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  1. WOW! Now I am blushing. Thanks for fixing me up Moun10Bike. That is service, but still leaves me puzzled on the fact that they were archived. I will check them out, but I think all is well because I don't change them much other than to add to them.
  2. Apparently deleting ONE PQ was all it took to wipe out all of my Bookmark Lists except the one I could care less about: Ignore List with a grand total of one cache. The Bookmark List that hurts the most is the solved puzzles, not because I don't have the corrected coordinates, but I lost my notes to remind me how I solved them. Whoooooo it Hurts! I haven't opened the phone APP since the day last week when I looked for something for someone else trying to use it and I deleted the PQ. Why it deleted the bookmark lists at that time (if that is truly what happened)it is a very poor set up IMO.
  3. I am starting to think that it may have happened with the GC APP for iPhone. I never use it, but checked something out for someone having trouble with the APP and I think for some reason it deleted everything when I deleted one PQ. I never use the APP, but will have to research it some more. Anyway, it is causing me a lot of grief trying to rebuild the Bookmark lists especially for Solved Puzzles.
  4. As stated in the title, today I discovered that all of my bookmark lists were deleted except the Ignore one which only had one cache listed. I discovered it when a PQ based on one of the BM lists did not update. Checking into it the BM List was gone (said it had been deleted) as well as the rest of my bookmark lists. Is GC doing some unannounced housecleaning or what? Needless to say, I am not really ready to go through the hassle of creating them again, but unless there is just a glitch that will be reversed soon, I guess I will. Anyone else seen this happen to them?
  5. Personally, I don't like the Message Center either. I have resorted to replying to any messages with something like, "If you want to discuss something, please email me at XXXXX@XXXXX.com."
  6. Yes, thanks, I figured out what I was missing. I was thinking it would remove the Needs Maintenance log indicator on the cache page itself, but after thinking about it that would mess with the history of the cache. It does remove it from the listings in the search area. Duh! I'm old and slow. Ha! thanks again.
  7. Ok, as a CO I understand by reading here and in the Hiding a cache Guidelines that a "Needs Maintenance" icon will be removed when the CO (me) posts an "Owner Maintenance" Log. I have done this, but the RED WRENCH for the needs maintenance log is still showing. I am going to assume that to remove the "Needs Maintenance" red wrench, I would have to delete the log placed by the individual who noted what he thought maintenance was required. Yes or no?
  8. I have to agree that the wording in the Apple Store for the Intro App is misleading or at least unclear. I am not new to caching. I have been in the game for 5 yrs, but mostly have used a GPSr. I had a Windows Phone for the past two or so years and the Windows Geocaching App was free and worked to fill in the gaps when I did not have a GPSr loaded and ready to go. I just purchase an iPhone and was looking at the Apple Store for the Geocaching APP. I saw the free one and the wording that for $29.99 you could get premium memborship, which made it sound like you would also get the "premium app". I came here before doing anything as I already have a premium membership and wanted to see if that would qualify me for the upgraded app from the free one. That is how I found this thread which straightens out the ambiguity of GS description in the Apple Store. I know I am an old guy with fewer brain cells than others, but the clarity of what they are doing needs to be spelled out in a better way. I think my approach is going to be that I hope I have the GPSr with me so I can plug the coordinates in to new caches when I get the text notification on the phone. It's too bad they feel they have to charge $9.99 for the improved app, when the Windows Phone APP is free. (I know this is beating a dead horse too.)
  9. An interesting note that has just come to light concerning this is that according to the assistant director of the department, he stated that they have not contacted GS and told them to archive any caches other than the notification that was sent a year or so ago for no new caches. They were just sitting on things until final decisions were made. No final decisions have been made to date (at least not published). The question is why did GS direct the reviewers to archive the ASTL caches?
  10. In my opinion it is entirely up to you. Why would you want to change it? The container can be changed without changing the cache ID. If you have a specific reason, go for it. If it is just to get a "New" cache to find, that would be up to you, however a 10 year old cache can have some "historic" value.
  11. Make it as easy as you can for the CO (Cache Owner) to contact you. It probably increases your chances of getting a response by 85% or more.
  12. Monster to Find Miniature Trackable Found Make Tracks Friend Making Tracks Fast My True Favorite Moldy Trash Found
  13. Your friend will see the GPSr as a drive on her computer when she connects it with a USB cable. It will appear in a similar way as a thumb drive connected to a computer. She can find the GPX file and delete it like she would from a thumb drive.
  14. In regards to a number responding of coords being off, I think that is becoming more of a norm now with the trial phone apps and new cachers. Some have the idea that their GPSr/smartphone should "Pin Point" the exact location of the cache. Most times this is not possible because of the GPSr/smartphone allowed accuracy. I have seen logs about finding the cache, but the coords needed to be changed because they were off by 10'?? I know that conditions can create different readings and to me even +/- 25-30' in some cases are acceptable, however difficult to find. Ha! Like a previous poster stated, do a number of readings with different conditions, times, and maybe even if possible GPSr's...
  15. Just a side note. Being posted/approved will not have any effect on muggle activity. If you are afraid muggles will bother it before it gets published, you might want to rethink the hide because publication will not change that aspect. It sounds like it could be an interesting hide, though.
  16. One of my reasons was that when I first started caching I didn't even think about milestones. Then upon realizing that Groundspeak posted stats to include milestones, I wanted the first one I found to be in the milestone #1. Because I had logged my first finds in random order, #1 was not reflected as #1. By locking it in, I now have #1 in the right place. A few others were corrected also, because I had found them to mark a certain milestone. It's an accuracy thing, I guess (OCD) Ha!
  17. This is what happened here for me here. I have been using GSAK for a little while now, but never looked at the print function. Looked at it and hey, I might incorporate it along with my 450 for notes. Ha! I started with a GPSr that all info had to be entered manually. I kept records in Excel typing in all pertinent info. ................ BUT, I like the paperless caching that I now can utilize with an Oregon 450, Premium Membership and GSAK. Life has become so much easier.
  18. I think it's new. Or in one of the recent updates. Or from an update a long time ago. I hadn't actually tried it til just now. Don't know about the recent updates, but checking my 450 I have ver. 6.20 which is a year or so old. I don't remember the dashboard option not being on my unit, but I suppose it is possible. For info, I think 6.40 is the latest ver. now, but I haven't installed it yet. Maybe something to do later.
  19. You're right! From the Menu, go to Setup, then Map, then in Data Fields, select "Dashboard", then "Compass". This immediately placed a compass on the map page. I have not tested that compass. The "dashboard compass" in compass mode points at the nearest cache, not the waypoint if you're navigating to a waypoint. So it still may not be what the OP is asking for. But it's close. Thanks K. I hadn't gotten that far yet. Ha!
  20. After refreshing my memory (pulled out the Oregon and played around with it), to get close to what you want you need to open the Compass view. That is the place to change the Dashboard (rectangle, lower right corner of screen). Select Geocaching view. Then go back to the Compass view. You will now see at the top of the Compass view the name of the next nearest cache and direction, and distance. You can probably use it to navigate first, but you will eventually have to do the following. Click on the cache name and you will get the cache description and the option to "GO" Then it is (unfortunately) back to the Map with the pink direction line. X out back to Compass. That seems to be the way it is. Map first no matter how you slice it.
  21. My Oregon 450 to the best of my memory has always gone to map view first, however.......... if I remember right the Geocaching Dashboard will put a compass at the top of the map page and point to the next closest cache. This is all from memory (mine--not always good Ha!) I don't use the Geocaching Dashboard personally, I just do as the OP described. Find nearest, Map view, X out and Compass view. I think the idea of the map first is that it gives a general idea what you are going to encounter as you get closer to the cache. Then the compass view pinpoints your search once you are closer. Just my thought anyway. Ha! Follow the pink line down the yellow brick road.
  22. Like I said originally, not a big deal. I only brought it up for my own clarification. This instance that I noticed involved 4 TB. Yes they are all owned by the same person, so the owner probably has a purpose for using them to track distance. Ku, just for info, the cache is definitely not in disrepair and never has been. Ha! In all reality, I appreciate that the TB owner logged a DNF when he did not find the cache. I think that is the way the game should be played, but that is a whole different discussion. Ha!!
  23. I just noticed that I had a slew of TB's logged as visiting one of my caches, but the owner who logged them did not find the cache and posted a DNF to that fact. I realize that it is the finders option to log a visit to the cache because he owns the cache, but what it the point? Tracking where they looked even though not found? Why does GS allow this? Just a few questions--curiosity mostly. Ha!
  24. I am in the camp of "no throw-downs". I have in a few cases seen where a very clever/difficult cache hide was compromised because someone decided it was missing and they threw down a film canister (doing the CO a favor). I then saw subsequent finders not having the joy/aggravation/challenge of finding the original cache that had not been moved, because they immediately found the throw-down at GZ and not realizing it was a throw-down, stopped looking for the original. On a few occasions I have posted a note on the cache page that stated that from their logs, they did not find the cache and had missed out on the fun of the find. When a CO places a cache, they should be willing to check on it once in a while when it appears to have or has been noted that it has a problem. I know I don't have the numbers of hides that many do so my maintenance requirements are not as intense as some others CO's therefore I can probably maintain them a little easier. My hides are limited as I really want to provide something a little out of the norm for the caching community. Personal preference. Do I enjoy finding LPC's, etc. Sure! (I'll probably never hide one, but...)If nothing else is convenient, then I enjoy going for the hunt, even if it is trying to figure out which side of the skirt to look under.
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