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  1. Not to blow my own trumpet but i found that with this cache u will end up logging with the theme already started in the logs there, i hope all who go an find it will continue the trend. Thx to Henzz an his story logs on cache's for starting something different. An why not Paddawan has put out a fantastic cache there. GC30750 - The Ghost Train
  2. Congrats Uncle Tom, may u have many more frustrating hours, lol
  3. Henzz does it again, read his latest from, GC2C1WY. SS: Het Huys Te Craijestein. May 10 by Henzz (1200 found) Treachery hung thick in the misty air... Pirate Henzz and Pirate Waynes World returned to seek that elusive treasure chest today... We both had backstabbing plans on our minds... Only one of us would walk away a rich man from here today... By now we narrowed the area down, and had a good idea of where the money chest would lie... That Scallywag Wayne spotted it first, and instead of keeping it a secret, he surprised his mate Henzz, by offering him the chance to lay hands on the prize first... But that was merely a ruse... Wayne made his way around Henzz's back, and as soon as the box was retrieved he lunged forward... Henzz was totally caught unawares, as he was distracted for a moment by visions of phenomenal wealth... Wayne clasped his big hands around Henzz's neck, and tried to throttle his poor compatriot just there at the spot... Henzz stood no chance at all... He was pinned, face down on the rocks, caught totally off guard... The treasure chest then slipped from his hands, and cluttered down into the throth of the waves below... That gave him a bit of a reprieve... Wayne peered sideways, and loosened his grip for just a moment... Henzz swung around and planted a mighty blow straight into the face of that two timing double crossing son of a Drivelswigger... They battled and fought to the death, but blow for blow they matched each other, and eventually ended up in the shallow water, next to the treasure chest... They lied there, totally exhausted from the fight, and that was when Henzz started to laugh... The money box cracked open when it clanked down the rocks earlier, and now lay there exposing it's inner, just a few inches away from his face... It was filled to the brim with... nothing but a small yellow book... No pieces of silver or gold to be seen anywhere... On the first page... Just a simple note... Sorry Sailor... Pirate Paddawan made off with all the booty... You just get to log a visit.... Well then... Henzz and WaynesWorld are best of mateys once more... Setting off into this wild continent again, looking for more treasure, some chest somewhere that could be looted... Another story to be told on another day...
  4. Got my samsung tablet 10.1" a week back which runs android 3 an downloaded c:Geo an tested it out on tuesday alongside my garmin, worked like a beauty an its gps screen is also a looker. So far I am very impressed, time will tell, lol
  5. I took one of each so I have the whole set
  6. Congrats to Henzz on finally getting 1200, LOL. Keep it up an all the best on getting more.
  7. Hi all, I am now in the market and I want to start collecting all the African related Coins. If anyone has any spare or know where I can get whether new or old please contact me on the GC message system. Thanx Wayne
  8. Thank you for the input.
  9. Fantastic idea Cape Doc, As long as everyone passes this thread onto all newbies, im sure that they will stay. When im caching i always got the basic's :- water, multitool, spare batteries, torch, wire coathanger un twisted an a walking stick.
  10. While attending the 10 year event in Villiersdorp, Tricky Vicky & Mickey solved part of a problem of mine by gracing us with their personal coin collection. Before deciding to buy a local coin I have been chasing the idea of how many are there of South African, African an Cacher related Coins, an will I ever have the opportunity of seeing them. Thanks to Tricky Vicky & Mickey I now have a few names. If anyone has or knows of any other please add the pics an names onto the thread. Africa Coin South Africa Coin Team Fish Eagle 2010 Coin The Huskies - Soccer World Cup 2010 Coin
  11. Yes I agree, comments on the photo's are great to help you take better one's. Here is one for comment taken at GC191KG
  12. Yes -- Well Done, GCGJTD Old English Fort 1899 I must say that the different views that you get from up there is awesome
  13. Sorry had a lag in posting the reply an it came up twice, tried to delete this one but not sure how.
  14. I agree with Wazat as I also did a stint in the Airforce with my G3 to R1 then R5, if memory serves me right the R5 was 920 m/s so that means the R4 was about 980 m/s. I had to raise the amounts as I couldnt say the same. LOL Plenty good and bad memories there.
  15. Here is one for all, WHERE IS HENZZ STANDING???
  16. Congrats to HENZZ for cracking the 700 barrier. So how long is it going to take to get to 1000???
  17. After todays scorching heat, I thought that I would go down an check up on my cache, maybe do a lttle maintenance. With what I saw I think I will leave it now for another time.
  18. Thanx to Malo Mystery an Tomtwogates for the wishes, it's greatly appreciated.
  19. OK I did my first rescue this morning, hopefully I placed it into a cache that someone will visit and retrieve shortly. Good luck Bruce.
  20. I've also Registered on the site an will start as soon as possible.
  21. To all who have'nt done it yet, go an do NABM, I completed it this morning and it was fantastic chasing down all those clues. I know that im still new to the game, but to me that was real geocaching. Congrats to CapeDoc on a well setup cache.
  22. I have tried countless times to send a message to signup and on the odd occasion the message goes through with no response. But most of the time I get a "could not send last message"return. Can anyone help me or point me in the right direction please.
  23. Waynes_world

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    Good morning Tricky, Vicky & Micky, and Danie Viljoen.
  24. I know that COWNCHICKEN hosted an event in December, what I want to know when is the next one, or is it a yearly thing?
  25. Waynes_world

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    Good Morning to: Recketpowder, Team Ginger, Danie Viljoen, Tricky Vicky & Mickey and Henzz
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