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  1. Yes, all is said in the title and topic. Yesterday (1st of July) I hosted the GC76MHA "Where in the world is Signal the frog" event in Sioux Falls, SD. But I did not receive the said souvenir. What is to do? Please answer!!
  2. What can I do or whom can I adress if my communication to an earthcache reviewer (geoawareUSA2) seems to fail? He/she does not respond to any logs in the unpublished listing nor does he/she answer onto my email letters. So again: - What can I do to overcome this bad situation?? - Whom can I adress to get my earthcache published (it's already in the queue since early january and we already cleared several misunderstandings. Now a single point had to be changed to get the earthcahce published, it was changed by me 2 weeks ago, but nothing happened)
  3. I have the same problem. SOMETIMES a cache shows "solved" and then I can go to the corrected coordinates. Sometimes it does not, and then I have to enter the corrected coords by myself. In my opinion this is a BUG which needs to be solved asap.
  4. I had found out how to use field notes to pre-log found geocaches in some situations. This Feature is very useful in my opinion. My question now is if this works also with logging TBs/GCs in the different situations. - If YES which entries are needed and how is the expected format? - if NO is there any reason for not to allow it?? Would be great to get an answer, my situation - as told above - is when visiting certain caches with my >10 geocoins and having to write the logs after these visits.
  5. What browser are you using? Sounds like the browser is providing that format of coordinate. Or if your computer's localization settings say to use "," instead of a period for decimal values, Groundspeak can't change that. But, they could add a check on their end to see - if a coordinate can't be determined - if replacing commas with periods makes a difference. Hi thebruce0, I am using IE11. May be the browser provides that Format of coordinates, but where do These values come from? I was sure that the search function uses the values stored and found in my personal Profile on geocaching.com. But - of course - this is stored in a format like N nn° mm.xxx' and NOT as used in the search function which looks like N nn.mmmm°. So I am not sure where my home coordinates are coming from when being used in the search window. Normally all windows dealing with my home coordinates in the geocaching.com environment are working perfect. Why is there a difference now? When you propose a check at Groundspeak's end - if a coordinate can't be determined - that would be a great help!
  6. I have found a simple Format Problem when using your 3 most interesting searches (Events, oldest geocaches, geocaches with favorite Points). The Problem is that my home coordinates (something near 48.xxxx 10.yyyyy) are used in a "wrong" Format will say it is used with a delimiting comma instead of a decimal Point. This Looks like 48,842266, 10,100942 (this is a direct copy out of the search window) and - of course - it leads to a DNF. When I correct the given coordinates by simply entering a decimalpoint after the 48 and 10 the search works, but unfortunately not the 3 given most favorite searches. Please try to correct - I'm sure These searches are also if interest for me! Thanks in advance H_M_A
  7. Hi there, is there a chance to get the API being corrected? All the discussed workaround require action long time ago when seen form the actual find tries. I will try out the given solution by using a PQ - but to be honest - this is not what I really expect. Kind regards, Herwig aka H_M_A
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