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  1. I think that the general discussion here is if night caches are their own type then why not other "different caches". I think the difference between the types of caches are the way you find them. For example multi and tradional caches are different because you find multi caches with different stages and tradionals with one. Night caches are found normally using a flashlight at night with reflective markers. It was braught up that night caches are so rare that there's no reason to make a seperate type. There's what I believe 2 night caches within a 20 mile radius of me. I'm pretty sure that there's little to none earth, Wherigo, and other types of caches in that same radius. Making a night cache type would only encourage more night caches to be put out which many people would enjoy. And how many times has a geocacher gone to a mystery cache location in the middle of say a lake somewhere and logged a DNF just because the cache page said "cache isn't at posted location"? Since it would be a type, that would be a minimal and not really a problem. Basically i'm saying there should be a different type because of HOWyou find it not what's involved in the hunt. Attributes are for what's invovled in the cache. For example, a 20 mile hike and a tool are involved in the cache and should be listed in the attributes. While you don't find a puzzle (not field puzzle) or mutiple stages found in the attributes.
  2. I'm all on board for a "Night Cache" type. Many cachers have argued that event caches can also be night caches. To me a night cache is defined as a cache that can only be found properly at night. I think the idea sounds fairly straight forward and would be quite usefull.
  3. I don't see a reason to make a "movie" type cache unless it has different characteristics and logging requirements than other cache type. I don't find the idea useful and it wouldn't change my cache hunt.
  4. I think that there should be an option in statistics about your own geocache hides. Example: Ratio of hides per finds type of caches hidden finds on your caches
  5. What honestly bugs me is when a hint says for example " nano under light pole on corner". It's called a hint not a just tell me where it is. Also one like. " cache is one of them there tiny things that stick to metal" No need for slang that makes me waste time... not that a magnetic or nano is really hard though and I don't need the hint. Also sometimes it bugs me when it'll say magnetic. I've gotten to the point where I know the encryption for it! I know several cachers who have boycotted GRM's, key hides and , C&D's, and I will do the same too especially if the hints dont' improve. Don't even get me started on caches without hints...
  6. I know of one cache up near my summer home in the out of the way area of North Eastern Pennsylvania. I canoed about a third of a mile upriver to find nothing. Then worst of all, I come home to discover that the person before me "found" it without discovering the container. Well I discovered a good place for a cache, so I guess I can log the nearest cache right. WRONG! And now the CO hasn't responded to anything and the cache still hasn't been updated. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
  7. I've ben thinking about geocaching terms lately. I know that muggle is a classic term, but it's pretty vauge don't you think? I mean there's people out there that know about geocaching, but they don't particapate. Would they be a non-cacher. So what about someone who knows about geocaching but destroys a cache anyway. Is that a Non-Geocachered geocache? What do you think?
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