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  1. thanks everyone for their info! i am thinking of having a kid korner with some stuff for the kids to do. im not sure then on the games...unless i had one ice breaker at the begining. any suggestions for the kid table?
  2. hey to everyone. i am getting ready to co host my first event and my area's first event. i have been to a couple and read through the forums and googled some info on geo events. do you guys have any tips or suggestions on what to do or not to do? it's gonna be a meet and greet since this will be a first. i'm thinkin of a couple of games, some finger foods and drinks. then maybe a door prize or two. thanks for any input!
  3. as i just got a new cache-mobile, i'm still trying to find a good name for her. silver ford focus.( she seems like a girlie car ) my gps is named henry. long story short, i bought a nuvi back in 2007 and with the girl voice named her gail. i can't stand that name and she was getting annoying with her "recalculating". then when i got into geocaching and named me and my son dorothy&scarecrow ( big wizard of oz fan )i realized what i had named my nuvi. for those non oz fans dorothy's last name is gale. so i needed a name in oz theme for my etrex. scarecrow said we should call him henry, after uncle henry. it's funny cause the whole family will ask if they can borrow gail or henry and if others overhear, i'm sure they think we're all nuts!
  4. it was last thanksgiving and as our family was sitting around just talking after the meal, my uncle mentioned that he had heard some people talking about geocaching. it sounded cool, so when we got back home i looked it up. i saw that there was about 10 in my town. i have a garmin 260 nuvi and went out and tried to get some. my (then 4) son and i went and grabbed 5 or so with this one. i was hooked!! my son loves the ones with swag, of course! then last christmas my uncle was nice enough to give us a garmin etrex and off we went! now, my uncle, tlcsignman, and us have a nice little contest between us. so far we've been able to stay ahead of him! we are coming up on our 1 year anniversery and i am planning on putting out something special for it. i wish that we had heard of this a long time ago!
  5. i've looked through some of the forums and haven't seen one with all the unique, different, and funny cache names. there's been a couple that i had no idea what the name was about until i found the cache, then laughed out loud as i finally understand the name. how about you guys?
  6. The trophies sound neat! What part of Walmart can I find them at? Are they part of another larger toy? I hope you don't mind me wanting to use your idea! i bought some mini trophies at the dollar tree. i think i got 6 for a dollar. then i took a sharpie and wrote FTF and my geo-name.
  7. i just had two of my caches "visited" by this person. both were missing and the card left in it's place.....sucks. i'll just replace and keep going.....
  8. i understand with the ammo cans coming up a disappointment....i have my 4 yr old cache with me and it's very hard trying to explain to him why we are leaving a toy and not taking one b/c they're all gone or broke. i have 3 caches out that are big enough for swag and i make sure i go out to them every so often and stock up if i have to. there's is nothing like getting to an ammo can (and by now the kids know big ones have toys) and nothings in there. so i make sure mine are not like that.
  9. it kinda sucks that we've gotten all of the caches in our home area. now we have to travel at least 20 min away to get caches. so that's the plan for tomorrow! goin to the next city and getting as many as we can!
  10. ok thanks! there are no multi's in my area and i want to add something different to the pile. again, thanks for the info!
  11. i'm wanting to place my first multi cache and need a little help with uderstanding the difference between it and a traditional. such as, is the last stage (the physical container) have to follow the 525ft rule or is that the first stage? can someone give me the link to a past thread that would help explain all of this to me? thanks so much!
  12. i agree with the gururyan. my first 10 finds were without a gps. i just went to my local area and based on hints or others clues i would look for them. yes, it was frustrating at times but when i did find it, it was exhilarating! i use to spend at least 30 min, if not more, looking for the hides. but i am glad to have a gps to help.
  13. i was on a cruise to the bahamas last may, but did not know of geocaching. after getting into this hobby, decided to check and see if there were any at our port of calls. yes! there are at least 2 in nassua! i would have loved to log a couple of smilies out of the country.
  14. i think besides mine i just published a few weeks ago, it's been years. the last one in my hometown was set up in 08. we need someone to hide some more!
  15. while watching a show about a bunch of people out hiking looking for Bigfoot, it made me wonder......has anyone come across wild animals, scary/dangerous situations, or Bigfoot while caching?
  16. no discouragement here! the overall plan with the TB hotel was to get more cachers around here. i think the 'newest' cache in my area was in late 08. so, i'll take it upon myself, with great pride, to get some new ones out!
  17. yeah, the more i thought about it, i'm not sure if i'd want the responsibility of the Tb's goin missing. so i guess i'll stick with placing more caches. thanks for everyone's advice!
  18. lets just say that there are about 13 "in town caches" and i'm close to a forestry but from what i can tell no one drops off TB's around here. we have tourist in the summer and fall but that's about it. i'm hoping that if i get a hotel or something like it, it would attract more cachers.
  19. i want to get some opinions about a travel bug hotel. in my area there are not a lot of travel bug drop offs. most of them here are micros. i'm even wanting to hide some caches that are big just so they can have swag and trackables. so i was thinking of putting a bug hotel in my yard. not hidden per say, kinda obvious. i was reading the forum on what people thought of caches in front yards and a lot of ppl don't care for them too much. so, what's the thought on this hotel? how do they work exactly? since i'm from a sorta small town ( gotta throw the john mellencamp song 'smalltown' pun ) would it be worth it? thanks for any input.
  20. within my first couple of weeks caching i was goin to a certain cache that i had been looking for 3 times. i pulled up and saw a woman stooping over by the flagpole. as i got closer, she got in their car and took off. i saw the gps on their dash and the man writing in a notebook. i would have loved to talk to a fellow cacher, but was a little nervous. the only negative about it....i knew where the cache was. kinda of like a live spoiler. oh well.
  21. was out today caching in the rain. i've learned how to hold the umbrella with my neck ( think of that pass the orange with you neck game ) while opening, unrolling, and signing the log. got my technique down pretty well!
  22. i know when they came out with the wizard of oz dolls both times, i was out searcing every mcd's looking for them to collect. i also have a set from the early 90's of disney characters that i could sell on ebay for $ 20 a piece. not bad for a happy meal toy.... now for swag, i only trade them if they are still in the bag, unopened. you never know, someone might be collecting that series!
  23. your geo-team sounds like my geo-team! my 4 yr old always wants to go treasure hunting! he's a big help on getting into those little places! his small hands can reach into places mine can't. also, he can get down on the ground to look for those bush caches. and yes, he's a help with the muggles...."where were you playing with your toy? by the bush?"
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