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  1. The results are in. This was difficult to judge and there were lots of great photos. Macro photography of coins is very difficult no matter how much training you have or read about, and some of you pulled it off very well. Some of the themes were fantastic and the ingenuity was wonderful. Here are the results:


    1st place: Mauison for "Rose Petals" post 35

    Runner up: CacheAgent for "Reflections" post 119

    2nd Runner up: Phamtom for "Magnifying" post 106


    The first place winner gets the one and only copper/nickel compass rose and the runner-ups will receive an LE version of the 2007 Compass Rose.


    Honorable mentions go to:

    PengoFamily for "Roses on a Chart" post 77

    OshnDoc for "Brunton Compass" post 90


    This was not a category in this contest, but if there was then the winner of the category "going out on limb" would be glennk721 for post 17.


    I thought the photo "Shadow Hand" (post 102) by 57chevy was a pretty cool affect.


    A total of 8 judges were selected. To prevent a conflict of interest, none of the judges are employed by CoinsAndPins, so I was not one of the judges. The photo selection was based on a grid scale for the top 4 selections from each judge based in order of preference; so most of the participants received a vote.


    Thank you to the 23 participants who submitted photos in the contest. This was fun and I loved seeing your talents. The next contest will be coming.


    Yoooohooooo!!!!! :blink:

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