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  1. Clyde, Been playing with GSAK for a couple of days now, and am loving it. Will definately be registering once I get paid. I'm hoping you can answer a question anyway.... I'm using it mostly for benchmarks, and am downloading from NOAA.NGS the yearly benchmark archives for my nearby counties. The trouble I run into is that some of the entries are ending up with "placed" dates of the current date, instead of when they were actually placed. This sort of defeats the purpose of being able to search by age as well as location. More specifically, what I *think* is going on, is that the marks that get "today's date", are the ones where the "monument" date is listed as "UNK". I *think* this trips the program into assigning today's date. Is there any way to make it ignore the "UNK" value and skip to the next date? (Other than editing manually one at a time?) Please bear in mind that I am not a software engineer, nor am I calling this a bug. I know that this is a flaw in the data. I'm merely hoping that there is some sort of workaround. TIA Thad AKA Old Bill (Bill is the Jeep)
  2. Thank you. The info is helpful. I'll grab some photos and send them in the format you have suggested. I'm gonna like it here! Thad AKA Old Bill (Bill is the Jeep)
  3. Thanks for the reply, but more specifically, my confusion is centered on that there is no remnants at all. I realize that if there were some physical proof of destruction, that I would be invited to send Deb an email about it, but in this case, there is simply nothing to indicate it existed at all. Should I just log it as a "Not Found"? Thanks, Thad AKA Old Bill (Bill is the Jeep)
  4. Hello all, Trolling through the marks in my area I came across DV2027. Having grown up in the area, I knew that the water tower was no longer there. Having read the forum some, I realized that I could reasonably mark the tower as destroyed on GC, but when it comes to the NGS, I need some guidance. I have looked through the forum but did not find a definitive answer. So, here's the lead in to my question.... In an earlier thread, Deb from the NGS stated.... c ) If you know the station is destroyed but there are no remnants to photo- graph or some other type of "proof" of the destruction is unavailable, then use the online recovery form to submit a "NOT FOUND" report and in the text portion explain your determination and why. Do not send me an email about it. But, I have read in a different thread (that I can't find currently), that a photo (such as what I did on the GC link above) was sufficient proof to the NGS that the mark was "destroyed". What action should be taken with this one? Thanks in advance, Thad AKA Old Bill (Bill is the Jeep)
  5. Well, hello group! My name is Thad, and I've been lurking for a couple of weeks now, and decided it was time to say Hi! I started out by Geocaching, and found the "Find a Benchmark" part of the site. Needless to say, I'm enjoying that quite a bit, and indeed, the benchmarking part of it I find more interesting than the caching part. Something about looking for a piece of history makes it that much more interesting. Having grown up in the area I'm hunting in, (Glendale, Az) the history is especially interesting. I read some of the benchmark descriptions and know exactly where the mark is, where it was, or where it can't possibly be anymore. The development around here is phenomenal, and a very large percentage of the marks are gone/displaced now. But I am finding that some are still around. That's what makes it fun. Having just finished a complete restoration on my '57 Willys Jeep, I now have a hankering to get out and hunt some of the more remote ones down. Just have to wait until it's not as hot. Arizona has plenty of history, and I'm excited to see about tracking some of it down now that I have the means to do so. Anyhow, I've thoroughly enjoyed the forum, and found lots of answers to questions, and I didn't even have to ask. I'll pop up now and again if I have a question or two. Thanks for having this forum! Thad AKA Old Bill (Bill is the Jeep)
  6. I've been playing with mine since I got it 2 weeks ago. It will route based on fastest time or shortest distance, depending on how you set the preference. BUT...as it pertains to your neighborhood streets question, if you simply just dive into a neighborhood, and you have recalculate set to auto, it'll rethink it for the smaller side streets. In general, it'll use the major streets first. HTH Thad AKA Old Bill
  7. Hey everyone, OK, question. Let's say that I've got a waypoint set, and I'm aiming for it. With the coordinates format set as xx° xx.xxx', I believe that means that I've got a square approximately 6 foot (north and south) by 5 foot (east and west) I'm being aimed at. (I forget where I got the info from, but the 5'x6' is based on my lattitude of 33 degrees. If I'm wrong, please speak up.) So, when I'm aiming to get to this 5'x6' box, is the GPS taking me to "anywhere" inside that box or is it aiming at the center of the box, and how does the accuracy of the GPS unit tie into all this? To state the obvious, I know that the accuracy of the unit isn't going to be high enough to worry about where I am inside a 5'x6' box, but has anyone ever played with this to see how close it is? Sorry if this is confusing, it is to me too! Thad AKA Old Bill
  8. Hello Group! Don't know if this has been dealt with, but if it helps someone..... Tried to pull up NG Topo! 4.0 last nite, but got a cryptic Runtime error. I tried to uninstall/reinstall, including removing registry entries, no avail. Got frustrated, and resigned myself to hitting the sack and calling in the morning. Woke up this morning, and there were a couple of ideas floating around, so I try a few things and Viola!, it works! Problem was that I saved some files to my JumpDrive on the USB port, and when the program went to pull up, it apparently didn't see it (for use in the recently used files list.), and it crashed. Once I put the jumpdrive back on the 'puter, the program fired right up. Sa-weet! Hope this helps someone else out there.... Thad AKA Old Bill
  9. Does anyone know if I can use Expert GPS with a USB, or do I need a USB to serial adaptor? From the ExpertGPS website..... System Requirements * Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP or later * Pentium-class processor, 100MHz or higher (suggested) * Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher * One free serial (COM) port or a USB to Serial converter But, I also found this.... ExpertGPS Change Log Changes since ExpertGPS 1.3.5: * Fixed drag and drop bug * Fixed copy and paste bug * USB support for Garmin GPSMAP 60CS and StreetPilot 2610 * Support for GPSMap 176 * Fixed GPX parsing and validation errors I have a Garmin GPSMAP76c and I'd like to try this software as long as it handles the USB. TIA, Thad AKA Old Bill
  10. Hey there, I have the 76c with that exact mount. My first attempt to mount the GPSr into it made me think that I needed to modify the cradle slightly, so I took it inside the shop, and did a double check to see exactly where and what I needed to do. Guess what? Didn't have to do a darn thing. The rubber flap/plug kinda gets in the way unless you tuck it back a little, and then the whole thing fits beautifully! I LOVE my RAM mount. I have the exact same one. The only thing I'm a tiny bit disappointed with in it is that it's a bit creepy bending those "arms" out enough to slide the unit into/out of place. Otherwise, absolutely wonderful. Thad AKA Old Bill
  11. Hey all, My first GPS was the Magellan GPS315. When getting close to a waypoint, you'd have to stop a minute or so to let it "average". (Catching up is more like it...) This process was somewhat tedious and took some time (few minutes +) to get a good set of cooridinates. It also resulted in the "boomerang" on most occasions. I just accepted that as "normal". My new GPSMAP76c doesn't do that, but I do see the accuracy range fluctuating. Suffice to say, the cooridinates don't bounce around like the 315 did. It also isn't as prone to "boomerang" me when coming up to a waypoint. It seems to keep me inside the accuracy circle. Quite different than the Maggie, which would let me move 50 foot or more before telling me I was off again. I'm assuming this has something to do with how the units calculate the satellites. Can anyone enlighten me and other readers as to what the difference is? Thanks, Thad AKA Old Bill
  12. Hello everyone, Can anyone tell me if I will need drivers for a Magellan GPS315? More specifically, I have plans to make a cable, I have the firmware upgrade, and I have a GPS315. What I need to know is do I need some sort of driver to 1) be able to do the firmware update, and 2) upload waypoints and routes. If I do need drivers, how to I obtain them? If I don't need drivers, can I just go directly from EasyGPS or NG Topo? Both show the GPS315 listed as compatible. I did scan through the forums, but didn't find a specific answer. Any help would be appreciated! Thad AKA Old Bill
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