggesting a "Cool-Aid" kind of thing, though it had nothing to do with the drink Kool-Aid or its respective Brand Name. The reviewer would not allow me to submit the cache with that title, as it was "indirectly advertising." Try it - the rules may be subject to interpretation by the reviewer...

  14. Good work with getting the permission - no offense, but try to makes sure the "entire staff" knows that you have permission; it's pointless if the boss knows but no one else, and cachers get yelled at!

    And, I would mention a few ways to get to the island, but not "direct" information of the specific ferry service. IMO, that would be on the side of advertisement, as it is my understanding that reviewers must be very tight on those restrictions, despite good intentions not pressing an agenda or "service." Of course, you can always ask your local reviewer if it's okay to simply mention that there are services available near-by.


    Posting the GC#s of one or two of the closest caches to your new hide tends to help expedite cache-posting; any other pertinent information is also good: that you DO have permission, etc...

  15. I use Gilssons for an older GPS V and a Vista Hcx - both are made well and I've actually been quite satisfied; the case for the GPS V is several years old and is holding up well. The windows add glare, but it is a cover, after all(!). I only use the cases when I'm on foot, so seeing through the window isn't an issue, though it would be while driving...

  16. do artist editions have tracking numbers and icons? I'm new to collecting?

    After looking at the website, it appears that at least some of these AE coins may indeed not have icons/codes...hmm. I still would have purchased, but I should have asked first anyway.

  17. Here's my two-bits worth; you're up to $.29.

    Clever hides are great - as long as I can do whatever I need to do with my hands and fingers. Tweezers are okay to extract a small log, but if one must use tools to open or find the cache, it'd be a bit much. A Puzzle or Multi-cache listing could be appropriate for those kinds of hides, but those labels alone suggest that the finder is aware of special circumstances needed to find the cache. Come to think of it, given ample description, appropriately marked difficulty and terrain ratings could cover caches that required climbing equipment, etc..

  18. It seems like hit and miss with the Energizer rechargeables - I have a few AAA's that have been in a few TV & DVD remotes for a few years and still work...on the other hand, I've a handful of their AA's that discharge too quickly for my taste.


    I second the notion of Ray-O-Vac's Hybrids from Wally's - so far they seem to hold longer, as suggested, and are a bit cheaper.


    On a side note, if one is using NiMh rechargeables, be sure the charger is compatible for that type of battery (if it came with them, then you're good).

  19. "Swag" is simply the term used to generically identify the "goodies" people trade.

    The above suggestions for finding those 'Coins/TBs is sound; don't sweat it, as it's just a matter of time before you find some Trackables (another term for 'Coins/TBs). :laughing:

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