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  1. 1- texas bluebonnet 2- finland 2006 3- green man
  2. Gooooood!! a very nice coin, I have hate well that it arrives
  3. I received Texas bluebonnet of Fattuhr. It is a very very very beautiful coin. I like it .
  4. I have some to buy 2 earlier. thank you!
  5. phamtom

    Prague Geocoins

    email you for 2 coins thanks
  6. Hi!! I have 1 finland geocoin 2006 for trading I'm looking for: Europeens union coins or UK Geocoin or Texas bluebonnet Thanks
  7. a very beautiful coins i take one
  8. C'est pas un forum francais ici
  9. Va sur le site officiel pis dans recherche avancé marque teamalamo pour les caches trouver.@+
  10. Ouf!!!!! c'est quelques chose ca!!! proche de 12000 trouvailles sont combien dans cette équipe???
  11. I like, I will take of them at least 2 of each
  12. Good thanks Cache-bert
  13. Il y a du nouveau sur mon site, une page photo amusez-vous bien
  14. Changement dans l'adresse de mon site: http://www3.sympatico.ca/lalibert_87/Geoca...Charlevoix.html Merci
  15. Today i received world of geocaching 2006 series 2, it have it to me to dispatch Monday wow!! 5 days from Germany to Canada
  16. I received my very first géocoin this morning and it is: The USA 2006
  17. Merci du renseignement je vais l'attendre
  18. phamtom

    Premium Member

    I did not receive my password per mail. I subscribed on December 26 and my payment per month already started has to pass. what do I have to make? Thanks
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