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  1. Hi Atlas, thanks for the response. The GPX seems OK now. Its just one I made from GSAK, exported in version 1.0. Its loading fine now that the GPS will turn on. I was trying to force Mass storage mode, but wasn't working as the GPS wasn't staying turned on long enough! All sorted however, thanks for your help!
  2. OK I may have got it to load the beta - I started it and just kept pressing the Enter button.... then it loaded a window with all sorted of system info on it and a Start button at the bottom. Nothing happened and it faded out again. Next time it started it had the caches on it I had loaded prior to the Beta install.... weird.
  3. Hi, Sorry for the last minute urgent nature. Its my own fault! shouldn't have tried to mess with my GPS the morning before a week-long caching trip! My Garmin GPSMaps 62s is now at a point where I installed the beta version but it freezes and shuts down before I can select Yes to update it. How did it get to this state? Well a few months ago I decided to connect it and Update it. I used the Garmin website, then I loaded my maps back onto it, and then my GPX. The GPS started, but when I tried to select a geocache it would freeze and shut down. Because it was picking up that it was uptodate on Garmin support there was nothing I could do to revert it to the old version. So I loaded the beta version from the Garmin website. And that worked ok for a while although it had a few 'features' on it I didn't like. So today I decided to try to update it again, and did so. And it started freezing on startup after I'd loaded a GPX. Not cool. So I tried to load the beta version again. And that's where I'm at now. I am flying out in about 2hrs 45mins. Need some help to fix it before then if anyone can help!
  4. OK thanks, I got your message by the way. I worked out that the second message was actually emailed to me, but I had the wrong email address in my cache description....lol... the joys of setting up a new gmail address! So maybe I didn't have an issue afterall....
  5. Sorry didn't put that in my original post - have checked spam and trash on all places I check my email (iPhone, email client and webmail. Nothing.
  6. Hi, In the past week I've had a couple of email messages sent via my gc.com profile 'Send Message' link go missing. I passed off the first one as being me accidentally deleting an email before reading it, but its happened again. The first one was from a reviewer in answer to a question. He said he'd sent it almost a week ago. The second was last night, someone logged a find on my Earthcache, saying they hoped their map and answers were correct, implying they'd sent it through. I've just sent them a message saying I hadn't received it. Is this something that anyone else is experiencing?
  7. Didn't know there was another way of working this out! Top 5 I've found are: 40: Saving Private Ryan (Virtual - GCHF67 - Archived) 39: Pull Your Boots On (Quirty themed cache container - GC17BGJ) 26: Curio Bay Earthcache ( Earthcache in petrified forest with live penguins in area - GCMRG5) 23: HUKA FALLS (Earthcache - GC1QC2W - Archived) 22: Basket of Dreams (Long trek up a hill to a unique piece of artwork and a gorgeous view - GC12559) Interesting to note that only 1 of my top 20 is because of the cache itself, rather where it takes cacher to.
  8. I will have to break out GSAK when I get home from work and work this out! Couldnt' tell you from here. I love favourite points, and try to only make caches that will earn them.
  9. I have the 62s.... tell me ... is the etrex 30 touchscreen? If so, batteries last a LOT longer in the 62s..... I can cache for a couple of days and keep my GPS on all day before I need to put my next lot of rechargables in. My mate I cache with has a Dakota, and hes always turning the screen off on his between caches and has to change them at least once while out on a day long caching trip
  10. ALL phones will have trouble with GPS as generall theyre only used for Car Navigation. Garmin do have phones out - but don't know if they're android based - thats the best phone/GPS hybrid you're going to get. I use Neongeo on my android tablet in the car to get me where I need to be and my Garmin 62s to get me to the cache. Your friend may have had issues with a Samsung, but they still are ranked out there as the best android phones - Galaxy SII and now the Galaxy S3...... if you can afford it.....
  11. In a city about 180kms from me dwell 1 or 2 evil COs who put out excellently hard puzzle caches. For example: http://coord.info/GC1DG73 Now people may assume theres absolutely nothing there to help you find the cache. Its most certainly not out in the middle of the harbour. People do seek help from the CO. But the cache coordinates are DEFINITELY on the cache page. They're just camoflagued and until you get the right mindset they're not visible to you. If you have a look at the map of Dunedin, New Zealand (where this cache is) you almost can't walk 160m without tripping over a puzzle cache. I love it! Fills in my nights solving all these caches and am planning a big weekend up there to knock off as many as I can. I wonder what the record is for the most puzzle cache finds in a day?
  12. Just a caution, plastic bags over time attract moisture and mould. They're not great for using in caches
  13. I had seen caches like this where there is a camo object like this, which has a compartment made out a cut down soft drink bottle (the lower half), which is glued to the camo object. The hole cover is the remaining piece of the camo object that has been cut out, filed down around the edges. Its held on by two small latches screwed onto opposite sides of the camo object and the compartment is set inside it so the edge of the compartment forms a ledge that holds the hole cover in place. See what I mean by the latch type with a ledge to hold it there below in the picture. Then a cache container is put inside the compartment. Have seen this also with a 'Berocca' tube glued into a softdrink bottle (which was camoflagued as something else) - you think ooooooh no I'll never get the log book out of that, the necks narrower than the rest - but its a pleasant surpise!
  14. Theres a high likelihood that a geocacher is going to pull the plastic bags out to see whats in them.
  15. I chase the FTFs too - managed to get one this morning too - beat someone who was already at GZ looking for it! The find is reward enough. I do like the GC idea if anything. Its a gift that keeps on giving to everyone. You give it to the finder, but then they release it and off it goes rewarding everyone else who finds it.
  16. .... or just learn the near enough relative distance.....<1km = <.5m, <10km = <5m, >10km = >5m When looking at attributes thats all you need to know. I do that the other way around when I come across an american site that uses miles.
  17. Topical New News always goes top left corner. Its prominent to let people know they can use it instead. In time I'm sure it will be in a less prominent position. Putting it there has done it's job - you all know you can log in via FB now. If it was a tiny button underneath you might not have taken any notice as thats where FB alternate logins always hide. In 3 months time you might have notice it was there when you were sure it never used to be.
  18. To qualify this statement. When you send a message to another CA her, you have the choice to send it via the gc.om email address (and keeping your email addess private) or sending via your own email address, and allowing that CA her to contact you directly.
  19. Smartphones lack real compasses - as do most cheap GPSr's. If you stop moving or lose 'sight' of the satellites, the (compass) pointer in whatever app you're using will start to jump around. Thats because it knows where you are at that point and where you just were, so it knows which direction to point your pointer. Stop moving and it has no idea where way you're facing. If you have issues with jumping compasses, you have to keep moving around... go back to the last place it was working right and move around where the overheard cover is less dense. My GPS has 3 inbuilt actual compasses, so even when I'm standing still I know in which direction the cache is. I do remember taking my first GPSr outside the first time and standing on the patio, and saying 'Its not working, the pointer is spinning around'. Soon as I started moving back inside however it flicked around to the right direction and I realised what went on. Just had to keep moving for it to know which direction the cache was.
  20. To get an intuitive feel for kms, just think of 1km as roughly half a mile. It's actually a bit longer than that, but that's usually close enough. If you want to be more precise, then Google is your friend: 1km in mi: https://www.google.com/search?q=1km+in+mi 10km in mi: https://www.google.com/search?q=10km+in+mi Nira.... A cache listing will tell me that it is X number of miles away from my location, so why does the attribute have to be in kms? Well my friend, unfortunately for you everyone else in the world has moved to metric. Imagine if I said to you, " I'm sorry you don't spell the queens English, i 'm not going to read what you type." Everyone has to learn to adapt to change.....
  21. What emails are you sending to them? I don't think the emails are ever stored on the website, I think it just sends the email on the cacher's behalf.
  22. Cache owners are suggested to use Cache Attributes when creating a cache. 3 such cache Attributes are <1km (less than 1km hike), <10km (less than 10km hike) and >10km (greater than 10km hike). Have you come across Pocket Queries yet? You can create a pocket query to find all caches near you that have the <10km and >10km attributes.
  23. Stealth to me means camoflaguing yourself into the enviroment around you so you are unseen. Creeping around the bushes is NOT stealth - unless everyone else is doing the same! Stealth may mean taking on the guise of taking photos at a scenic spot while you're really looking around for the cache. Or talking on the phone, or breaking out a sandwich at a picnic table in a busy park while casually looking at the underside of the table as you reach for your can of drink in your bag underneath it.
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