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  1. "C" or no "C" it looks like we all will know the answer in a few days, that is if niskibum keeps us posted on what witch one he get here in another day or two.
  2. No more confusion, thanks to you. I do like that Rino because of the radio and the antenna on the gps side. I don't want to buy 2 of them just to use the radio part of it when I already have a radio. Thanks again.
  3. and the same privacy codes How do u find out if the codes match? What the hech are Privacy Codes anyway???
  4. Yep... I guess it was to good to be true.. Now what GPSr do I order? Mmm....... The hunt is on.
  5. Nope, My order still shows a C.... Items Ordered Price 1 of: eTrex Legend C Bonus Pack [Lawn & Patio] $153.00 It even shows my discount.....
  6. Yep, yep, I sure did. I ordered a Legend C from Target last week with a delivery date of Dec 3. I'm afraid price got me on that one, $169.99 less 10% was to good to pass up. If this deal fall thru I'm not sure what I'll buy. Heck, an eTrex yellow sounds like a great little no frills unit to have on hand, or one of those new Magellan eXplorist 100's. I'll just have to wait and see........ I like a lot of the units I read about here and on other forums. I think if money were no issue I would buy two GPSr's one for the car that could tell me turn for turn directions to use on a trip and a handheld maybe two for geocaching and other outdoor activities. I don't think one GPS could do all of the things a person could want one for.
  7. If money wasn't involved which handheld GPSr would you take and why?
  8. Can you talk from a Rino radio to other brands of radios, like Motorola or Midland?
  9. Has anyone called and talker to real person at Target about thier order? If I can't get the "C" as ordered I would like to know now so I can order a different unit so I can start geocaching now.
  10. Maybe it's a case of having a limit of the C model Garmin will let them have? I don't think Target would have a limit on anything they would order from a supplier.... do you? I ordered one and I'll keep my fingers crossed untill I get the evil e-mail from Target or the Legend C arrives in the mail....... I hope it's the later.
  11. And I thought I was the only one........................... Arm chair traveling is my thing..
  12. Thanks, Keystone Approver for moving this topic to a better forum and thanks to TresOkies++ for your answer.
  13. What GPS unit is used inside the Garmin Rinos? How about what radio is used in them? ie Motorola, Midland, Cobra..... I mean, if I buy a Rino 110 am I getting say a eTrex Yellow with a Motorola TT5500 built into one unit??? Cache on.
  14. I hear gun shots at night so, I must be in Dayton........
  15. I'm new and your information helps me a lot, Thanks.
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