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  1. Thanks for all of the great help everyone.


    Keep them coming they sure help.


    With your help I can figure this thing out.


    W7WT, are you going to Hamvention in Dayton in May? If so, maybe we can get together and you can show how to work this GPS.


    stickwalker aka N8ZWM

  2. I think I'm to old for this GPS thing, I'll turn 60 in November.


    I read about Geocaching in http://www.jimandchris.com/ blog and it sounded like something I might like to do sinse I'm retired, so I read lots of the posts on this forum and decided on buying a "Garmin Legend" the price was right and it looked like it would do most anything I needed for Geocaching.....


    I got my Legend and read all of the instructions in the owner's manual and that's where the fun ended.


    I can turn this thing on and change the pages and stuff like that but that's as far as it goes.


    I need a better book to tell me how to make this thing work for me.

    Like how to enter Way Points, and stuff.


    Is there something you all can point me to so I can read it and figure out how to make this thing work??????? :P

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