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  1. And don't forget- no DNFs! Well, there was the one cache we found, and then immediately lost, but luckily it was found again... Maybe Plaid Guy should get to claim 2 finds on it? Saw almost no one until the second ledge before descending to Rattlesnake Lake. We had nice views on the way up, tho at the top we were in the clouds. No views there, but it was really cool the way the clouds roared across the summit and the trees grabbed the moisture and rained it back down. What a wonderful hike- I highly recommend it! Made all the better by fun friends and good company. Tho there was a bit too much geeky talk going on at one point...
  2. I can't wait for all the wacky highjinks to ensue!
  3. I posted the wrong message in the wrong place . What I meant to say here was that maybe I'll wear my Halloween costume with my wellies .
  4. Ok- I'm set to meet you all at 8:30 at Rattlesnake Lake. CG and LR have my cell- see you all there! I've been looking forward to this hike all summer!
  5. Could someone please post the coords for the meeting spot?
  6. Could someone post coords for the meeting place, please?
  7. I'm hoping to come along and make spooky noises from the edge of the swamp and chill with my bud PP .
  8. Sounds good- I'm there if I can get enough sleep that night after my dance show and afterparty...
  9. Is this still a plan? If not, I'm gonna do the San Juan Island trip...
  10. Hip Hip Hooray- I'm glad to hear we will be having caching parties for the forseeable future!
  11. I personally would vote for Bellingham, having cleared out a lot of Anacortes this summer, but the CMs are all about hanging with friends, so I'd participate anywhere. Glad to hear they're gonna continue!
  12. The earlier the better, but 8:30 should work. Looking forward to it!
  13. ---bump--- Ok, I've got my fishnets now... who all's going from the eastside?
  14. I am so there! I have wanted to do that hike all summer!
  15. Actually, we weren't able to id *exactly* what was in it. Outside of my plant id-ing skills...
  16. I thought that was geohashing.com! Actually, we saw several indications of good times had while we were looking for that cache!
  17. Another beautiful day for a hike- thought I'd log it here since I'm not doing so well logging the actual caches... Met up at the High Point trailhead at 8:30 and headed off for 7 hours of hiking and caching. We had a hard time finding some of them, including a very elusive terracache, but in the end we had no dnfs . Wish you could have been able to come, kealia- hopefully next time! Glad you were able to be with your family. But Marcus wins the prize of the day for strangest thing found while trying to find a cache...
  18. Looking forward to seeing everyone there today!
  19. Well I am picking up PP tomorrow morn and we plan on meeting at the Tradition Lake trailhead around 8:30. Hope to see ya'll there! Sorry we will miss you Kealia- hope all goes well for your family!
  20. Ah, one of my favorite caching memories- wading into a swamp at midnight with a bunch of guys I'd just met... Hella fun! Maybe I'll come along and stand on the edge of the swamp and make spooky noises. The best part was going for a beer afterwards!
  21. I've hardly cached Tiger at all- sounds like we can include more people that way. Anybody got a plan? And I'd love to do Mt. Defiance sometime if people are game- my ankle is finally healed and legs back in shape to haul myself up and down .
  22. Ok- how early do you want to meet? I'm free on Sat as far as I know. And early bedtime is fine- I have to be up really early on Sunday and then have another dance rehearsal that evening.
  23. Ok- I'm looking forward to this- remind me Allanon, are you going and can we carpool with RecDiver and Talks2Animals? You'll have to excuse my poor short term memory- my brain is dance addled this close to the show...
  24. I am sorry we missed your company today, EraSeek, and sorrier to hear you weren't feeling well. Hope to catch up with you at a cache soon!
  25. Oh goody- are you meeting us in Duvall, Lucy?
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