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  1. harbor frieght has a quick acting clamp for about 6-7 bucks once it is in the tool you can hold that with a foot and use your hand to open. Tim
  2. I have been trying to decide if I should buy an Garmin 60 csx or maybe wait for the new etrex 20 I am thinking around $200.00 and both are within that price range they both have pros and cons the 20 has paperless caching and long battery life but the 60 csx has a compass and barameter and is well proven. What do you think? I presently use a Garmin Personal 12 GPS. Tim
  3. I was just looking at this on Amazon it is a truly unique ideal and I love it but I don't see me using it unless I start to become a hardcore hiker. I am thinkiing of getting the delorme PN-60 for the map layering. Tim
  4. I was caching today and found one that had been dropped off by someone from france who wants it to visit a bunch of states so I am taking it from KY to my Home in FL. I just brought one from FL to Chicago it's not going to move if I don't move them. T2
  5. I would use Silicone grease on all the moveable parts I have used a Mag light Scuba diving to 40 Ft with just Silicone grease on all moveable parts. Tim
  6. I picked up a trackable Geocoin in Tallahassee, FL and wanted to drop it off here in the Chicago area since I am on a business trip. Seeing all the snow and not having winter boots has made me rethink this. Would someone like to meet me here at the hotel or somewhere else and take posession of it and drop it in a cache here in the area? If you are instrested you can message me. Thanks Hutch
  7. I found a Garmin GPS 12 on Craigs list for 25 dollars there is one list on the Tallahassee craigs list for 50 dollars but if you offered him less he might take it Tim
  8. I found one at Walmart for 5 bucks it is made of aluminium waterproof and glows in the dark for 5 bucks I don't care too much if it gets dropped in the drink and it has 9 LED's uses 3 AAA batteries.
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