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  3. dufzor

    Coin Storage

    Wondering how people store their coins so they are safe and visible and can be taken to geo-events to be discovered. Are T\there coin holder books? I bought a couple coins in air tight cases and really like those, but they seem to be pricy. Some I have on tiny display stands. Interested in know how folks keep their coins looking good and so they can easily be looked at. Also, reputable stores for purchasing these supplies at reasonable prices? If it is not ok to mention those here, please send me an email. Thanks! dufzr
  4. So I guess the other member that was non premium and still isn't just didn't sign the online log book but signed the physical log book. Again, thanks for the clarification.
  5. Thanks for the clarification. My first premium member cache where this has been an issue.
  6. I had a non premium member come to my home cache and signed the log before she was a premium member. Is it ethical to delete the log since she was not a premium member at the time of the find, and back dated the online log to the date she found it, which was indeed before her premium membership began or should I just leave it alone? Curious as I have had two non premiums sign the log now, but one still has not become a premium member. TY
  7. Really like the coins! Sharing my home with 2 Orange Winged Amazons, Rico 44 yrs old and Sydney 51 yrs old, a Red lored Amazon named Goofy, age 19, a cherry head conure, aged 4 yrs, named Feather, a 8 yr old peach front conure named BOSSco, a 15 yr old green cheaked conure, named Cuddles but often called "Cudd", 2 11 yr old cockatiels Dallas and Tunia, an 11 year old budgie named Turquois, plus the "American Idol Budgies' Paula, Simon and Ryan. I have too many rescued birds to feed to purchase a set of coins right now, but I am glad you made the bird coins and encouraged us to share about our parrots.
  8. I would love to have a Cache owl geocoin. Have tried to get one 3 times on that auction site, but no success. I like any coins with birds!
  9. So, you're my competition. One of many... one of many. So both of you are MY competition?!!!! ME TOO!
  10. I'll take what ever number is left if there is one! Thanks!!!
  11. Happy Happy Birthday, Lil Slugger!!!!
  12. Which of us were you writing to?
  13. I will be going and already ordered an extra...just remind me when the event time draws closer Wondering if anyone else is willing to pick up a coin if I prepay it. Will pay for shipping too. I think this coin is so cute!
  14. The only one I can see is the Turquoise, and I love it!
  15. I live in Frankfort, ME and 3 reasona I like it here are: 1) It's rural here. I do not live within sight of another house, but there is a good sized city (35K) within 21 miles. 2) So many lakes and streams to kayak and canoe on. 3) So quiet at night here that I can hear woodcocks and owls calling, racoons arguing over who gets to get in the composter first and coyotes howling.
  16. :laughing: :laughing: sorry for the laugh my friend! I was looking the coin (it's very cool one!!! )and with the black nickel stand... it looked like the serial cacher was holding his suitcases!! he was leaving??? then I realized that it was the stand!!! :laughing: i thought the same thing! never occurred to me it was a stand. i couldn't figure out why the little dude was carrying suitcases. maybe they were ammo cans i thought. those are some serious points on the horns. speaking of horns, what is the figure supposed to be, a cow or...? Hmm... good question! maybe it is a Bull or a strange Rino...(it's gray!) but the horns are not in the right place... I have to admit that this photo was very clever!! I loved it! and the way the stand looks like as suitcases... or ammocans... wow!! it really fits with the coin! Hmm... it is like an unknown Version of the coin! Great photo CW88!!! I too thought he was holding suitcases! A good idea for Serial Kacher v2!!! Reminds me that I must put this coin back on my seeking list! Same here! Thought the Serial Cacher was going on vacation with his suitcases!
  17. Do you have any coins left for sale? TY.
  18. Interested in one, if not too expensive.
  19. Put me down for at least one! Trying to be good, so for now, would like a copper.
  20. These are gorgeous, but a little more pricey than I was expection. Please put me down for a Red/Yellow version. Thanks.
  21. Paypal sent. Looking forward to this great coin.
  22. We are getting ready to send it off to the Mint and get some Samples within the next two weeks. We are looking at presales and will offer a discount we are still working on pricing but are hoping to keep the price around the $10-12 mark. I like it! Please let us know when you have the preorder list. I want to get one!
  23. I have had it happen too. One of the MWGB t shirt coins. I went to activate it and it came up as being owned by a guy across the country. But he has his coin in his possetion and the back of his is blue and mine is pink.
  24. Thank you so much to the cachers in the Netherlands that wish fullfilled my hearts desire of the Cheesehead Parrot Coin!!!! Made my day when I opened that envelope!!! Thank you!!!
  25. Thanks for the lead on the stands! I needed more and the metal were getting cost prohibited.
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