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  1. I have a couple of packs, including the Mountainsmith Apporach II, but my favorite for a single day hike / tourist travel / geocaching excursion is my Jansport Solstice 33. It is very light, has a nice comparment for a hydration system, side pockets for water bottles, a main compartment with two smaller compartments that are great for gadgets and often needed items, a small copartment at the very top which is great for a CD player/I-pod and ice axe loop that I use to carry my hiking staff.
  2. As the owner of caches, I appreciate the on-line logs because: (1) I invested a good deal of time locating the caches and I enjoy receiving the e-mail with the log that lets me know that someone enjoyed the hike/walk to the cache or the hide location. I know that I could go to the cache to read the logs in the logbook, but I like receiving the log close to the actual hunt date; and (2) they helps me monitor the maintenance of the cache. I am not concerned about spoilers in logs, because I think the folks who don’t want to risk seeing a spoiler in a log know not to read the logs until after the hunt. As a hunter, I like the on-line logs because: (1) I have become more selective in the types of caches I hunt and the feedback from others helps me select caches that I am more likely to enjoy; (2) I also find the logs useful when they note that the coordinates may be off or that prior hunters also had difficulty getting a strong signal, because it lets me know that I need to expand the search area etc.; (3) I like to draft my logs in the comfort of my house rather than in the field.
  3. I'm still leaving a Maryland Crab pin. At this point, I only trade for signature items (including business cards). I personally do not have the talent to hand-make a signature item, so I am always particularly impresed by hand made items - - like the ones listed above by Copper Toad, Monkey Toes and Cruiserdude.
  4. I agree that the caches in Scott’s Run Preserve are worth doing. The preserve has nice trails and it is possible to do them all in a couple of hours and enjoy some good views of the Potomac. If you want to stretch your legs when you get off the plane, Ellanor C. Lawrence park is very close to Dulles Airport, about a 10 minute drive (As you exit the airport take Route 28 South a.k.a. Sully Road; then turn left onto Wallney Road and the parking lot for the park will be on your left - - not the first one at the pond, but the one with a house). The park - - which is really more of a small forest preserve with historic sites also on the property and covers propert on both sides of Wallney Road - - has nicely marked trails and multiple caches, with my personal favorites being Friday Morning Staff Meeting because of the difficulty I had with it - - keep in mind that when you find the letter box, you know you are close) and Camo. The The Shire is also within the park, but there are no trails to this cache - - though the bushwhacking needed is not too bad (I did it in street clothes after a client meeting). Happy Hunting, Brian
  5. These are easy to see on a map, but sometimes difficult to locate from on the water of lakes and large ponds.
  6. One of my first TB went zero miles. The interesting thing is that it was picked up by a cacher who, after not logging any caches on the web site for about 2 years went caching for one day last November, picked up my TB and someone else's TB, and has not logged a cache since. I have two other go MIA - - one was a nice wooden duck key chain, I knew that one had no chance, but the second was just a rubber band ball.
  7. I have a Maryland Crab Pin as a signature item.
  8. It looks like even with the 48.78 mile detour west that "Meals On Wheels" is still the leader. "Pink Paradise Racer" is making its way across Idaho -- and even had an encounter with cacher Moun10bike -- and seems to be holding second place. Edit - I think "Are We There Yet" actually may be in second. Any word on the official tracking site?
  9. I've found two caches hidden using a method similar to what you are suggesting and I enjoyed them both. The first one I found very easily because I could see it hanging from the tree from 50 feet away in the winter. The second one was in a camo bag and hung using camo rope. The way I found it was by finding the rock on the ground to which the end of the rope was attached. Because of the camo bag, even when I was looking up into the branches it was hard to see. Keep in mind that hoisting up a heavy cache a long way can be a problem for some folks. The key is to keep the container light.
  10. I live and cache in the DC area and have never had a problem caching, but I have heard stories of people being stopped who are using GSP devices in downtown DC. It is pretty hard to walk around downtown DC and the National Mall area without being near a federal building, museum or something else that is now guarded or patrolled. Most of the park land in DC is the property of the National Park Service, which does not allow caches. As a result, most of the caches in downtown DC are virtual caches. There are, however, numerous caches in the Virginia and Maryland suburbs. If you have a car, and if you are staying in Tyson's Corner I am betting you will, there are some good caches within a short drive. The caches in the Arlington Potomac Overlook park -- e.g. ARL01 Potomac Overlook (GCHT52) - - are fun and a nice hike in the woods. I also enjoyed the Scotts Run Park caches - - e.g Scotts Run Revised (GC2D5) - - as two of the caches bring you to nice views of the Potomac and you get a easy hike in the woods. But if you have the time, you should consider visiting Needwood Park in Maryland - - about 20 minutes or so north of DC and 40 minutes or so from Tyson’s Corner - - which has one of the few remaining Project A.P.E caches, Mission 7: Crab Creek (GCEF7), finding this one gets you an A.P.E. icon, and two other fun caches CAM 2005 - Needwood (GCN61D) and Geodesy 101: Godzilla's Lunchbox (GCM966) (look for my log on this one).
  11. I hope they use an ammo can for the cache, so that anyone who decides to start geocahing as a result of the show will follow suit. I love the clicking sound when you open an ammo can latch . . . it is the sound of victory.
  12. What about "grab it" the person could either grab it from the last cacher, or, if you always grab it back, they can grab it from you.
  13. I've met 3 different teams while on the trails, but I have also mistakenly asked 2 or 3 people if they were geocachers when they were not. I finally decided to buy a hat with the GC logo on it so that when I am caching other cachers can identify me. More often than not, however, it is just me and the woods.
  14. But there will be a new icon, yes? Personally, I really liked the jeep promotion last year. Running out to get that TB before someone else was just good old fun to me.
  15. I have a variation on the theme. My signature item is a Maryland Crab pin.
  16. Bump. The cache is still out there. I guess this is one of the problems with a moving cache. If you are not watching it, it does not come up as a new cache in the area.
  17. I carry a small flashlight, leatherman tool, compass, first aid kit, extra cache supplies (bags, log books, etc.) and all have come in handy. But the most valuable thing I take with me is a stick. I recently learend that if you poke a stick into a hollow tree and there is a squirrel in the hollow tree the result - - not surprisingly - - is a very angry squirrel. I also find that sunglasses are helpful because when you are looking down a the gps while walking you don't always see the thin branch coming at you eye.
  18. Here is a link to Maryland Campsites. I think the Cherry Hill site is the closest to DC in Maryland. Not sure about the Virginia side. I'm not sure if they allow RV's at Cabin John Park, about 15 minutes from DC, but it may be worth a call - - especially since there are three caches in that park. Now you may be tempted to just drive through Maryland - - but if you do you will miss the opportunity to visit an A.P.E cache about 20 to 30 minutes from Washington, DC. Most of the caches in DC are virtual (the National Park Service owns just about every green space in town), but there are some interesting regular caches stashed in neighborhoods within DC and on the edges of the city.
  19. I'm looking for hlep with a slight modification of my Avatar. I would like to have the yellow, green and orange on the flag tweaked a bit so tht they are closer to the GC colors. I have tried some modifications myself, but everything ends up black.
  20. I like the idea. As for the objections to mailing, just think of the mailboxs as caches and the letter-carriers as a cachers.
  21. I have a book bug called "Book of Lists". I picked a page half way through the book and asked that the book head home once that page is filled.
  22. I am interested in finding some local caches in the NoVa area that need a little hiking to get to them. Anywhere from 2 mi to 5 mi round trip would be good. All input is appreciated.
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