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  1. I can't wait for the trip!
  2. Makes more sense to me to have the Frito pies after we get back from the hike- never like to carry more than I have to!
  3. Cool! I think it's pretty safe to say that we will be doing a slower pace! I'd love to have you along- you'd be a great help since you already know where to park and which way to go and all that!
  4. Congrats to everybody! Sounds like the milestones were flying fast and furious on Saturday! Congrats to Moun10Bike on #2900! 3000 is just around the corner! Congrats to Half-Canadian and Scooter the Wonder Dog on reaching #1300 at What's the Scoop?!
  5. We've started using free random 'sneakemail' addresses on my caches- I get enough Spam from my friends!
  6. OK- I'm back from my 1st grader's Girl Scout camp (the less said about it, the better ) and wondering who might be interested in a go at this trip that missed out the first time. LandRover, Allanon, anyone else? I missed everyone terribly and sorry I missed Pepper's Farwell Party! Anyone interested?
  7. Was beginning to think it was only happening here! Server error.
  8. Any carpools I could join? I promise not to make you stop at *every* cache on the way down!
  9. Looks like I will need a carpool down to the event, then I can ride with Phil & Cathy. Happy to pay for gas!
  10. Wish I could go with you guys! Sounds like alot of fun. But I'm sure there'll be other chances. Our first Girl Scout camp will be interesting!
  11. Oh my goodness it's getting harder to congrat everyone by name! Congrats to Pepper and cache ahead and everyone! Billwerth reached #100 at my Lord Hill cache today . Congrats!
  12. No, not bad for that- for giving me the wrong phone number! JK- I'm sure I just typed it in wrong. I'll give ya a call now. FrodoB changed his mind and won't be going. See you in Monroe at 9!
  13. Ok- ready to plan further. Allanon- I tried your cell a few times this evening, but no go. And I think perhaps I have your home phone wrong- it keeps asking me for my security code! The family has decided to stay local and do things they like to do rather than risk being geocaching hostages for the day. So- I'm up for leaving from your house at 9am if that's still a go. FrodoB would also like to caravan, but take his own vehicle as he doesn't want to stay late. Give me a call!
  14. I would love a ride with someone! (And I'm happy to picth in for gas!)
  15. Ich kann auch (auf Deutsch) helfen! Hoeffentlich geht es dieses Mal besser mit dem Travel Bug.
  16. Sounds like fun- either date would work for me I think. The weekend of the 14th is the only date I have booked with my daughter's GS camp.
  17. June 4th sounds great to me! Can't wait!
  18. Well, for one, nonstop inline skating during the warm months. I have definitely gotten out of shape while caching instead! If only it weren't so darn addictive... EDIT fat fingers
  19. Ha! I keep thinking it's on Sunday! Thanks for setting me straight again. I keep meaning to print out the cache page... I'm not sure what time we're heading up yet.
  20. Congrats hydnsek! And here you thought I was going to pass you last month- we hit 1000 on the same day!
  21. Thanks Lightning Jeff! It's been a blast! The WASL series is a fun one! But I really want to know if I get the special satellites now!
  22. Are you guys spending the night? We were just going to head up Sunday...
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