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  1. The guilt! Ah well, I'm doing my best. For some reason the girls don't want to cache 24/7 on their Spring Break! Kids these days...
  2. Blah- started the day (well, after lunch and much Fraggle Rock watching with the girls- this is their Spring Break) with a DNF very close to home. Got fed up with caching close to home from that DNF and we headed over to Seattle (after a McLunch break- see above kids' Spring Break) where the caches are in parks that don't require lengthy walking with a 4 yr old and 7 yr old. Well, started that with 2 DNFs! (Probably muggled-eh! ). Ok, 2 1/2 hours later, zero caches found! Then we settled back down and got about 10. The girls found many parks with slides (hey, the coolest was at Swedish Hospital!) and I got to sign my name on some paper in boxes. Sorry we missed Pepper and the gang!
  3. Can't see why anyone would mind! Many of us post-date that cacher's hides so wouldn't even know.
  4. I usually don't get a chance to log til late at night- sorry! I know it makes keeping tabs on things harder! I think I did 4 today. Not a lot- but hey, 4 is something! One of them was a runhills cache and that should count for 2!
  5. Well, slowing down in a LB sort ofway- I did 12 today If Eraseek hadn't gotten that wild hair...
  6. Congrats on the milestone, Eraseek! Hope to join you before too long. With my dance show coming up in two weeks it'll be slower going for a while. Ya'll are invited, tho!
  7. And he chose one of my caches for the milestone! That was very nice . Now as to getting 26 caches today... was that nice? Prolonging the inevitable... (or the inedible as someone recently wrote) Congrats Eraseek! EDIT: spelling- erg
  8. Ha- I did *one* today! My daughter's 7th birthday and 3 hours of dance rehearsals. Saved an easy micro for a day like this. Just to chase the dragon. Wow, Eraseek- I'm impressed! The only way I can do that many is if it's a CM! Tired, tired, tired...
  9. I have Girl Scout camp with my duaghter that weekend. Sorry I'll miss it!
  10. Thanks Clyde- I'll try it out. It was really frustrating me! Back to our normally scheduled topic... Well, it was on topic I think- how to deal with archived caches that don't show up in PQs and don't get listed on this thread...
  11. Well, the problem is- if you're using GSAK, you need to not have pocket queries filter out the inactive, because when someone disables a cache, you need to be able to tell GSAK that so you can filter it out from your database when downloading to the GPSr. So I have to run a PQ on all unfound caches. Then it can see if one's gone inactive for a bit and then reenabled. Otherwise it just hangs out there in the GSAK database and never knows it's been disabled. It seems like archived caches fall off the PQ radar screen. That seems like a big flaw in PQs. Recently archived caches should have the same status as disabled to a PQ. But just recently archived ones or they'd take up the whole PQ. Anyone have any ideas? Also, if they are posted here, then I could manully download the gpx files for those caches.
  12. Ok, is there a good way to see that caches are archived? The girls and I spent about 30 mins or so looking for this one today, only to log the dnf and see it's gone. Wah!
  13. BD was also before my time but people sure do talk about it a lot. Apparently my first cache is in the same tree as a BD cache used to be. It's kinda like an era defining thing almost. Good for some, bad for others. Not sure about the details since I wasn't caching then. Saw the latest cache page, but it's not anywhere near me. Maybe after its been found I'll have a look. Maybe BD's just playing with ya!
  14. Hmm... now I'm starting to wonder about that blown transmission on the way to a cache last month!
  15. And Cruiser Guy told me yesterday that *he's* racing me too! Where's the love?!
  16. Hmm...I see your point! Um, because it was there? If it makes ya'll feel better, I currently have a gimpy knee from carrying my 4 yr old on the hike at Tolt MacDonald Park.
  17. Drat, that Saturday is my dance recital! Congrats Hydnsek, K7-Wave, GeoRoo, and Cache Ahead!
  18. Ooh, now the pressure starts...
  19. Hardest find: Quite a few come to mind! Brown and Cole, Autumn Leaves, Jude's Oasis, Linkin Park The cleverest: Washington Park, Caught, Cache from the Methow, Chain of Command Most fun: All of them becaue of the great company, but Zero,Zero for the view, Panorama and Valley View likewise. Valley View for the fun riding up the road while we all sat in or held on to the Land Rover and laughed our heads off! The night cache was also really neat. Made me laugh: See above and Caught- found late at night with Cathy- just had to giggle at the silliness of it all and our excitement at finding it! But also got a big kick out of using the FRS radios all day and listening to all the comments back and forth. Area I loved: All of the views and the really different landscapes. The parks with really great trail systems. As soon as we got to Lincoln Park I called my husband and kids on the cell and told them they had to get over there to play. The girls loved it and are asking when they get to go back! Favorite memories: Too many to name but the topper was night caching with Cathy til almost 1 in the morning when we finally had to throw in the towel before we passed out. Best container: Loved the way Jude's Oasis was hidden. Also have to give it up to Caught, for reasons people might guess if they've found some of my micros! Best hide: Oh, also have to mention Apple Capital Recreation. That was perhaps my proudest find of the CM and just made me giggle. Just can't say enough about how fun it was and the girls and husband enjoyed hanging out in Wenatchee and playing at all the local parks. Ya'll are great
  20. Relax! I actually hid it two weeks ago, just going to check on it and enable it tomorrow! And I found 4 today, so Eraseek=877 Little Blue=827 Difference=50
  21. That is one of the funniest typos I've seen in a while Thanks for much needed laugh today! Hiding one tomorrow!
  22. Congrats everyone who made milestones during the WCM! That sure was a blast and milestones are always more fun with good friends. Glad we could be along for Phil&Cathy's 900th and hope to come along for the big 1000!
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